News: Sydney, One Direction, Newt Gingrich, Pope, Rachel Maddow

RoadCardinals to begin choosing new Pope on Tuesday.

OnedirectionRoadWhich two members of One Direction are most likely in a gay relationship, based on photographic evidence.

RoadFlorida man collects 2,000 Barbies!

RoadBoy Scouts of Canada welcome gays and Carly Rae Jepsen: "In the wake of Carly Rae Jepsen's cancellation of her Boy Scouts of America performance due to the group's exclusion of gays, Scouts Canada is reaffirming its stance on inclusiveness — and says Jepsen is welcome at their jamboree."

RoadSenate panel advances two gay judicial nominees: "Michael McShane, nominated for a seat on the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon, and Nitza Quinones Alejandro, nominated for a seat U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania."

RoadMore good news for marriage equality: "Freedom to Marry released a new report today summarizing a meta-analysis of national polling data and trends on the freedom to marry by Joel Benenson, a leading Democratic pollster, and Dr. Jan van Lohuizen, a top Republican pollster. Analyzing recent polling and exit polls from the 2012 election, the report shows that the well-documented majority support for the freedom to marry is broadening and diversifying while opposition continues to diminish and is isolated to a few narrow demographic groups."

RoadIs Justin Bieber about to have his Britney umbrella moment?

Road2016: Clinton vs Christie?

WarsRoadGeorge Lucas confirms original Star Wars trio will be back.

RoadVin Diesel displays his ripped bod for Prestige.

RoadSounds like Newt Gingrich is gunning for a spot on The Apprentice: "I've known the Donald, we've done fundraisers together," Gingrich told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. "I think Republicans would be so much better off to relax and go on shows like that and be interesting."

RoadCanada funding opponents of Uganda's "kill the gays" bill: "Since November, when the Ugandan Parliament renewed its effort to pass the legislation, which Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has called 'abhorrent,' Canada has spent $200,000 to kick-start several gay rights initiatives in the region. The source confirmed that the Canadian involvement was specifically focused on fighting the Ugandan bill."

RoadShemar Moore flexes in Miami.

Hatemarch_sydneyRoadSydney marchers protest police brutality: “We all have cameras on our phones.This kind of stuff can’t be hidden anymore. The world is watching.

RoadNYC Health Department issues meningitis vaccination recommendation for sexually active gay men who meet their partners online.

RoadRachel Maddow asked people to ask her anything on Reddit today.

RoadReligious Freedom bill passes Kentucky Senate: "The Senate passed House Bill 279, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, without an amendment for civil rights protections, despite warnings of the potential consequences."

RoadMarc Jacobs coats revealed to contain Chinese dog fur: "Even if the labels say otherwise, the 'faux fur' garments sold by the retailer are made with the fur of cuddly Chinese raccoon dogs, a breed that’s often skinned alive for its soft coat. Tests arranged as part of an undercover probe by the Humane Society and state Assembly member Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan) identified various items hawked by Century 21 as containing real canine fur, disgusted shoppers found out Thursday."

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  1. Just to clarify: although members of the canid family, "raccoon dogs" are neither raccoons nor dogs.

    Posted by: Rich F. | Mar 8, 2013 4:03:54 PM

  2. SHEmar. LOL.

    Posted by: MARCUS BACHMANN | Mar 8, 2013 4:06:15 PM

  3. George Lucas can't confirm crap. He's not involved in the next Star Wars. There's not even a completed script.

    Posted by: ripper | Mar 8, 2013 4:09:17 PM

  4. People who still think fur even looks good should spend more time in front of the mirror.

    Posted by: Chris K | Mar 8, 2013 4:23:02 PM

  5. One Direction may be an apt name after all. After watching the clips I was hoping to support them with a purchase, but I couldn't stand anything I sampled. Can someone recommend one of their songs that appeals above an 8th grade level?

    Posted by: Markt | Mar 8, 2013 4:32:45 PM

  6. That "man" who collects Barbies is an embarrassment to himself and to gay men. A stereotype and a caricature all rolled up into one fail.

