1. Geoff says

    Christopher Hines is back: I’ve enjoyed his previous documentaries a lot. They feel a lot more like a coffee-table book in video-format though. More eye-candy than substance. That being said, I’ll definitely watch this one.

  2. TampaZeke says

    I fall squarely in the pro-body/facial hair category! I’m so glad that facial hair is back in fashion and it kills me to see men with beautiful body hair shaving and waxing. Ugh!

  3. BearEyes says

    Totally smooth bodies on men have all the sex appeal of a 12 year old – which is to say – zero sex appeal. If you have the fur, embrace it.
    And totally smooth pube areas? – just remember, you too can look like a plucked chicken, Yuck.

  4. Caliban says

    I’m firmly in the pro-body hair camp. Body hair a sign of male adult maturity and all this waxing and plucking seems rather prissy to me. That said, many men (including me) have to do a little “manscaping” due to an odd distribution of body hair. I get a “puff” in the middle of my chest that looks like a bath scrunchie when the rest is thinner, so I trim that part.

    But that’s me. Hey, if you like that utterly smooth chest look, go for it. It’s your body.

    But definitely NO SHAVED PUBES! It gives off a prepubescent vibe I don’t like. That includes overly shaved pubes that look like frigging Hitler moustache!

  5. Dback says

    Hairy/natural. I agree, men over a certain age (40?) who are clearly waxing or shaving look a little…unnerving. (No offense if you’re naturally smooth.)

  6. Billy says

    I’m 31, losing the hair on my head, pretty hairy everywhere else. I decided to start a beard last month. It’s not as thick as the guy on the left in the top photo, but it’s quite full. And honestly, I have gotten SO much more attention from gay guys and straight girls it’s not even funny. We’re in a beard culture. As for body hair, I’m far less ashamed than I used to be. Grr!

  7. Rick says

    Good, God. If you are attracted to a totally hairless body, go find yourself a woman or a mannequin.

    “What’s your preference, smooth or hairy?”

    My preference is for bodies that are entirely in their NATURAL state, whatever that is, no shaving, no waxing, no tattoos, no artificial alterations of any kind. Just as my preference is for men who BEHAVE naturally, without either effeminate mannerisms and affectations or phony displays of what they imagine to be masculinity.

    And virtually all men have at least some body hair in their natural state. What could possible be more boring or less attractive than total hairlessness or artificiality in general?

  8. Bobby says

    HAIR! Naturally smooth guys are fine and I have seem some very beautiful ones but I prefer hair, everywhere.

    I have a friend who shaves everything, even his arms and it looks horrible, all because his boyfriend doesn’t like the hair. I’d ditch the boyfriend and grow my hair.

  9. Bobby says

    Rick, I was with you until you claimed some gay men choose to be feminine. Some gay men are naturally feminine and they can’t help it. I’m sure there is someone for everyone and we don’t have to insult others to voice what it is that gets our motor running.

  10. misael says

    Seriouslly is your body hair, if you like keep it, if you want to trim it or wax it all off, it’s your body, don’t let anyone tell you what to do, make yourself happy.

  11. New-new says


    I’d be more interested in a doc on how both of these seemingly oppositional standards of beauty both glorify a standard of beauty that’s very much centered on white men.

  12. homogenius says

    I’m devoutly in the “U B U” category. If letting the “forest” grow wild is your thing–go for it. If you want to defoliate and be totally hairless–good on ya.

    As a bear experiencing near-total hair loss from Alopecia, I have seen this from both sides. Increasingly I view the “Bear ethos” as being less about how hairy, stocky. or girthy a bear is, and more about a healthy acceptance of self and others. To me, the central issue of “bearhood” is not demanding conformity to one gay male ideal (i.e., clone or twink). Yes, I realize that it’s about big hairy guys. But I favor the most inclusive approach possible.

    P.S. Don’t knock smooth pubes ’til you’ve tried it. LOL

  13. Moz's says

    100% pro facial hair

    body hair is dependent on the person. If into them then whatever is their natural state

    But any man whether naturally smooth chested or hairy can grow at least a couple of hairs on their face and that is a definite turn on as vs smooth faced

  14. Joseph Singer says

    I think guys should do with their bodies what they want and not what their squeeze thinks is best. I like hairy, but if someone likes the smooth look I say go for it. Very often though when I see someone who’s obviously denuded themselves all I can think of is a plucked chicken.

  15. anon says

    Try exercising with lots of chest and back hair, it’s scratchy. Getting it off is a lot more comfortable. And bear culture should not mean that you get to be a lazy slob.

