1. JONES says

    Love these clips.
    And I soooo wanna go into outer space one day.

    Curious that humans still sleep 8hrs a day while in space.

  2. MikeKV says

    I am *SO* used to sleeping on my sides, head firmly planted into a nice comfy pillow, I can not imagine trying to fall asleep in very low / no gravity…

  3. SC David says

    Porn seems to lead a lot of technological revolution. I wonder when the porn industry will figure out a way to monetize weightlessness.

  4. Bill Michael says

    I’ve been sleeping in a heavy duty recliner every night for several years. I have heart and respiratory issues and it is the only way I have found that I can get any rest and not wake up feeling like crap.

  5. Sean Westmann says

    Love these video clips that put us in touch with daily activities of astro/cosmonauts. Would love to live aboard a space station, gliding from place to place, sleeping comfortably in my pod without having to worry about falling out of bed. Thanks, Chris Hadfield for your posts. Sweet dreams!