Magic Johnson Talks About His Gay Son for First Time in Powerful, Lengthy Interview: VIDEO

Magic Johnson on talking to EJ about being gay for the first time:

On the hateful reactions to EJ on African-American blogs and how Magic feels about it:

On athletes coming out of the closet:


  1. andrew says

    I have always liked The Magic. I freakin love him now. What a wonderful human being.

  2. paul says

    That’s clearly another reason why he is called Magic. I really think Men like him can do waaaay more than they realize.

  3. Dad says

    Compare the way Magic regards his gay son with the way Isiah treated his. Night and day. It’s a question of character.

  4. Adam says

    Yet more proof that HIV does not cause AIDS. EJ was born in 1992, a full year after his father Magic was diagnosed with HIV. How come EJ doesn’t have AIDS?

  5. Fuentes Oficiales says

    @Adam: Your facts are so off you might as well be a Fundagelical. Magic’s wife was about 3 months pregnant with EJ when Magic was diagnosed, and there was concern for the health of both mother and child. But neither mother nor child were infected, and for EJ to’ve been infected his mother would’ve had to have been. That’s why EJ isn’t HIV+.

  6. Adam says

    Magic would have been HIV positive for at least 3 months prior to diagnosis, well within the period of conception. Besides, Magic looks awfully healthy considering he’s been positive for nearly 22 years.

    Face it – HIV does not cause AIDS despite the best efforts of the HIV enthusiasts amongst you.

  7. Not that Rob says

    Towleroad sure does attract the craziest people in its comment section.

    @Adam. you brain dead f*cking moron. HIV can only be passed from the mother to the child during pregnancy. It’s literally impossible for Magic to have passed HIV to his son at conception.

  8. Segun Fuentes says

    @Adam: Not every sexual exchange involving an HIV+ partner results in viral transmission.

    You sound as ignorant about HIV as bible thumpers talking about sex.

  9. Spartan says

    RE Magic’s 20+ years of poz status, I really hope he is participating in studies and investigation on how he has managed to have, apparently, zero effects. I mean, whatever he’s doing is apparently very successful.

  10. Mark says

    Dear sweet, ignorant Adam, I’ve been positive for nearly 22 years and look awfully healthy as well, WTF is your point-besides your unproven and scientifically ignorant assertion. Do yourself a favor and take a course in biology, or better yet talk to some people that actually have HIV and educate your dangerous self.

    Sorry about feeding the troll guys.

  11. says

    Lovely, Lovely, Lovely. This is what a father is supposed to be. A man who loves his son for exactly who he is. And an ultra-famous pro-athlete at that, who clearly has given his son so much love that the kid feels no need to couch his being gay with any affectations in order to be palatable for bigots. This is what happens when you’re allowed to be just who you bloody well are. Well met! Magic, indeed.

  12. Francis says


    This is what it means to be a parent. This is what it means to be accepting, embracing and protective of your kids that come out. Magic is awesome. And he realizes his comments are going to help a lot of people feel comfortable in their own skin. He’s great.

  13. jamal49 says

    Adam, honey, in children, HIV is transmitted via the mother. I am not sure if Magic Johnson has had full-blown AIDs but Magic Johnson has always been HIV+. Please don’t be so ignorant about HIV, Adam. And, just a suggestion, but stay off that Rense website. Trolls like you really feed into conspiracy theories.

  14. says

    David Hearne, aka Hagatha Troll, where do you get that? EJ is being himself, you’re allowed to be different. It seems, through your comment, that you’re upset that EJ is accepted for being just who he is, and you’re not accepted even though you think you’re different. That’s not EJ’s fault. Too bad your parents weren’t more like EJ’s.

  15. dw says

    Here’s wishing every gay kid in America gets a parent as loving and communicative as Magic Johnson. He is a spectacular human being.
    I hope he knows what an inspiration he can be to parents the world over.
    (and can we avoid troll feeding here, and stick to the headline – Magic Johnson has given everybody a template for how to handle your kid’s sexuality – whatever it may be).

  16. Regan DuCasse says

    Adam: You are unforgivably ignorant, and dangerously so about HIV/AIDS. I volunteered for AIDS Project LA for years and continue to contribute to Black Women’s Health Study. Black women are a high risk demographic for HIV, and unfortunately too many of them are as uninformed as you are, and that is precisely why the high infection rate.
    HIV IS the virus that causes AIDS. Because everyone that has died of AIDS, had HIV. Those with HIV can die of the complications of other infections, because the most dangerous problem of HIV itself, is how much it suppresses the immune system. How fast it destroys the body’s ability to fight otherwise defensible or curable disease.
    So, whether a person dies from AIDS or not, who has HIV. The issue is they can infect another person, and they can die from a lot else OTHER than AIDS.
    So arguing whether or not HIV causes AIDS, makes you the ridiculous idiot you’d have to be to not know how beside the point that is!

  17. Jersey says

    Majic and Cookie Johnson for parents of the millenium. There really should be an award for such utter fabulousness.

  18. UFFDA says

    Oh great, another effeminate queen to join Little Frankenfag and his band of sissy girls.

  19. dorishin says

    WOW, what an amazing man, the world need more Magic! GLAAD you need to give them some face time for next years awards. I hope he goes on Opera, Anderson, Thomas Roberts, Ellen to talk about this.

  20. Hagatha says

    People, do I need to point out that you are gushing over a parent for doing what every parent ought to do, and what millions of parents do with no applause? Have you ever heard a heterosexual say, “Thankfully, my parents accept my being straight.” ? Well , have you?

    PS- Kiwi, it was intended as a gift to you.

  21. disgusted american says

    well…thats as touching as any dad could be for his son….ok, Im kinda verklempted! Great Dad!

  22. Bill says

    @Fuentes Oficiales: there are legitimate reasons for a little confusion. A previous Towleroad article indicated that Magic Johnson’s son was 20 years old, while comments indicated that Mr. Johnson was diagnosed as HIV+ in 1991. That would suggest that he knew he as HIV+ when EJ was conceived, but other comments indicate that this was not the case and that his wife was already pregnant when the diagnosis was made.

    The confusion is perhaps due to the date and age – Either EJ is a bit older than 20 or he is about to turn 21, with the timing such that subtracting 20 from the current date is misleading – it is closer to subtracting 21.

    This confusion, of course, is independent of the idiocy of some regarding the cause of AIDS.

  23. David Hearne says

    Kiwi, since when is emulating the love child of Divine and Madea “being yourself”?

  24. says

    I think it is inappropriate to ask your 12 year old son the adult question, “Are you or aren’t you?” Give the child a chance to mature and then come to you if need be.

  25. TR says

    Tip: To see the videos you may have to un-block web bugs temporarily.

    The TMZ interview with Magic is everything people are saying. Serious love to Magic, Cookie, EJ, and family.

    I am not effeminate and wouldn’t dress or carry myself like EJ. But: TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE. EJ is who he is, and he’s fabulous and wonderful and perfect exactly he is.

    If Magic, and all of us, can spread that message, the world will be a better, and safer, place.

    I remember when Magic’s proclaiming of being very far away from homosexual was a (I hope) unintended applause trigger on “The Arsenio Hall Show” (although maybe they were applauding his candor about his randiness — it’s ambiguous). (That interview is on YouTube, if you can stand the whoot-whoot-whoot chanting of the audience at the beginning.) He’s obviously extremely super-duper cool at this point.

  26. Bobbie D. says

    I pray for the conversion of his heart….crossing the line of faith and beginning a brand new relationship with the Creator of the universe….this blows away the “secular” world who does not understand that change is possible throug Christ Jesus.