1. Gigi says

    I was hoping to get in before the self-hating
    queens chimed in but I see I was too late.

    I think it’s great that EJ has the love and support to be out and open and happy. He seems like a great kid and I wish the best for him. If only the rest of us had the same level of acceptance, both at home and in the workplace, the world would be much better for it.

  2. L says

    I’m a 23 year old guy who came out at around the same age EJ did and I just love that our generation of gay men and women are able to be comfortable being who we are. There can be so much hypocrisy and negativity in the gay community so this kind of ease in owning one’s identity is really heartening.

  3. Jerry says

    I think the femme thing is common when first coming out. It’s a kind of security blanket that SOME gays grow out of and some gays fear. Some gays never grow out of it because its a way to continue being noticed in a group of men who often look straight through men who aren’t gods.

  4. says

    Spot on, Ehrenstein.

    Articulate and Empowered – knows who he is, and doesn’t give a whit if someone else takes issue with it. That’s what happens when you have parents that support you for who you are, and not impose conditions on which they’ll grant mere “bits” of love.

    So, yeah. Let’s have more Magic and less Salmon.

  5. Jack says

    Effeminacy has never been the problem. The problem has been the outlandish mannerisms and clownish behavior exhibited by “flamboyant” gays. If you go around snapping your fingers and referring to men as “she” and “girl” then you are a minstrel act and deserve no respect.

    Inasmuch as EJ doesn’t act that way, I have no problem with him. Also, he gets bonus points for talking about gay people as opposed to the sham “LGBTQ” alphabet soup nonsense.

  6. MFinBH says

    Even amongst bright, well-spoken university kids his age, he stands out as articulate to a level rarely heard in today’s 20-year-olds [nary a “like” or “amazing” to be heard]. This is a damn impressive kid. Magic and Cookie: Well done!

  7. GregV says

    “His fat,black,and fem.3 of the worse things you can be in the gay community…”

    Riiigght… Whereas in the straight world, nobody cares what color you are, all the most popular swimsuit models are fat, and effeminate straight men and heterosexual drag queens dominate as CEO’s and sports heroes.

    @Mike: None of those prejudices are particularly prominent in the gay community. Prejudice exists everywhere but every indication is that the gay community is far MORE inclusive than general society.
    We have quadruple the number of inter-racial relationships as straights, inclusion of effeminate males and drag queens in gay media (even often to a point of disproportionate over-representation) and events where chubby bears or relatievely portly women are not just included but celebrated and even oggled.

  8. Audi-owner says

    While I’m on the subject of loose a-holes, I own an audi because I have a microscopic penis and you tired old queens are usually pathetic size queens too and I need something other than my tiny wanger to keep a man happy.

  9. Audi-owner says

    Ok, whatever bitter PC old queen posted that under my name is jealous and old. I’m almost 5″ when fully hard and that’s 3 whole inches longer than my mom’s cock so I think it’s pretty impressive. Tired old PC queens.

  10. greenfuzz says

    What an ugly statement saying the “cute” guy couldn’t possibly be his boyfriend. There are some folks out here who can see beuty beyond what society tells us we should be looking at.

  11. R says

    Idk what ideal communities you gays live in but amongst younger gay men there are not many white men who would date ej. That comes from personal experience

  12. MateoM says

    R, when did you become an expert on what young gay men want? I’m guessing in your personal experience, you associate with some pretty terrible people.

  13. R says


    i guess so. but that’s how the world works. gay or straight.

    and Im sure we are all familiar with seeing “no fats no blacks no asians no femmes”

  14. MateoM says

    Quite familiar. Though I tend to avoid those people. Most of the gay men that I know, young and old, don’t hold such prejudices. Then again, I wouldn’t be friends with people who were prejudice like that. Either way, neither of us speaks for the entirety of the young gay community. And that was my main point.

  15. R says


    while i agree it’s definitely wrong to make blanket statements like that. I do believe it is highly apparent. obviously there are exceptions but its not hard to see that its very apparent.

  16. andrew says

    I enjoyed the interview. He seems like a very personable and level headed young man. I think that Magic was not only a great basketball player but must be a pretty great dad as well.

  17. tiko says

    I applaud him and I’m sure it must be difficult to live under the pressure of being Magic Johnson’s son. However, I did see some other video clips of him bragging about his Chanel jewels and real pearls and diamonds and how rich he was (or his Dad is) and how ghetto everyone else is etc. it was a total turn-off. That whole bitchy queen/label-fetish queen act is really gross.

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