1. Michael Barber says

    Another religiofascist who lives in the 19th Century trying to foist her WRONG opinion (I say wrong based on mountains of scientific evidence) into the law. Ms. Morse is an anachronistic Catholic extremist.

  2. Jack M says

    So that device prevents you from hearing the truth? I thought she had one of those already built-in.

  3. Mitch says

    She needed ear coverage? I thought the tea party inability to hear truth and reason was built in.

  4. Michael W. says

    Going unscripted probably wasn’t the best choice she could make. She sounds like a desperate, rambling nut job.

  5. jamal49 says

    One does get tired of the idiocy, the stupidity, the vapidity and, yes, the bigotry of these people.

  6. james says

    Yes, there certainly is a lot of unwanted noise in the marriage debate. NOM is the source of most of it.

    As to her remark on Vaughn Walker’s ruling, there is nothing, not a thing, not a word in California’s marriage statutes that requires an opposite gender married couple to have children. Further, two persons can be in a sexual relationship without being married (horrors!) or having children.

    And if friendship isn’t important to marriage, then the next time I hear a person in an opposite gender marriage say: “He/She is my best friend,” I’ll probably respond with: “But that’s so wrong! Married people shouldn’t be friends with each other! NOM says so!”

  7. Acronym Jim says

    She has fingers doesn’t she? It would be much cheaper if she just stuck those in her ears and shouted “la la la la.”

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised she was taken for a rube. It’s apparent from her views on marriage equality.

  8. mc says

    Someone ought to tell the old cow that there is NO MENTION of children in the traditional Marriage Vows.


    (face plant)

  9. Caliban says

    It’s a nice accessory for her tinfoil hat. Anything to keep reason from intruding!

    But you know what? There probably will be “friends” who will marry so they can make medical decisions for each other, inherit property, etc. But so what? Does she really think the same thing hasn’t happened between men and women, that ALL male/female marriages are based on “romantic” love? In some parts of the world arranged marriages are common and many barely know each other.

    This woman is just another Catholic nut who wants to impose her religious beliefs onto civil law.

  10. Geoff says

    Reality, truth – must NEVER interfere with fanaticism and violent tantrums. It’s exactly the same as a five-year-old jamming his fingers in his ears, singing “la, la, la,” over a bedtime pronouncement. This is an adult! Mental illness!

  11. Frank says

    She probably borrowed them from her husband, who’s known as a racist gun nut here in San Diego.

  12. Bryan says

    “La la la, la la la la la. Jesus loves me, la la la. Jesus hates you, la, la la la.”

    No doubt she has a gun to match her ear protectors.

    Does she have children? Can we kidnap them before a priest gets his hands on them?

  13. Taylor says

    If she wants to call it a “government registry of friendship” I’m fine with that, as long as the government calls it marriage.

    Roback-Morse doesn’t offer a single right, benefit or privilege that comes with marriage, the government does. So, she can call it whatever she wants for all I care.

  14. says

    “Now remember folks, only Right Wing lunatics such as myself have a right to be heard – just like it’s OK for us to boycott that godless JC Penny while it’s bad for you sinful f*gs to boycott a good, Christian establishment like Chik-Fil-A!”

  15. Rick says

    Interesting that she has a hyphenated last name, which is usually a tell-tale sign of feminist leanings.

    So I would classify her as yet another example of women feeling threatened by the loss of power that will ensue if men are truly liberated from emotional, social, and sexual dependence on women….which would cut the very foundations out from under power-seeking women.

    Look for more of this as time goes on. Women will be increasingly in the vanguard of homophobia–indeed, the ring leader of the anti-same-sex marriage violence in France is a woman, not a man.

    Women are not the friends of gay men, not when they face the prospect of actually having to regard them as equals rather than as inferiors and sources of entertainment.

  16. Rick says

    I like to copy-pasta the same anti-woman drivel because my mother was always hogging my father’s succulent penis. I hated that selfish wh*re so much, I now take my anger out on all women.

  17. says

    @ woody :

    Yes yes yes; I like that verb “broomed in ” too.

    So again we only have marriage for children !
    What a selfish harpie.
    “It’s basic biology”……”ye all know how this works…”…..what an idiot.
    I listened to all this crap without hearing anything about love……
    She’s just another shrill old hag with nothing else in her life.

  18. Rick says

    People, it’s time that I finally told you: the reason I hate women so much is because I used to be one.

  19. says

    check out her facebook page. she was RULES on them: rules like “don’t be rude or you’ll get banned”

    RIIIIIGHT. don’t be rude. riiiiiight….

