1. Adam says

    Can someone point to a Canadian gay or bisexual male singer who has been embraced by the public in the way K D Lang has been? The sound of crickets chirping….

    Canadians suffer from the same disease as Americans – that is, they embrace homosexuality only if ir’s female. It’s that old double standard, guys.

    KD and other women represent the roadblock faced by openly gay and bisexual men in the music biz. As gay and bi men, the least we could do is to not devote ourselves to our female oppressors.

  2. shanestud says


    Very out and proud recording star and winner of two Canadian music awards Rufus Wainwright will be disappointed that you think he has not been embraced by Canadians or even US audiences

  3. Adam says


    Rufus has NEVER been embraced in the way that KD has been at the commercial level. For one thing, he’s not that good. Secondly, he’s not female.

    Women get a pass even when they’re mediocre.

  4. dtbf says

    To Adam the misogynist: RUFUS WAINWRIGHT.

    – Ashley McIsaac (who is as Canadian as you can get)
    – Owen Pallett (winner of the 2006 Polaris Music Prize)
    – Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras

    Well that was easy.

  5. dumbnhung says

    Remember seeing kd lang during one of her first performances on the Alan Thicke talk show (Canadian) and was amazed at this bizarre freak (as she so eloquently puts it) – so different than anything I’d ever seen. So happy she’s achieved the success she has and has been able to be who she is. I got teary-eyed over that one!

  6. says

    Love me some kd.

    Years ago I was waiting for a table at an SF breakfast hotspot. kd and GF showed up and put themselves on the waitlist just like everyone else. Class. And she can sing! I’m glad too to know that Leonard Zvohen recognizes the genius she brings to “Hallelujah”.

  7. Darrell says

    I met Katherine Dawn when she worked in a record store here in Edmonton before her career blossomed to international status. Even back then she was quirky, funny yet a modest small town girl from Consort, Alberta who moved to the “big” city to start her career and along the way she has NEVER hidden who she was or is or where she was raised to anyone and as time progressed we Canadians became just like her, Be yourself and you are a true Canadian. Congratlulations Katherine Dawn we ARE PROUD of you and what you stand for!

  8. ratbastard says

    It’s true. Female homosexuals [lesbians], either lipstick or butch, are more accepted in popular culture than male homosexuals. In many ways, so-called butch lesbians, like their gay male effeminate counterparts, are more accepted than feminine lesbians and masculine homosexual males. They fit the stereotype? Dunno.

    It’s worse outside a few ‘enlightened’ places like N. America; in most parts of the world gay male = cross dresser/transgendered, effete, lisping, b*tchy. The concept that a homosexual male can be masculine is not accepted

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