Towleroad Talking Points: Two Nut-Loving Marines

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A look back at today's top stories


Two more sports figures have added their name to the growing list of athletes who support gay rights. This time, Chicago area legends Ernie Banks and Richard Dent have signed a letter urging the Illinois House to pass a marriage equality bill. The Mexican government has taken astance against hate speech; the country's Supreme Court has ruled that gay slurs are not protected under freedom of expression. The FBI has announced that it will investigate the likely hate-driven slaying of a gay mayoral candidate in Mississippi

If you are a gay person living in Tennessee and desperately looking for a silver lining, you can look to the fact that the "Don't Say Gay" Bill is just about as unpopular as gay marriage. I guess you have to really want to see it. A horrible story out of Texas where a woman is facing charges after brutally beating her son after walking in on him committing a gay act; what's worse is that the arresting officer said he agreed with her. C'mon Texas! Also a city councilman in Pennsylvania is taking flak after he sent out a memo announcing that someone was gay.  



Stephen Amell of Arrow shows that he is a master at identifying shirtless men. And openly gay singer-songwriter Eli Lieb takes a stab at P!nk's latest song



Our favorite super adorable gay marine couple answer questions on YouTube about their relationship and how they like their nuts. 

If you missed Rand Paul's marathon 12-hour filibuster, here is the 2-minute version. And if you are feeling down on this wintry day definitely don't look at this ASAPScience video about death

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