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Delaware House Panel Advances Marriage Equality Bill


The Delaware House Administration Committee has voted 4-1 to advance HB75, a marriage equality bill to the House floor.

Delaware residents can contact lawmakers through Equality Delaware.

The legislation was introduced last week by Delaware State Rep. Melanie George Smith (D-Bear).

Governor Jack Markell has promised to sign a bill if it hits his desk.

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News: Guyana, Ian Ziering, HBO, Julia Gillard, Mr. Gay Namibia

RoadU.S. Ambassador to Guyana calls for action on behalf of LGBT human rights.

RoadOne year since top level meeting, White House continues to withhold workplace protections.

CampbellRoadSecond victim in Boston Marathon bombing identified as Krystle Campbell. Chinese student is third victim. Suspicious bag eyed in attack. Bomb fragments identified. "Investigators believe the bombs were hidden in black nylon backpacks and housed inside sealable metal pots called pressure cookers." Hundreds gather for vigil.

RoadVIDEO: Jon Hamm does Sesame Street.

RoadNew Hampshire lawmaker refers to women as "vaginas": “Representative Hansen’s comments are crude, offensive and have no place in public discourse. There is no excuse for anybody to use such disrespectful language — especially an elected official. I strongly condemn his disrespectful and shameful remarks.”

RoadPitch Perfect getting a sequel.

RoadObama says he doesn't believe North Korea has a nuclear missile: "Based on our current intelligence assessments, we do not think that they have that capacity."

Road90210's Ian Ziering joins Chippendale's.

RoadThis makes sense: Dexter to become comic book.

AmunjeraRoadMr. Gay Namibia to wed his business manager: "Hardly a week ago the whole world witnessed the first African black gay marriage in South Africa. Next Saturday will see the second gay marriage reception take place as a Francistown business manager Marc Omphemetse Themba and Mr Gay Namibia – Ricardo Raymond Amunjera celebrate with family and friends."

RoadCraig Zadan and Neil Meron sign on to produce Oscars again in 2014.

RoadVisit from lesbian Icelandic PM and wife gives gay Chinese hope: "Gay activists are hailing the visit by Iceland's premier and her wife as a rare chance to bring the issue into ordinary living rooms by means of television and state media. Scenes of Johanna Sigurdardottir thanking Chinese premier Li Keqiang for the 'friendly reception' her wife received on national broadcaster CCTV's notoriously stodgy evening news, and pictures with Sigurdardottir side-by-side with her playwright spouse Jonina Leosdottir, have virtually no precedent."

RoadSuper DILF powers, activate.

RoadMatt Damon's Boston Marathon essay.

GillardRoadAustralian Prime Minister Julia Gillard couldn't care less that New Zealand passed marriage equality.

RoadScott Lively links gay man's death from meningitis to divine judgment.

RoadHBO developing gay comedy: "The untitled project hails from Brothers and Sisters' David Marshall Grant and Bored to Death's Sarah Condon and revolves around the thirtysomething trio also grappling with the complexities of life and the modern gay experience."

RoadIowa elections official: Pass voter ID so the GOP can kill abortion rigghts and marriage equality.

RoadFrench marriage "defender" Frigide Barjot gets ripped by friend on Facebook: "Your last remarks gave me nausea. You have overstepped all bounds and you are from this point forward a public danger. With your call of blood ... You opened Pandora's box of homophobia and I will never forgive you. I wish that the cart of s--t that you raised falls on you and masks the putrid odor of your words."

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National Republicans Dump Mark Sanford

Following reports that his ex-wife caught him trespassing, the NRCC has cut ties with former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who is running for a special 1st District Congressional seat, Politico reports:

SanfordBlindsided by news that Sanford’s ex-wife has accused him of trespassing and concluding he has no plausible path to victory, the National Republican Congressional Committee has decided not to spend more money on Sanford’s behalf ahead of the May 7 special election.

“Mark Sanford has proven he knows what it takes to win elections. At this time, the NRCC will not be engaged in this special election,” said Andrea Bozek, an NRCC spokeswoman.

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Take Message Around the World in 'Can't Hold Us' Video: WATCH


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis turn out an epic video for their track "Can't Hold Us" featuring Ray Dalton in which they deliver a flag emblazoned with the name of their album The Heist to their native Seattle while having fun with camels, galleons, and sled dogs along the way.


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Boston Bombing Suspect Identified, Arrest Reportedly Imminent: VIDEO


The AP is reporting via Twitter:

Law enforcement official: Arrest imminent in Boston Marathon bombing, suspect to be brought to court.


The official spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Wednesday. The official was not authorized to divulge details of the investigation. The official says the suspect is to be taken into custody by federal marshals and taken to a Boston courthouse.

In related news, CNN reported this morning on the possible identification of a suspect, TPM reports:

[CNN's John] King said he's been told by authorities that video footage from the Lord and Taylor department store and from a local Boston television station has led investigators to believe that they have "clearly identified" the individual who placed one of the explosive devices at the site of the second explosion. The department store on Boylston Street is located near the site of the second explosion.

Watch their report, AFTER THE JUMP...

UPDATE: CNN is now reporting that an arrest has been made. NBC News says not yet.

UPDATE II: The FBI blasted news reports.

Contrary to widespread reporting, there have been no arrests made in connection with the Boston Marathon attack. Over the past day and a half, there have been a number of press reports based on information from unofficial sources that has been inaccurate. Since these stories often have unintended consequences, we ask the media, particularly at this early stage of the investigation, to exercise caution and attempt to verify information through appropriate official channels before reporting.

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Paraguay's Presidential Frontrunner Says He'd Shoot Himself in the Nuts if His Son Married a Man

Paraguay's is holding presidential elections on Sunday and its frontrunner, Horacio Cartes, was asked to react to Uruguay's recent passage of marriage equality, the NYT reports:

CartesIn a radio interview this month, Mr. Cartes, 57, theatrically threatened to inflict harm on his own private parts if his 28-year-old son were to seek to marry another man.

“I would shoot myself in the testicles, because I do not agree,” he said, using slightly more colorful language to describe how he would react to such a possibility.

Cartes also "set off a fierce controversy...after publicly comparing gay people to 'monkeys' and likening the support of same-sex marriage to believing in 'the end of the world.'"

Cartes' opponent is also opposed to same-sex marriage, but, the paper reports, has adopted a "more nuanced stance."

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