1. Craig S says


    Rick, again: NOBODY has ANY right to call ANYBODY “fag” or a “queen” or a “homo” or a “fairy” or a “loser” — REGARDLESS of whether a person conforms to YOUR version of masculinity or not, they’re still a human being who are ENTITLED to respect and dignity and fair treatment. You have NO right to police ANYBODY’S behaviour except your own — so act however the hell you want, let everybody else act however the hell they want, and case closed.

    Gettin’ back on topic, however, the video was awesome.

  2. Jade says

    Musically, it has a contemporary musical theater vibe. Lyrically, it’s a well-intentioned hodge podge of ideas about labels and acceptance, but the random use of metaphor isn’t really tight, and it lacks the focus necessary to say anything really profound. It’s all abstract stream-of-consciousness at best, which may lend itself to some feeling something (especially in combination with the musical arrangement), but the music is a bit mellow, and the message is rather languid. And yet it all feels contrived, too.

    I liked the video concept, though. It’s very “What’s Going On” 2001, except with more skin.

  3. Rick says

    I don’t know why my original comment in this thread was deleted, but you will note that virtually all the derogatory “labels” applied to gay men are designed to question one’s masculinity.

    Point being that homosexuality is not the issue, so much as effeminacy is. So if you want to stop being labeled, stop behaving effeminately (which is entirely artifice) and start behaving in the masculine manner of a normal man, like virtually all straight men do.

  4. MateoM says

    I don’t know why Rick is allowed to post here, but you will not that all his comments feature some combination of of misogyny, anti-effeminacy, or racism.

    Point being that Rick is just a pathetic troll, and should just be ignored. So if you want to enjoy Towleroad without comments from Rick and his other aliases Jason, Ratbastard, or David Hearne, just ignore him and start acknowledging all the comments not left by him or his aliases.

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