Explosions, Injuries Reported at Finish Line of Boston Marathon


Multiple people have been injured at the Boston Marathon after two explosions were reported at the finish line to the race.

UPDATE: At least 2 killed, more than 100 injured.

WCVB reports:

Crews were sent to 617 Boylston St. at about 2:30 p.m. Witnesses said several victims lost limbs, and the area was being evacuated.  Many of the injured appeared to be spectators who gathered for the 117th running of the race. NewsCenter 5's Sean Kelly said the blasts happened across the street from the Lenox Hotel. The victims were being taken to Massachusetts General Hospital.

More photos here (warning: graphic).

Our thoughts are with the victims, friends  and families of those affected by this brutal act.

Video below:


  1. LiamB says

    Oh, shut up, Jose. Seriously. You are an utter moron, indicative of everything wrong with this country.

  2. AJ says

    @LiamB: Don’t feed the troll. You only encourage it when you acknowledge it. Ignore it and it goes away.

    I feel bad for anyone involved in this.

  3. PadLake says

    I am so saddened by this – such a brutal act at an event celebrating challenge, health, and perseverance … *sigh*

  4. BRAINS says


    I am sure you are simply an ignorant fool from the Republican propaganda machine, most likely one of the idiots whom change their moniker(s) numerous times on here (we all know the popular three culprits, so no need to mention your names/monikers!). However, if you are real, Jose why don’t you be the first to get back over the boarder. You know, SELF DEPORT!

  5. Matthew says

    If I had one wish for this blog, it would be for Andy to do his damn job and moderate the comments. We could actually have interesting, informative discussions if he didn’t just let trolls run amok.

  6. Ryan says

    As a guy from the Boston area, I’m so freaking depressed by this. People work months/years to train for this race, sometimes all their lives. Millions of people go to watch it and are every bit as excited for the amateurs as they are the pros. Thousands of people volunteer to make this event happen. Tens of millions are raised for charity.

    This event represents everything good about humanity and the city of Boston, and today people are butchered and probably dead because of some monster.

    My thoughts go out to all the victims. The City of Boston will not cow to terrorists. We will be back here next year with the best marathon ever. And we’ll find the scumbag who did this, if it’s the last thing we do.

  7. Tom says

    Awful. I feel for the victims. We live in SUCH a violent society. I worry about mankind. We are killing each other more and more often. Thoughts and prayers to all in Boston.

  8. Steve says

    Just awful…… But mark my words pat Robertson, and his like will in the next few. Days blame gay marriage for this event…..

  9. Steve says

    Just awful…… But mark my words pat Robertson, and his like will in the next few. Days blame gay marriage for this event…..

  10. SFshawn says

    Hopefully one of the many government agencies subsidized with our taxpayer dollars including “homeland security” can work on these domestic acts of terrorism as vigilently as they do with our supposed foreign ‘enemies’? How many innocent Americans will have to be killed,maimed or have their lives destroyed while the US government sorts out their priorities.
    It’s a sad day in the USA when people on the street are murdered while watching a maraton and for no logical reason.

  11. Bill says

    A recent news report (seen just before this was posted) indicated that a couple of additional explosive devices were found after the two that went off, and those additional ones are being dismantled.

    When I heard about it about a couple of hours ago – someone had heard a report but we didn’t have any details – I wondered if it was something like a gas pipeline explosion (one in our area resulted in the destruction of a small neighborhood), but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Hopefully, they’ll catch the person or persons responsible.

  12. Randy says

    If W were somehow still president, North Korea’s fortunes (and who knows who else) would be looking very dim right about now.

    So glad the US has a president that can read a map, stay steady, and see that the right people are hunted down.

  13. mickyflip says

    This is absolutely tragic and a nightmare. My thoughts go out to Boston and everyone there. And I hope they catch the ones responsible for this.

  14. Francis #1 says

    Simply horrendous. 10 confirmed amputees with more in risk. 3 dead. A combined 17 critically injured throughout several Boston-area hospitals. The overwhelming majority of injured have lower leg injuries to muscles, blood vessels and bones which is even more cruel—people who are runners/watching runners in the race, who will never walk normally again. A tragedy in Boston. A tragedy for America.

    It’s so sad to me because the Boston Marathon is a day that should be celebratory. A day where people throughout the world come together, to enjoy running, for philanthropic reasons, to enjoy the energy and positivity and fun of the Marathon and what it stands for. Nothing is safe. Everything seems so chaotic.

    RIP to all who have lost life and positive vibes to all the injured, everyone in Boston, everyone who saw injured victims, families and friends of those who are hurt.

  15. bostonbeat says

    I was supposed to go to the marathon with my dad and we were planning on having lunch close by. I’m so glad we changed our plans…but I can’t help but feel so sad. I have two close friends that work 1-2 blocks from that street and it would have broken my heart if anything had happened to them.