1. GB in LA says

    Good to see Politics by Talk Show is still alive and well. He wants higher political office more than he cares about gays, but anyone could figure that out.

  2. Aladdin says

    He is a sociopathic narcissist who cares about no one but himself. While he was in office, he betrayed his best friend and campaign manager who helped get him elected by embarking on a very public drunken affair with his best friend’s wife. He also showed up plastered out of his mind at the hospital bedside of a police officer who had been shot. But when a reporter tried to ask him about the incident, Newsom got nasty with the reporter.

    Do your homework, people. He is not good.

    And by the way, his former wife, former prosecutor Kimberley Guilfoyle is now a CONSERVATIVE commentator on Fox News.

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