1. Dback says

    OK, there are no kittens, puppies, unicorns, or ANYTHING as adorable as these two. :) Wish they lived in Portland so they could take me out dancing with them!

  2. Audi-owner says

    So what if they love clubbin’. My boyfriend and I love clubbin’ but then,we also love house music and dancing which drives us to the clubs,aside from the fact that we have a few friends who work in the gay nightlife industry. Some of you queens really need to get a grip on yourselves. You obviously are not a well adjusted gay man if you think only “single” gays go to clubs. There are straight married couples who occasionally go to the straight clubs why can’t gay couples do the same? Idiot!

  3. Luke says

    OMG so adorable. I think the bitterness in the comments is just jealousy that this kind of being out and public wasn’t around when we were younger. I know that I would have loved to see this when I was younger, but it’s awesome to see it now all the same. :)

  4. Paul R says

    @Michael: nice Tempest reference. My favorite Shakespeare play except maybe Hamlet. But Tempest holds sentimental value.

    No one can criticize these two guys without seeming like a jaded jerk.

  5. Michael in Toronto says

    Don’t have time to watch it all.

    As a guy who “came of age” in the ’70s, I can’t tell you how amazing this is to me.

    Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine – back then – 2 gay marines speaking publicly, openly, proudly – not to mention charmingly – like this.

    Just for this moment (at least): “And I say to myself / What a wonderful world”

  6. Rick says

    Very mixed feelings about this.

    My initial gut reaction is that this is the IDYLLIC life we all imagined for ourselves, but few of us ever have found or ever will find. A physically gorgeoous boy-next-door type who is fun to be around, sexy, and who loves us dependably and loyally….and who, except for the excessive giggliness, does not seem to have any effeminate mannerisms and is just a normal guy rather than some screwed-up head case. And a whole bunch of totally supportive friends who would make our lives a great joy to live, every day.

    It almost seems too good to be true.

    After this initial reaction, yes, those of us who are older (I am 54) probably felt some wistfulness….I know I did, thinking to myself that this kind of relationship and life was not even possible in my youth, when empty one-night-stands were the norm and most of us searched in vain for any kind of lasting relationship, much less one with someone so beautiful and seemingly REAL. A world in which, moreover, making a video like this would have doomed one to having no career of significance in any field and a general rejection by the larger society.

    Mixed with this wistfulness, though, was a bit of a sense of pride that it was my generation whose courage and activism made it possible for young men like this to have such lives and to be happy in a way that we were not able to be.

    BUT–and yes, here I go again, but I have to make this observation. How many of you would have regarded this couple as “adorable” if they were not among the elite in terms of youthful physical attractiveness? If they both had only average looks, much less were physically unattractive, would any of you still have regarded them as “adorable”? Will you still regard them as “adorable” 20 years from now when their looks have faded, the difficulties and conflicts of life have taken their toll, and their lives no longer are so idyllic?

    And extending that line of thought, do you think either of these “adorable” young men would ever have given the time of day to a guy who was not as physically attractive as they are, regardless of how many other positive attributes he might have had? Or would and do they reject contemptuously any guy out of hand who is not as physically attractive as they are, not only as potential sexual partners, but as potential friends–which, let’s be honest, is still the norm in gay life….

    Youthful phys8ical attractiveness still trumps everything else in gay life and, on some level, that is all the drooling over this “adorable” couple by so many of you really represents.

    Maybe that is just (male) human nature, but it is still the honest truth.

  7. says

    Nicely done, boys. Too cute.

    Cute, homely, masc, fem, skinny, buff, fat, short, tall, the only thing that matters is that they don’t care what others think, and are putting a visible face to What Gay Is.

    Those that refuse to hide are the ones that change culture. Kudos, fellas. Now go out and enjoy some block-rockin’ beats.

  8. Howard says

    Ah, to be young and in love again. But Jerry is probably right. At 21 and 22 these guys are just too young and they are still discovering themselves. In a few years one of them (or both)will probably want to explore “greener pastures”. The chances that they are “the one” for each other, for all time, is slim to none. In the meantime I wish them both a long happy life.

  9. Caliban says

    Rick, that might be the most positive and honest thing I’ve ever seen you post. You should do it more often. Really.

    Yes, their physical attractiveness is part of what makes them “adorable,” but it’s also just their youth and freedom plus the puppy-playfulness of new love. Just because the world can be harsh and shallow in its judgements doesn’t mean that beauty can’t be found if you bother to play attention.

  10. says

    TrollRick – i loved how you complained about how they’re only being focused on for being “cute” while in your very first breath you expressed relief that they’re not “effeminate”.

    you can’t whine about beauty being valued when your first statement was a regurgitation of your conditioned aversion to perceived “effeminacy”. well, you can whine. it just negates any truth you’d ever hope to state. 😀

  11. Ryan says

    Ah, young love.

