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'Desperate Housewives' Actor Tuc Watkins: I'm Gay and a Single Dad - VIDEO


Desperate Housewives actor Tuc Watkins, who played one of the gay neighbors on Wisteria Lane, reveals he's a gay single dad on Marie Osmond's talk show set to air on Monday.


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  1. Great, so glad he's finally come out :)

    What an awesome overall week this has been for the community.

    Posted by: Francis #1 | Apr 26, 2013 3:56:55 PM

  2. Hah that was a fun interview. All the best to him and his family.

    Posted by: Jay | Apr 26, 2013 3:56:57 PM

  3. Swoon! Been in love with him since “I Think I Do” --of course seeing him in the local NYC Gay bars just added fuel to the fire. : )

    Posted by: ichabod | Apr 26, 2013 3:59:58 PM

  4. David Vickers is gay? Dorian is going to flip.

    Posted by: RMc | Apr 26, 2013 4:07:15 PM

  5. Wotta Dawl!

    Posted by: Kile Ozier | Apr 26, 2013 4:07:47 PM

  6. My crush!

    Posted by: Carlos | Apr 26, 2013 4:18:09 PM

  7. OMG I've been in love with him since he lost his eyes to Imhotep!

    Posted by: KM | Apr 26, 2013 4:22:35 PM

  8. @KM "OMG I've been in love with him since he lost his eyes to Imhotep!"

    Me, too! When I saw The Mummy I was like, "who is this geeky hunk and why haven't I heard of him before?"


    Posted by: homogenius | Apr 26, 2013 4:30:43 PM

  9. @KM "OMG I've been in love with him since he lost his eyes to Imhotep!"

    Me, too! When I saw The Mummy I was like, "who is this geeky hunk and why haven't I heard of him before?"


    Posted by: homogenius | Apr 26, 2013 4:30:44 PM

  10. I thought he'd been out for a while. I saw him in a very bad play off-broadway a few seasons ago ("White's Lies").

    Posted by: Alan | Apr 26, 2013 4:39:34 PM

  11. Awesome interview, awesome guy. I also think he's been out at least personally for years, but not sure how well-known it was to the world at large or the DH demographic. Best part of the interview, Marie didn't even skip a beat when Tuc said he was a gay man. She's great, too.

    Good luck to him and his kid. Seems like he'll be an great dad.

    Posted by: Liam | Apr 26, 2013 4:48:27 PM

  12. I played "eye-tag" with him on a subway ride once. I swear I melted like a teenager.

    Posted by: QJ201 | Apr 26, 2013 4:48:56 PM

  13. For some reason, I thought he was already out.

    Posted by: Bryan | Apr 26, 2013 4:49:58 PM

  14. One Life to Live starts again on Monday! He's long been my favorite soap actor. He's hilarious and I'm glad he finally came out!

    Posted by: John | Apr 26, 2013 4:51:43 PM

  15. To my knowledge, he was never actually IN the closet. I met him a couple of years ago (at Folsom East of all places) and he was perfectly lovely. Not at all acting like a closet-case.

    Posted by: mvecera | Apr 26, 2013 4:56:44 PM

  16. Tuc is so cute and charming. He's my everyday gay trophe husband. ♥

    Posted by: Peter | Apr 26, 2013 5:05:55 PM

  17. I thought he's already been out, like, forever.

    Posted by: Ken | Apr 26, 2013 5:24:41 PM

  18. she has a talk show? where?

    Posted by: Tom A. | Apr 26, 2013 6:13:51 PM

  19. I really liked him on Beggars and Choosers. Such a shame they cancelled that show. His character got seduced by Bruce Campbell who played an actor starring as 'Mountain Man'. That was fun.
    There were such terrific people on that show: Brian Kerwin, Christina Hendricks, Keegan Connor Tracy, Charlotte Ross, William McNamara, loads more. Such fun.
    Tuc Watkins got to play a great coming out scene. Loved that.

    Posted by: Giselle | Apr 26, 2013 6:14:18 PM

  20. Tuc came out publicly during Beggars and Choosers, but for some reason it stayed very low key. Not aware if it being discussed / publicized in any way after that. He did a live web interview show with a guy who writes a soap blog just the other day. (It was part of the publicity machine for the reboot of One Life to Live which becomes available on Hulu, Hulu+, and iTunes on April 29th.) I thought it interesting that one of the fans who had been picked to ask questions didn't get an answer to one of hers. She remarked that his Wikipedia bio didn't have any personal details, and asked about his private life. He went off on a tangent and never answered her at all.

    Posted by: Kit | Apr 26, 2013 7:32:00 PM

  21. Also meant to say Marie wouldn't blink at "I'm gay," since she is the mother of one.

    Posted by: Kit | Apr 26, 2013 7:33:33 PM

  22. He's great and I've always been a big Marie O. fan..

    Posted by: tiko | Apr 26, 2013 10:18:28 PM

  23. I have been in LUST with him since "The Mummy" like others have. He's just cute as a button with those round glasses - that is until the Mummy steals his eyes.

    Posted by: Fruit-for-Peace | Apr 26, 2013 11:02:34 PM

  24. Just another fan of Beggars and Choosers here. As Giselle says, Tuc was just one of many great actors (playing great characters) on that show. Wish they'd release it on DVD!

    Posted by: ClaytonD | Apr 27, 2013 11:21:30 AM

  25. I don't think this is a big surprise, but being out helps I think. He's not alone among not-all-that-closeted gay soap actors, but for career reasons choose not to make a public statement. I think we have moved to a new era in which it's not a huge reveal for an actor to come out.

    Posted by: Houndentenor | Apr 27, 2013 1:46:04 PM

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