Jason Collins Thankful for, Inspired by Support He is Receiving


Jason Collins tweeted thanks to supporters yesterday evening after a day in which his sexuality dominated the news:



  1. Kyle Coleman says

    He’s absolutely a hero an an icon for our community now…but can I also add, he’s kind of drop dead gorgeous? Seriously, it’s fitting the first openly gay basketball player would be the hottest one in the league right now!

  2. USC Trojans Fan says

    Every LGBT owes it to themselves to tweet him a thank you. It’ll take five seconds of your day but it will forever help him realize we’re grateful as a community for his action.

  3. Magic Mike says

    There’s a hint of truth to all the great ones being either taken or gay. I mean look at this man. My female roommates reaction was “he’s hands down the hottest athlete in the sport! of course he’d be gay!” lol

    Filled with joy that he did this and broke this barrier. Now, all gay youth can say “I can do it too! and not fear getting cut for who I am.”

  4. Jordan says

    It’s why I’ve always been more attracted to gay men who are out. Not judging, but when I get hit on by someone on the DL, it’s an instant boner killer for me. Something just far more appealing about a man who accepts who he is, and doesn’t apologize for it. There’s a confidence that comes with that. Can’t do the DL scene.

  5. Fenrox says

    First, No, lets not pretend you needed support for your decision to rake up the pot of first gay player. WHICH IS FINE, it is just lying there waiting to be taken! But this isnt a hard choice its a risky novelty gamble.

    Second, waaaaay too many people are getting seriously racist with this. Attributing things about a group of people to one person and holding them up as an example is racism. It’s a bit different to do it with “gay”, but same principal.

    Third, all this progress over the last couple of years means we now actually gotta progress, I would like to see this progression primarily in the “gay kids are the worst, meekest, most suicidal kids ever”. I think we need to empower our kids now, a good way of doing that is not holding negative expectations to them at all times.

  6. Caliban says

    OK, so far I’ve kept my comments strictly about Collins coming out and the reaction to it, but I’ve got to add that he’s a seriously handsome man.

    I’m glad he’s finding the support he needed. And so what, he *may* get some endorsement deals out of this? I emphasize MAY because it hasn’t happened yet and might not. He’s going to get a LOT of homophobic sh*t from other players and fans so at best it’s a trade off. Personally I’m glad that the first male professional athlete to come out is obviously intelligent, thoughtful, and able to articulate his feelings. That’s the real bonus here.

  7. Truth says

    Fenrox, that’s rich coming from you seeing how you always side with the homophobes and always have a tendency to throw gay people under the bus. Search fenrox under the search engine on this site and see one of his many gems blasting the gay community, full of blanket statements and all.

  8. DattDude says

    I’m gonna agree with the other poster. Fenroxx, you made a career out of coming on this site and belittling every aspect of gay people coupled with an urgency to discredit homophobia. Now you’re suddenly looking out for the best interest of the community. You may be genuine and sincere, but I also think you have some unresolved issues with gay folks that need resolving. Unless you do that, you’re anger will just consume and hurt yourself.

    Just my 2 cents worth

  9. Fenrox says

    @Truth, I never always do anything.

    Exactly what problem did you have with my comment? That racism exists? That it’s a good thing he is being lauded? That I want to empower gay youth?

    Maybe you should learn to comprehend the things you “read”.

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