    I have several family members in the Marines and a best friend serving in another branch. The repeal of DADT was an important moment for everyone but definitely of personal interest to me because I did not want to see my friend or my family members be discharged for being exactly who they are. This video is proof that things are changing for the better. Stay safe and have fun, boys.

  12. Thomas says

    RICK–The obsession with beauty is not a gay thing. It’s a biological and cultural thing. Babies will respond more favorably to a beautiful person–someone with a symmetrical face, certain proportions between features, etc. And as we pass puberty, we’re drawn to physical beauty because it implies someone is healthy. Consciously we know this isn’t always true, and gay men may not be breeding, but we’re still wired to seek out healthy, virile mates. Studies have shown this, repeatedly. And our culture reinforces it through art and media.

    Personally, I don’t think these guys are especially adorable or hot relative to other guys. I went to high school with guys that looked like this. I think the positive response is a wistfulness, to use your word, for the simple joy of puppy love and youth. That first love is one of the best feelings in life, even if it doesn’t last. Celebrating these guys isn’t gay–it’s just human. And I think that gay guys, like most people, regularly recognize the “adorableness” of people who aren’t young or don’t look like models. Those two old guys in Washington with the ZZ Top beards? Adorable. Those two elderly women getting married in NY, one in a wheelchair? Adorable. There’s a couple of dads in California, the Lefews. They’re not model-pretty, but they’re beautiful people with a beautiful family. And we celebrate them too.

    I could go on, but you probably get the idea. Go only to clubs or spend time only looking at 95% of the internet or other media, and you might think gay guys are pretty superficial. And that’s true of any part of the population. But if you cast a wider view, we’re really just typically human.

  13. Bewilderbeast says

    As I watched all 14+ minutes of this video, all I could think about is how these guys are just coming into the whole “gay lifestyle” and probably from small midwestern towns. Sure, they are “cute” but they are both in their 20s. Not that I am bashing them, I am happy for them. I just wish that gays wouldn’t swoon over everything “white, young & innocent.” I like to see how comments people of color vs. white people get on Towleroad. Yes, oddly enough “white, cute guys” get a lot more comments posted. Btw, I am not of color, nor a seeker, just an average joe. The thing that actually creeped me out, is the sharing of all their clothes. Reminded me of my sister and all her friends. If my boyfriend ever wore any of my clothes (underwear especially), I would be like…Dude?!!!

  14. anon says

    Isn’t there still a rule against fraternization? Or are they in completely separate units??

    They remind me of those “World’s Most Interesting Man” commercials: “Puppies call them adorable.”

  15. says


    They mention in the video that they are in completely different units. Russ is “just” a grunt while it was alluded to that Matt is in “intelligence” as Russ said that he was the “brawn” while Matt was the “brains”.

    I have been watching Russ’ vlog postings for awhile and am very proud of him and our nation for finally allowing gays and lesbians to openly serve in our military.

  16. Saythetruth says

    Sweetness overdose, how cute, I wish them the best. Don’t know if they are gonna last but that’s OK, as long as they take due care they are young and have the right to have experiences and relations and so forth.
    The best of it all is the normalization of gay relationships, the spontaneity, the guiltless posture, that is what is needed and more.

  17. Lance says

    Let’s see … yes, they are white … they are cute (though that’s always a subjective matter, of course) … they are young … and they are gay. Personality-wise and physically, on the other hand, they seem quite their own individuals to me.

    I thought the whole point of liberation was not to apologize for who you are? A point long lost to some of the posters here, coming from their various perspectives. From my point of view, nothing but encouragement to these guys.

  18. bandanajack says

    the first time i have ever found myself in partial sympathy with @rick. ever! i too came of age in the seventies, and realizing that he is of my generation gives me an insight into why he is such an ass, over and above his loving the attention it gets him. i had a chance to hang out with young marines when i was at the advanced age of 50. nothing creepy, i was the aa sponsor of several of them and they dragged me along on many excursions (not titty bars, and not to the base workout rooms)and yes, they were like a passel of puppies, killer puppies, but puppies. a couple were deeply closeted, and i felt for them. this is better.

    i also take some small satisfaction that it is my generation that made this day possible, and am a little sad i never got the chance. at this point i only want to live long enough to have all the rights every natural citizen of these united states is supposed to have.

    in my generation we were taught to fear and loathe effeminacy. some of us overcame it, some of us did not, and got lost in a maze of tom of finland funny house mirrors. but we all did the best we could do with the scars that we each carried.

  19. andrew says

    I don’t know if they like being called cute, but they couldn’t possibly be any cuter. Its hard to believe that they are trained warriors. Russ get Matt to stop smoking. Have a great time together guys, Young love is so beautiful.

