1. jakeinlove says

    Of course the remix will have the pretentious kids jumping up and down for an aerobics class totally missing the laid back cool vibe of the song.

  2. Carlie says

    @Adam It’s also collaboration with Nile Rodgers who wrote “I’m Coming Out” (and “We Are Family”) and who has always—even 30 years ago when it wasn’t cool—been a friend and an ally.

  3. ripper says

    Oh, AdamJason, you’ve never met a black man you wouldn’t label as homophobe.

    The bigger question is why Andy allows you to continue posting your drivel on this site?

  4. Jim says

    i III v IV over and over and over and over. I Love Daft Punk, but there is such a thing as a bridge/b section. I think they need to realize that the vibe and feel of the 70s instrumentation they’re using lends itself toward more traditional pop song structure. This isnt a 4-on-the-floor club track.

  5. yuninv says

    I can’t stop listening to this. I’m either feeling like I’ve gone through a time warp, or I’m reliving my youth. And then there’s the notion that I just needed something to funk out to, seeing that I’m not really digging the Universe at the moment.

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