Towleroad Talking Points: Meet The New Pope



A look back at today's top stories


Hark! The white smoke has been seen and the new Pope has been chosen. It will be Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina who will go by Pope Francis I. However just because there is a new man in the giant gold chair and that bulletproof glass car doesn't mean things in the Vatican will be changing for gays. It seems that Bergoglio's view of homosexuality is quite similar to his predecessor; he called gay marriage "the destructive attempt to end God's plan." It seems that even people setting themselves on fire has little effect on the Vatican




There are a couple of gay related stories that will help replace the bad taste the new Pope may have left in your mouth. In a clip from an interview that will air on tonight's Nightline, President Obama tells George Stephanopoulos that he believes there will be good news from the Supreme Court on the marriage equality front. A JetBlue flight attendant helped make a gay couple's wedding day extra special! And check out this powerful and emotional testimony from a gay man and his parents at yesterday's marriage equality hearing in Minnesota



If your life hasn't been complete since Veronica Mars went off television then this massive Kickstarter campaign for a movie version might be the answer to your prayers. Also check out Justin Timberlake's barbershop quarter version of "Sexyback"



This interview (the first in a series) proves that underwear models are more than just sex objects, they have thoughts too! Not that I know what they are considering – I was just looking at his abs. And meet the man behind the infamous "47 percent" video who may have helped bring Mitt Romney down


  1. Eric says

    The Catholic Church has burned people themselves before, and destroyed entire cultures of native populations, I guess they think that next to that, one man setting _himself_ on fire is nothing.

  2. Jim Elliott says

    Minor correction. He will Pope Francis, not Pope Francis I. That will only happen in the future when (if) there is a 2nd Pope Francis. Just as Queen Elizabeth I was not known as that until the current Queen Elizabeth came to the throne.

  3. millerbeach says

    A rose by any other name….meet the new boss, same as the old boss. I hoped and prayed for something so much better than this. Highly, highly disappointed in this decision. This is NOT what the Catholic Church needs. They need someone to get to the bottom of the priest pedophile problem and the cover-up. THEY ALL NEED TO BE OUTED!!!

  4. RichB in PS says

    Not take away real gay issues but suggest an observation and to add a bit of possible good humor — wouldn’t Leslie Jordan as a good DOPPELGÄNGER. Wonder how Archbishop Leslie would look in flowing a white rob, red shoes topped with in a crimson hat??

  5. Sam says

    So a new Sheriff is in town…Catholics worldwide are rejoicing. And clerical pedophiles are quietly breathing sighs of relief…business as usual.

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