  20. will says

    His friends on the Marine base DO seem to be supportive. Russ interviews them in this linked vid. By the way, it’s great that gay servicemen are simply recording conversations in Afghanistan and elsewhere & posting to youtube. This does as much for our cause as old-fashioned activism:

  21. wunderbar says

    Rick, I really enjoyed your post but I also wanted to respond to you and others.

    Why should we care that we idealize them a little because they’re so good looking? It is human nature, and I think the problem comes when you think you cannot be happy unless you look that good or you are with someone that good looking.

    In my personal life, I have found that when the bonds of affection reach a certain point, no matter what you thought of their looks before, they become beautiful in a way that trumps the natural genuine kind.

    So, let our symbols be beautiful couples whose sense of affection seems shallow (it always starts out that way). Maybe theirs will deepen and penetrate the barriers natural to all budding relationships, or maybe it will end in acrimonious divorce.

    Our community needs people like these to be visible. This is a very good thing. And, our community needs to convert adversaries to believers, and people like this couple help do it.


  22. Danny says

    My version of hell is to be in a room with Rick and Kiwi. Forever. The 2 of you deserve each other. I wish you could set up a private chat so that the rest of us don’t have to listen to you.

    On a more positive note, how great to see 2 happy, healthy, patriotic gay men. And yes, that is gay MEN. Not “queers”. Not LGBTQIAAP or any other such nonsense.

  23. andrew says

    I watched a few of the other videos Russ has on Youtube. He has a sweet innocence and vulnerability about him. Not everything has been positive for him since coming out. His father did not invite him to his wedding (second marriage) because of, as Russ says: “the gay thing”. When you watch that video, although he makes light of it, you can see that it hurts. I wish those bright eyed and bushy tailed Jarheads all the best.

  24. Caliban says

    They don’t really look that much alike. They both have brown hair which is cut more or less the same way, by necessity. That’s actually kind of the point of military haircuts and uniforms, to strip away individuality as much as possible and make them generic soldiers. Their facial features and manner are different.

    I went back and looked at some of Russ’s other videos and he does a good job at addressing more serious topics like being rejected by his father for being gay. This video is light and cute but others are less so, so it’s not just “I’ll turn on a camera and you can admire how cute I/we am/are.” There’s a serious attempt to educate.

    And come on, did you ever expect to see a video from a currently serving marine called “Tips On Bottoming For The First Time”? I sure didn’t.

  25. Dan B says

    Yay, Rick has finally come out… as a troll! The gay archetype kind, rather than the internet kind, since he seems to genuinely believe all the horrible things he says. A “gay troll” is generally defined as an old, unattractive, closeted gay man who only goes for much younger men and generally starts being abusive when they refuse his advances. Rick, now that you’ve admitted your age and ugliness, and the source of your insecurities, it’s time for me to give you my standard closeted old troll schpiel, which I cut and paste whenever guys like you get aggressive towards me on chat sites:

    “So I know you’ll think I’m an assh*le for saying this now, but you’ll thank me for it later. You middle-aged closeted guys have less than nothing to offer. That’s less because of the age of your bodies and more because of the age of your minds. You’re carrying around fears and prejudices that were implanted in you while you were growing up back in the dark ages, and to guys my age who grew up in the “gay 90s,” that’s just plain pathetic. Wake up and realize what decade you’re living in. Confidence and courage are sexy; cowardice isn’t. If you wanna we able to get with guys my age, you need to face your fears like a man. That does not by the way, constitute and agreement by me to sleep with you if you put up pics and say you’re out. It just means that someone is more likely too.”

    Now as a special favor to you Rick, I’ll add some context-appropriate comments. Yes, in 30 years the guys in this video may very well be ugly on the outside. But if they’re still together then, it won’t matter, because they will have built up the shared intimacy to still see each other as beautiful. And if they don’t stay together? They’ll have practice building intimacy – and being brave, and negotiating, and listening, and all the other skills it takes to form a relationship. So even if they’re both alone and physically unattractive when they’re you’re age, they’ll still have much better chances than you.

    Whereas, when one is totally unattractive on both the outside and the inside, the chances of finding love are slim to none. So which do you have more control over, Rick, the outside or the inside?

    BTW, there’s one thing that always improves with age: experience. So in your half-century of experience, what gets better results in life: feeling bitter and entitled, or changing your viewpoint and behavior when you realize you’ve being doing things wrong?

  26. BobN says

    On the one hand, utterly amazing that we’ve come so far so fast.

    On the other, unless they’re both bi, it’s really sad that they still felt the need to date girls for YEARS. And I feel sorry for the girls, too.

    As for cuteness, I can almost smell the puppy smell.

  27. says

    They seem very sweet together. Yes they are very physically attractive young men. But what makes them adorable is their playfulness, genuine affection and the Stewie pajama bottoms. The ice cream bit didn’t hurt either.

  28. Sean S says

    My question would be: Have you ever noticed that you look exactly alike? Have you gotten a DNA test to make sure you aren’t twins separated at birth?

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