Drag Queen Sings Amazing Protest Anthem Against Russian President Vladimir Putin in Amsterdam: VIDEO


Drag queen Dolly Bellefleur had a massive crowd cheering in Amsterdam with a rollicking anthem about Russia's oppression of LGBT people during a protest yesterday timed to coincide with President Vladimir Putin's visit to the city.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

Some of the lyrics:

There lives an evil man in Russia nowadays
He supports a law against lesbians and gays
Most people look at him with terror and with fear
Cause he pulls the strings like a wicked puppeteer
It's distressing how he is suppressing homosexuality
In the name of love we are protesting: Set our sisters free.
Stop stop stop Putin - Drop your law at the Kremlin - Love is no crime it's not a disease
Stop stop stop Putin - Your plans are so poisoning - For all the Russian LGBTs.