1. MIke says

    If someone stages a crime why is it still “horrific”? I knew it was phony from the beginning. A homophobe would have used “D-I-K-E” if they were to even use that term at all.

  2. MIke says

    I read more details on another site. Her Facebook of course doomed her with her “just you wait to see what I do!” entries. Why do morons ALWAYS think Facebook is like talking to someone on the telephone and not for the world to see or discover? I understand in most divorce proceedings it’s where lawyers begin these days.

  3. Bollux says

    @mike That’s funny, you sound extremely unintelligent yet you were able to spell “mike” right. Oh wait, there is no capital ‘i’ in your name. I’ll still call complete BS on your profiling by typographical theory. I had a hunch she faked it because she just didn’t look or act sincere. The best thing now is that this dummy has her own attention-seeking stupidity carved into abdomen. What’s carved into yours?

  4. MIke says

    Bollucks, why not do a search on lesbian hate crimes and how many times “dyke” comes up. I’m glad an idiot who goes on “sincerity” wasn’t on the jury or the judge here. A better phony would have had you convinced.

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