1. StevyD says

    Interesting how many politicians now don’t want to be remembered as the Mississippi of civil rights.

  2. says

    And yet, SteveyD, the high(er) number that DO!

    but hey, we still have plebes in politics and on the homefront who look back fondly on scumbags like Jesse Helms.

  3. gr8guyca says

    In 2008, Gavin Newsom was pilloried when he said that gay marriage was going to happen, “whether you like it or not.” That is now the reality that faces the current opponents of equal marriage rights.

  4. says

    It’s amazing how quickly the tide is turning in favor of marriage equality…so many people have “come out” in support of it recently, even in more conservative “swing states.” However, I guess that there will always be people like Chambliss…

  5. jim says

    Too funny–and sad–that (aside from Portman) they’re ALL democrats. How surprising.

  6. andrew says

    I am kinda happy to see so many Democratic Senators coming out in favor of gay marriage. I think it is a tactical mistake to pressure those up for reelection in Red States in 2014 to publicly support gay marriage. It may cost them their Senate seat and turn control of the Senate over to the Republicans. That would man that Obama’s last two years in office will make little on no progress on the whole range of progressive issues. If you look at the democratic senators who are retiring and the much larger number of seats they must retain, you can see that keeping the Senate in the hands of the democrats is already going to be EXTREMELY difficult.