    Posted by: Sam | Mar 8, 2013 4:36:24 PM

  7. If apparently all five members of One Direction are going to equally play gay to tease their female fans, they ought to sing a song or two with gay lyrics once in a while for their gay fans.

    Posted by: Randy | Mar 8, 2013 4:45:19 PM

  8. I was on Oxford Street years ago; it was very gay friendly then......
    But I did hear that in recent years there had been a lot of gay bashing on that same Australia regressing ?
    I hope these protesters get a full independent legal/judicial inquiry into the alleged police misconduct.
    We cannot allow that era to reassert itself.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 8, 2013 5:04:04 PM

  9. He took the dolls out of their boxes?!?!?! SINNER!!!!! Well, maybe not, but their value just plummeted down the drain. Also @SAM...don't be an A$$

    Posted by: Philip | Mar 8, 2013 5:12:42 PM

  10. @ Sam: the guy is doing something that he enjoys. His hobby is doing absolutely nothing to harm you. You, however, are being a complete jackass.

    Posted by: Rich F. | Mar 8, 2013 5:27:59 PM

  11. Rich F. is correct. The raccoon dog is most closely related to the fox, also a canid. Not that it matters. They are raised, electrocuted, skinned alive and thrown in a heap to die so Marc Jacobs can sell some ugly piece of s*** garment at a low end dump store. Humans are disgusting.

    Posted by: Wolfie | Mar 8, 2013 5:40:43 PM

  12. And to all the racists read this: the latest polling data show that support for marriage equality is higher among blacks and Hispanics than it is among whites.

    Posted by: David R. | Mar 8, 2013 6:27:25 PM

  13. And to all the racists read this: the latest polling data show that support for marriage equality is higher among blacks and Hispanics than it is among whites.

    Posted by: David R. | Mar 8, 2013 6:27:27 PM

  14. Harrison Ford is old and looks terrible, Mark Hamill could never act and Carrie Fischer sounds like metal files working over a trash can, so who wants this trio back on the big screen??

    Posted by: anon | Mar 8, 2013 7:09:13 PM

  15. Marriage Equality! Sound familiar?

    "They love each other, sure, but their love is of a quotidian 'honey can you pick up some bread on the way home from work' variety that's launched a billion midlife crises. But it's important to read about these particular bores because they are the apotheosis of the modern drive toward same-sex marriage....
    "Kevin and Joe are openly gay, but not overtly sexual; materially successful enough to have the leisure to fight for, and believe in, what would materially benefit them." RB

    Posted by: Fairy | Mar 8, 2013 8:17:48 PM

  16. Trying to wish a breakdown on Justin Bieber still won't make him gay. Sorry.

    Posted by: GB | Mar 8, 2013 8:30:50 PM

  17. I just love when tween c**ts in denial come to a gay news blog for *adults* comes to defend their fantasies about potentially gay boys and men. They are so pathetic!

    Posted by: Audi-owner | Mar 8, 2013 8:47:33 PM

  18. Oh, but you're an "Audi owner" You are a pathetic cliche gay. In the 70's you'd drive a "Welfare Cadillac" Image is everything!

    Posted by: Josh | Mar 8, 2013 10:10:14 PM

  19. GB: and who wants him gay? Not me, that's for sure

    Posted by: jjose712 | Mar 9, 2013 7:25:17 AM

  20. The heterophobia against One Direction is shameful...

    Posted by: Alan Brickman | Mar 9, 2013 8:31:25 AM

  21. Some gay guys will always want cute boys to be gay. That's just life, just like some girls will always want cute boys to be straight...or at least a good kisser.

    Posted by: Jerry | Mar 9, 2013 9:56:52 AM

  22. Chinese dog fur? LOL...and how much do people pay for Marc Jacob's clothes and accessories?

    The Chinese are going to kill them anyway, might as well put their fur to good use.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Mar 9, 2013 10:02:52 AM

  23. I have an "Elvis Barbie" if anybody wants it.

    Shemar Moore is a homophobe.

    Hillary Clinton will bludgeon Chris Christie into thinness.

    Leave the Biebs alone.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Mar 10, 2013 2:50:36 PM

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