News: Scott Fujita, Female Todd Akin, Sink Hole ‘Abnormal Sexual Oriented’

1NewsIcon "The evolution of the nation's 'first gay president'"

Fujita1NewsIcon Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita thinks most NFL players will have no problem with an out and proud teammate. "I would argue that the overwhelming majority would be fine with having a teammate who was gay… Once a guy comes out, yeah, it'll be very newsworthy. It'll
be a huge, huge breakthrough and then it'll be another one and another
one and another one. Then it'll be just another guy in the locker room."

1NewsIcon But there are still plenty of hurdles for gay athletes to overcome.

1NewsIcon The ACLU had no choice but to defend a Connecticut student's right to wear an anti-gay t-shirt. Said ACLU CT legal director Sandra Staub, "The First
Amendment was written to protect unpopular speech, which is naturally
the kind of speech that will always need protection. The ACLU has fought hard for same-sex marriage and we couldn't agree
with Seth less on that issue, but he is absolutely correct about his
right to express his opinion."

1NewsIcon Outgoing California GOP chairman Tom Del Beccaro predicts his party will be debating the "difficult issue" of marriage equality for years to come.

1NewsIcon Meanwhile, Celeste Greig, head of the California Republican Assembly, said rape victims don't typically get pregnant because "it's an act of violence, because the body is traumatized." She's the female Todd Akin!

1NewsIcon A handy breakdown of where Illinois lawmakers stand on marriage equality.

Princecover1NewsIcon The artist still known as Prince performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and will soon be coming to a city near you!

1NewsIcon Dalmatian puppies go gaga for peanut butter.

1NewsIcon Jennifer Lawrence is spending her post-Oscar time setting up dates for Silver Linings Playbook costar Bradley Cooper.

1NewsIcon Justin Bieber had "the worst birthday ever" after his Circus-themed party devolved into a fracas.

1NewsIcon Great news from PR: "The advance of gay rights across the United States is spreading into Puerto Rico, making the island a relatively gay-friendly outpost in a Caribbean region where sodomy laws and harassment of gays are still common. The governing Popular Democratic Party is pushing a bill through the legislature that would outlaw discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation, a step taken by about half of U.S. states. Another bill would extend a domestic violence law to gay couples."

1NewsIcon A Virginia spa admits to booting a transgender woman because they have a policy against "any abnormal sexual behaviors and orientation." "It is our policy not to accept any kinds of abnormal sexual oriented
customers to our facility such as homosexuals, or transgender," Spa World in Centreville said in a statement. "We strongly enforce this policy for the safety and the comfort for (sic.) our customers, and also to promote a healthy reputation for our business…. Also, for the safety and the comfort for young children at Spa World, we strongly forbid any abnormal sexual behaviors and orientation in our facility." Virginia laws allow this to go on.

Justicekennedy1NewsIcon Shifting public opinion may very well sway Justices Anthony Kennedy and John Roberts toward marriage equality, especially the more moderate Kennedy: "Throughout his long career, Kennedy has been willing to make major changes in the law on issues including the death penalty, gun rights and gay rights… But before signing on to major changes — abolishing the death penalty for young murderers, for example — he has wanted to feel comfortable that the change was in line with public opinion and the trend in the law."

1NewsIcon The Florida sinkhole that swallowed a man continues to grow.


  1. says

    the kid who wore the anti-gay shirt during his school’s time of highlighting bullying and youth suicides is vomit-inducingly shameful. his parents clearly failed at their job.

    like a kid who’d wear an anti-black shirt to school during black history month, i hope, i truly truly hope, that the heinous punk gets the living crap beat out of him. there. i said it.

    his choice to wear the shirt was to insult and intimidate any and all gay classmates, whether closeted or Out. he deserves to feel the sting of fear.

    and while i’m in a miserable mood (that, trust me, i’m not proud of) can someone please violently rape Celeste Greig so we can test out her theory for sure?

    you know. just in the name of being scientifically precise. that’s all.

    and that GOP dude is right – they’ll be debating the gay marriage issue for decades. possibly longer. it’s hard to change minds and debate intelligently when your party’s base has no brains at their disposal. they’re still up in arms about being forced to Integrate.

  2. jjose712 says

    I would like to know if the ACLU would express the same opinion if the t shirt has an anti-christian message.

    And i wish Jennifer Lawrence good luck in her mission, she will need it

  3. says

    or how about a kid with an anti-jew slogan/icon during a school’s day of honouring the holocaust?

    there’s a difference between “controversial speech” or “unpopular speech” and hatred that exists solely, SOLELY, to target and draw hateful attention toward a specific group.

  4. unruly says

    @JJOSE712, The ACLU has been consistent with their message and goals. So, yes, they would express the same opinion. They’ve defended the KKK before. Their goal is a point of Constitutional principle.

  5. ChristopherM says

    Justice Kennedy is an egomaniac who cites himself in opinions he writes. Anyone that concerned about his own legacy will not go down as the deciding vote on what could be our generation’s Plessy v Ferguson. He will knock down DOMA. He might knock down Prop 8, but I’m not convinced he will go all the way and make the ruling broad enough to apply to us all.

  6. Rexford says

    Yeah, I want to know about Prince too. And as for Puerto Rico, I’m still fearful this place might become the 51st state and send two socially conservative U.S. Senators to Washington just when we don’t need it.

  7. Kyle says

    * Scott Fujita is the man.

    * The ACLU has defended and offended just about everyone with their uncompromising and principled support of the First Amendment. @JJOSE712 A simple Google search reveals that the ACLU has defended quite a lot of Christian speech. There’s even a website dedicated to cataloging such defenses.

    * The manager and spokesperson (same person?) at the Virginia spa are infuriating morons. Being trans is not an “abnormal sexual behavior” or an orientation. You really have an anti-trans and anti-gay policy? You probably have had a lot of trans and gay clients but couldn’t tell. From the Washington Blade article it seems like a broad-shouldered cis woman would have suffered from the same transphobia. It was bigoted threefold: stereotyping trans people, insulting someone perceived as trans by calling them the gender they’re clearly not and kicking them out for no reason other than ignorance/idiocy/whatever.

  8. Molc says

    The LGBT kids at that Conneticut school should sue Seth Groody, the ACLU and school district for fostering an anti-gay, physically intimidating, unsafe environment. The ACLU condones bullying and intimidation. Scumbag organization.

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