Former Head of Bronx LGBT Center Gets Jail for Embezzlement of $338,000

Lisa Winters, the former head of the Bronx Community Pride Center (she was fired in 2010) was charged with larceny in June 2012 over her embezzlement of at least $338,000 in funds from the Center for her personal use.

WintersYesterday, she was sentenced to at least two years in prison, the NY Post reports:

Blubbering Lisa Winters was led away in cuffs after Bronx Supreme Court Justice Martin Marcus signed off a deal that’ll keep her locked up for two to six years.

She pleaded guilty to second-degree larceny on Feb. 14, in connection to her $338,000 rip-off of the Bronx Community Pride Center. Winters siphoned the money to pay for personal expenses such as a dog walker and expensive meals.

“I’m so sorry to all the people that I hurt,” Winters said through a flood of tears. “I’m so sorry for all the harm I caused.”

Even in apologizing, Winters made excuses for the embezzlement and hid behind her mom. “I can’t believe I’m in this position,” she said. “My mom was dying, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

The judge didn’t buy any of Winters’ tearful explanations and called her crimes a “betrayal of trust.”

The Bronx Community Pride Center closed last summer due to financial difficulties.


  1. Chris says

    One cannot really blame her. Having a dog walker is such a key part of living. All of us with dog walkers are going to judge her for spending this money on one, however remember this: We take our dog walkers for granted, but think of how horrible, and unbearable life would become if we could no longer afford one.

    I hope President Obama pardons her.

  2. ratbastard says


    I encounter plenty of dog walkers on my daily trek back and forth to work. I think it’s a noble thing what these well off people who pay for dog walkers do by offering hope and a job. I’m a great admirer of the trickle down effect. Dog walkers, valet parkers, doormen, baristas, hospitality workers, they should all be grateful for people like Ms. Winters or they likely would be out living on the street. Well, actually, some are living on the street, but at least they have some pocket change. I think some compassion is in order here.

    *sarcasm off*

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