1. Dback says

    This is one of the better videos of its sort (at least the guy admits it at the end), but it’s very obvious that once one of theses guys admits that he’s gay, he immediately becomes incredibly femmie and flamboyant, like the two cops who “go gay” in “Earth Girls Are Easy.” These videos are much more ground-breaking when they don’t rely on such easy stereotypes. (And why all the idiocy at the end with the pink socks and green shower cap, instead of all his friends joining him in the shower? Now THAT would be gutsy.)

  2. will says

    These stupid vids are being written and acted by gay men for…. what? What is the satire? Most younger straight guys are ok with gay men. What is the satire at work here? Who is being skewered? This just seems to be another way to re-package and get laughs from gay stereotypes. Satire needs to have an aim and point of some sort. This is woozy and getting its laughs from grabbing supposedly straight men’s packages and pink socks.

    Is this video saying that all straight men are secretly gay? It turns out they all are gay.

  3. Anony6 says

    Funny vid, and hot guys. The song is stuck in my head now.

    To those asking what is the point, my take is that the joke is the main guy’s outburst of gay lust that outcasts him from his friends. But his normal friends are actually gay. So the paranoia and stereotypical behavior of the main guy is poking fun at gay paranoia and stereotypes.

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