1. Bernie says

    look, we already know Ryan is not a brain surgeon, so you just keep the bar low when interviewing him….just focus on looking at him……not sure if the anchors should be mocking him……

  2. Marco says

    Alright, the newscasters were entertaining. Since I didn’t see the whole interview, I feel I may have missed something. I say this because Ryan seems like a sincerely nice guy, and these two were making jokes at his expense during an interview on national television. That’s not cool.

  3. Joseph Singer says

    But it’s like they said, how are you going to make a 13 week program out of this. There’s only so much you can devote to how he looks or what stupid thing he’s doing on a particular day.

  4. Dback says

    Poor Ryan. But he does need to work on being more relaxed and “in on the joke” (as his inspired “30 Rock” cameo demonstrated), lest he come across as a fatal combo of pompous and vacuous.

    I have to say, that newscaster lady has the most infectious laugh since the infamous Russian newslady a couple years ago (anyone have a link to that?). It’s sort of like watching the old “Carol Burnett” sketches, where you’d lose it just because she was losing it.

  5. Joe says

    He’s a very attractive, award winning Olympic swimmer. He doesn’t need to be smart too. Gheez.

    With Ryan, I suspect it’s less about his actual intelligence and more about his personality. I’m sure he’s a smart as most people but there’s something about his personality that amplifies his naïveté.

  6. TD says

    Ryan Lochte is seeking out attention for a new reality show about himself, right?

    Why are people feeling sorry for him? He’s famewhore and should be treated like all dumb whores should be treated.

    If he was a bit smarter he wouldn’t place himself in a position to be ridiculed; He’d know his limits and maybe his priorities wouldn’t be what they apparently are, poor little pretty thing.

    I’m looking forward to the naked photo shoot (or “accidentally” leaked sex video) that’ll be his last desperate grasp for fame.

  7. Jersey says

    They, Mike and Sheinelle, were asking him questions appropriate to his level I think. They lost it after the interview because Mike mentioned Lotche liking watersports and after what seems like the only interest in this guy is his sexy-time running around trying to pick up women the watersports comment was particularly funny. Sometimes you just can’t hold the laughter back. The funny thing about this was that the hosts couldn’t contain it.

  8. AJ says

    I agree. This isn’t someone on the street they are laughing at. This is a celebrity fame-whore. He’s putting himself out there to be mocked. And people are going to mock him. And he’s gonna laugh all the way to the bank too. I wish I would get paid as much as he’s gonna get to have cameras following me around partying at the club. Come on! I’m stuck in this stupid desk making a lousy pittance.

  9. gr8guya says

    Wouldn’t it be more depressing if he was smart, sophisticated, and charming? If he had killer looks AND he’s smart? That would make me feel truly envious. As it is, he got good looks and not much else.

  10. John says

    With people enslaved by dictatorships and starving the world over, the west comes up with more of this crap!

    Is it any wonder that there are people out there that are pissed off enough to do harm?!

    Yes I know we live in a free society and no, I do not think that there is a “direct” link between this and terrorism; however, the increasing numbers of these ridiculous shows is a sign of how truly vacuous we are as a society.

  11. Jack M says

    Ryan is a great athlete and most likely a very sweet guy, but God didn’t give him much in the brains department. He’s probably as happy as can be, though.

  12. Mort says

    Were those “hosts” expecting Salman Rushdie? They are all part of the same Fame-Whore Industrial Complex, and the anchors’ outburst was was plain rude — not to mention hypocritical. The only ones entitled to derisive laughter are the audience.

  13. Lee says

    Of course half the guys on here excuse him because he’s a cute white guy. LMAO. Had he been a girl giving answers like that…every single comment here would have ripped her to shreds. Goes to show WHY he is famous. And PS…he aint THAT cute. My gawd this man is stupid.

  14. bambinoitaliano says

    Speaks volume for equality! If we have to put up with Reichen Lehmkuhl in our community it’s pretty fair to have Ryan Lochte on the other side of the fence.

  15. Anony6 says

    The tmz version of this video has Ryan looking even dumber. Sometimes I feel embarrassed for him the same way I feel embarrassed for James Franco. I love them both though.

  16. Nat says

    I lol i love these newscasters. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this yet but these are the same newscasters that totally kicked the kardashian sisters after they plugged their new clothing line. Now that one is even more hilarious. Just youtube kardashian newscasters.

  17. Frank says

    @Lee I co-sign on that comment. Really, the only time gay men seem to care about a article or a youtube video is if the subject is A) photogenic B) young and C) a fit white guy.

  18. parkrunner says

    I don’t think ridiculing people less intelligent is a very admirable trait; waiting until they are out of range to ridicule is cowardly and cruel. This U.S. Olympic Gold Metal athlete deserves better.
    Mean people suck.
    Even Einstein couldn’t swim.
    OK, I made that up but you get my drift.

  19. jersey says

    Come on people those newscasters weren’t being malicious, they tried but couldn’t help the laughter. If anything the producers should have cut to a commercial or something.

  20. VINCE says

    They’re exactly like a mean pair of school kids who pretend to be nice to you, then use what you told them behind your back as a joke. I don’t even know who Ryan Lochte is exactly, but he doesn’t seem to have done anything wrong besides not entertain these two jerks enough. Effed up.

  21. Bear Aspirin says

    I like the hosts: they’re the ones that made fun of the Kardashians when they did a promo/interview on their show.

    As for Lochte…I guess he’s attractive. If you like that Derek from “Happy Endings” look.

  22. KeithL says

    This show will be like watching that channel that shows a yule log burning all day on christmas. you don’t expect anything to happen, you just watch it cuz it’s pretty. nothing wrong with that!

  23. stephenh says

    Actually, Ryan deserves everything he gets. I have seen just about every interview he has done as well as all the comments he made before, during and after the Olympics. He is a tool in every definition of the word and has no problem saying nasty things about others. This is called Karma.

  24. Rob says

    I don’t like how anchors interrupt guests and one another- it’s this weird pressured speech that throws everybody off. Hell is a place where local TV news plays 24/7.

  25. Tom Cardellino says

    My comments that this young “bag of hammers” (and hammers never looked so good, by the way!) who is worth about $40 million is proof positive that capitalism is not based on the intelligence of the super wealthy laid the groundwork that eventually ended a 30+ year friendship with a multimillionaire I had been friends with since law school days. Boy oh boy, do these plutocrats look after their own no matter how stupid!

  26. robroy says

    Lets be honest- he is making a mint for being the prototype celebutant himbo. Its really the first time an attractive man has completely abandoned any hint of intelligence, accomplishment or further interests and gone straight for the Playboy Bunny level commentary. He comes accross like a slow thirteen year old.

    And if anyone claims they wouldn’t hit it if given the chance they are full of lies. There is something disturbingly attractive about him wondering around photo ops in a little speedo with that ‘stupid sexy’ look on his face.

  27. andrew says

    I like Sheinelle and Mike. They have a great mostly light hearted morning show. It cheers me up and gets me out of the house in good spirits most mornings. However, I do agree that their behavior, in this case, was rude. I think an apology to Ryan is in order.

  28. Reginald says

    You would think gays would be the last group to bully and make fun of something that isn’t their fault. People don’t choose to be dumb. You are born with your I.Q.

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