  16. Mike says

    I’m furry all over, front and back. There’s so much hating on hairy backs in the media and general society (see Lucas’s comment above) that it took a long time to feel comfortable about mine. At this point I’m just so sick of other people constantly feeling they need to weigh in on whether or not we hairy men should shave or wax.

  17. Homerepairbear says

    Hairy is hot. Naturally smooth is OK, if that’s the way you were born, but pruning and preening and trimming and waxing is ego-centric, unless it’s nose hair or a forest growing in your ears. Hairy bodies are what truly defines masculinity, visually anyway. Women are stereotypically hairless, men shouldn’t be. Muscles go better with hair too. I’d rather date a Paul Bunyan or Smokey the Bear kind of guy.

  18. Zlick says

    It’s all well and good to have a preference, but I’m squarely with the camp that allows for – shocking – everyone to choose their own style for themselves, and be cool with what styles that find attractive.

    I wish I was hairier, but that ain’t happening. So I keep what I’ve got in a trim style, lest it look absurd.

    It’s also absurd to insist that everyone stay “natural,” because – yeah, all that nose and ear hair is natural, too. Sheesh.

    So is going bald, and I bet most men would do something about that if they could.

  19. peterparker says

    Of course everyone should be able to do whatever they want…from letting it grow to totally bald all over and everything in between.

    I find a lot of naturally smooth guys to be totally hot. And a handsome, bearded face with a hairy chest can get my motor running just as fast. But I find it a complete and total turn off when a guy has shaved or severely trimmed his pubes. A bare crotch just makes you look like a pre-pubescent boy and that ain’t hot AT ALL!

  20. peterparker says

    Oh…and I am *so* goddamn sick of straight women talking about how gross it is to blow a guy whose crotch isn’t totally denuded. Are they freaking kidding? If they are ending up with a mouthful of hair, then they clearly don’t know how to give an effing blowjob.

  21. Zlick says

    Denuded is one thing, but if I gay man can’t be bothered to manscape something non-minefield down there (to say nothing of making one’s junk look heftier by virtue of not hiding it in a bush), then I’m kinda disappointed in his gay credentials.

  22. Zlick says

    heheh, um, “if A gay man can’t be bothered,” not “if I gay man.” Is that typo freudian, or just because I watched “I Robot” late last night?

  23. DesignerBobby says

    @ bobby

    @ rick

    I am that naturally effeminate person and I naturally have no chest hair save 3 single hairs and still can’t grow a beard at 36. I suspect you may have not fully accepted all aspects of yourself because you are showing the same irrational judgement of effeminate males as an uncomfortable straight male. All of us fall in different places on the gender spectrum and thankfully there is someone out there that likes where I am on the spectrum, 13yrs and he is hairy but I do shave is shoulders and back because its patchy.

  24. jaragon says

    I have always been attracted to men with hairy chest, hairy forearms are sexy and so are hairy legs- yes there such a thing as too much hair ( sorry but hairy backs and shoulders are a turn off)- but why do grown men want to be as smooth as babies?!

  25. Nat says

    I join others in decrying oppositional thinking. There’s no need to elevate our preferences into actual values or orthodoxies.

    For myself: it all depends on where the man is hairy. I like hairy chests, and trimmed beards. I don’t like back/shoulder hair, and I generally prefer some trimming around the groin.

    I also don’t find bear sub-culture appealing at all. I understand it works for others, but to me it’s merely proof of our inherent tendencies towards tribalization. I think people are better off attempting to engage with others who are not necessarily like themselves.

  26. Alfredo says

    Ben Cohen is my preference. Having said that, message to the bear community, mix it up a little with us hairless bear chasers…some of us like fur too! Nothing turns me on more than having your hair brush up against my smooth, tight olive toned skin! Scratch my face with your 5 o’clock shadow while whispering sweet dirty nothings in my ear!

  27. ty says

    People need to be themselves, shaving is so fembot, and not fun to touch. And for the Bear community, it’s okay to have some fur, but not dyed goatees, you are not fooling anyone!!!

  28. DC Arnold says

    Proof that we have really dumbed down since the Bush years, we should be more concerned with how to prop up our fellow human beings as the political class shows increasing indifference to the have nots. Furry or not? who cares?

  29. Marshall1 says

    Wow, I wish there were more hair loving guys like the commentators in this forums from where I live (Vancouver=image/gym obsessed) haha. It would make dating or just meeting up with people much MUCH easier *sigh*

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