Chelsea’s ‘Rawhide’ Bar to Reopen on Upper East Side

Rawhide, the longtime Chelsea gay bar, is now closed. The owners are going to reopen it near East 58th street and 3rd Avenue, DNA Info reports.

RawhideSo what of its space?

"A lot of people know the history, everyone knows Rawhide, so we've gotten a lot of calls looking to open up another men's bar or another restaurant that supplements the area," said JD Sutro, a broker with Lee & Associates.

Lee & Associates is advertising the 1,320-square-foot space at 212 Eighth Ave. for $25,000 a month. It's available immediately and perfect for "all uses."

…Despite being surrounded by chains, Sutro said that most of the interest in the location was coming from small and medium-sized restauranteurs — not big companies or franchies.

"They know residents around there are great to their neighbors and patronize local businesses," Sutro said.

(via eater)


  1. QJ201 says

    It is probably the bar across from the TH restaurant and bar…was Oscar Wilde’s in the 90’s then was something else after that.

    I wonder if the TH bar will have to adapt its dress code, LOL.

  2. Jonathan says

    Ugh. The Rawhide was the most annoying bar in Chelsea!! What attitude from shallow people.

  3. Mikey DallasM says

    Hmmm, that is $227.27 per sq. foot. You had better be real busy to make it at the rate!

  4. says

    really jonathan? i’d walked by Rawhide for years thinking i wouldn’t dig the joint and then finally went in with some buddies one night and had a blast. i actually thought it was borderline-quaint in its lack of attitude.
    shallow people? really? gurl, what night were you there? LOL

    every time i went it was a collection of 35+ guys utterly of average-to-bigger body size (and i aint talking chelsea gym muscles) pretty much just chillin and drinking beers.

  5. says

    I’m with Kiwi…I hadn’t walked into Rawhide until about a year ago, and I immediately wished I’d been going for much longer. I found it to be very relaxed and friendly. I wish it could just stay where it is, but I’m glad it’s getting another chance.

  6. GB says

    Now the just need to bring back The Saint and The Barefoot Boy. And 15 Landsdowne Street in Boston.