  20. Bernie says

    do you think those ear muffs will fit over her mouth???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui says

    Same-sex marriage is an injustice, a tyrannical ploy being perpetrated upon our society, the pernicious consequences of which are simply mocked and laughed at by its supporters. Ignorance and prejudice have taken the place of knowledge and reason. Caprice and passion substituted for prudence and virtue. The happiness of society, the good of all families, and the welfare of mankind fall victim to the injustice of selfish love, which calculates every thing for itself while taking no notice of a child’s best interest or the public advantage of a government promoting ONLY the traditional family unit.

    Same-sex marriage is antithetical to the Rule of Law, for the principle object of laws in general is to correct bad inclinations, to prevent vicious habits, to hinder their effects, and to eradicate the passions; or at least to contain them within proper limits. Same-sex marriage makes an implicit statement that mothers and fathers are interchangeable, and that sex is irrelevant to parenting. Once same-sex marriage becomes legally and socially acceptable, more women will decide to raise children together. Teen aged boys without fathers are at risk for juvenile delinquency, violence, criminal activity, gang membership, and incarceration. Teen aged girls without fathers are at risk for early sexual activity, multiple sex partners, out of wedlock pregnancies, and sexually transmitted disease.

    Same-sex marriage is perfectly contrary to the principle of marriage, having more resemblance to divorce and adultery, same-sex marriage purposely separates a child from at least one biological parent, thereby creating broken homes, not as a matter of extraordinary circumstances, but as routine. Same-sex marriage proponents callously ignore a child’s Natural Right to know, and be raised by, both biological parents, and make the most preposterous and pretentious claim that marriage was instituted by civil society primarily for the benefit of any two loving adults. Take away Natural Laws, and that moral tie which supports justice and honesty in a whole nation and establishes also particular duties in families, or in other relations of life; and man becomes the most savage and ferocious of all animals,licentiousness becomes the consequence of independence.

    After what has been said, let us be satisfied with observing, that the fitness in favor of the sanction of traditional marriage, is so much stronger and more pressing, as same-sex marriage throws into the system of humanity an obscurity and confusion, which borders on very much upon the absurd, if it does not come quite close up to it. There is, certainly, no comparison between traditional marriage and same-sex marriage, in respect to beauty and fitness; the first is a work of the most perfect reason; the second is defective, and provides no manner of remedy against a great many disorders. Now even this alone points out sufficiently on which side the truth lies and to reject this thought leads us insensibly to a kind of pyrrhonism, which would also be a subversion of the Rule of Law and social order.

    Here are two truths regarding marriage: (1) A man creating a family with another man is not equal to creating a family with a woman, and (2) denying children parents of both genders at home is an objective evil. Kids need and yearn for both.

    Children are not pets one purchases from rescue shelters(adoption clinics) and puppy mills(insemination and surrogacy). Children are human beings endowed with a natural desire to be procreated from an engendered act of love between a husband and a wife. Same-sex marriage is adulterous by nature and thereby destructive to not only children, but to our civilization.

    Same-sex marriage disregards the natural order of procreatory responsibility, not only confusing the natural disposition of parental authority; but undermining the legal principle that children have a right to a relationship with their biological parents, depriving a child access to their biological parent’s genetic, cultural and social heritage, not for extraordinary circumstances, but as a matter of routine. Same-sex marriage amounts to institutionalized adultery through a hostile takeover of civil society by the State. Children will no longer be entitled to their biological parents, as the transitory wants of same-sex adults will have taken precedence over a child’s best interest.

    Same-sex marriage PURPOSELY separates a child from at least one biological parent. Non-biological parents lack the advantage of consanguineous insight leaving them all too often ill-prepared to protect the child from unforeseen hazards. Left unrecognized and unattended, vicious habits, and irregular passions, obfuscate the mind; and neglect, levity, and prejudices of the ill-equipped non-biological parents precipitate a child into the grossest of errors, rendering the child’s conduct a burden to the happiness of both society and the life of the child.

    Same-sex marriage proponents demand “Marriage Equality”, yet, in return, they offer less-than-equal protection of the child’s happiness than can be afforded through the presence of both biological parents.

    Same-sex marriage proponents profess that it is love which gives the right to join the institution of marriage, yet, in doing so, they selfishly violate the principle loving objective of this noble institution; to protect a child’s Natural Right to be raised by both biological parents.

    In fine, same-sex marriage surmounts to nothing more than an unnatural extravagance which the supporters most ignorantly claim to be a “right”.

    “No one has a right to do that which, if everybody did it, would destroy society.” —Immanuel Kant

  22. says

    Good As You was good enough to credit the original source of this video: Bluestem Prairie. I’d appreciate it if you could do the same. If national blogs want to support original reporting and capture of these moments in rural areas, try supporting the local independent bloggers.

    Here’s the link:

  23. Acronym Jim says


    I agree with you that original reporting needs to be cited. That said, look in the lower left of both the screen capture and the embedded video. Once you’ve done that, click on the second hyperlink in the story. It’s the same as your link. The original source is credited in three separate places. Andy did this right.