1. Niebuhr says

    Lowlife b*tch is finally gone. If only hell was real, she deserves to end up somewhere dark. For all the suffering she created for soooo many gay kids in particular, I hope she died in pain. Slowly.

  2. Matt in NYC says

    her rights record was truly a mixed bag. There was this, but there was also her vote to decriminalize homosexuality back when things were really bad.

  3. Brendan says

    Does anyone wonder why so many people consider her the Wicked Witch of the West? Thatcher was not only homophobic. Throughout her life the “Iron Lady” showed a marked bigotry towards the Irish and thinly veiled racism toward blacks.

  4. says

    As I said last week she was a bully and an extremist, with blood on her hands.
    And yes, Rick, I would know I’m Irish ( so f*ck off, you racist).
    Admittedly, the IRA blowing the $hit out of her friend Airy Neave in the car park of the House of Commons and almost blowing the $hit out of her at the Brighton Hotel Tory Party Conference didn’t help her relations with us….I think she may have been a bit pi$$ed off

    She was a colonialist and a Little Englander; she corrupted the political process in London with selling off public property to Tory supporters only to get them into particular constituencies and thereby gerrymandered those constituencies.
    And yes she was a bigot. She completely lived in the past with a hankering back to the glory days of the Empire.

    And Matt in NY, the decriminalization of homosexuality was based on the Wolfenden Report, not on anything she did.
    I don’t even recall any vote she made on “decriminalization of homosexuality”.

  5. JONES says


    Really Dan? This is a specific report on Thatcher’s anti gay comments and your mind goes immediately to something anti Democrat.

    What is you opinion on this aspect of THATCHER’S politics?

  6. DC Jaded says

    I remember 1987. The local gay newspaper had 10 pages of obits every week. The number of politicians who were sympathetic I could count on one hand. Some wanted us quarantined, for God’s sake. Thatcher was mainstream. I don`t get all the huff. Let whoever has the same stupid opinions they had in 1987 cast the first stone, is what I say.

  7. Rick says

    Good point, Dan.

    Thatcher’s views on homosexuality would have been held by 90+% of the people in her age group in both the UK and the US, including Labour Party members in Britain and Democrats in the US.

    This kind of gratuitous exercise–digging up a 25-year-old film clip for the sake of inciting hatred–and the bashing of someone who just died that follows in the Comments section, is beneath decency. Just what one expects from the Far Left, though, who are the equivalent of the “God Hates Fags” looneys on the Far Right.

  8. says

    @ RICK :
    You are wrong.
    90% of people did not hold her views; many commentators in the media and music and entertainment industry came out against her intolerance. She was denounce far and wide because of her extremist sponsoring of Clause 28, there were anti thatcher demonstrations in the streets not only against her Poll tax but against her social policies as well.
    And no, exposing what is already well documented, namely her bigoted right wing extremism, is not “beneath decency”…..
    What nonsense you speak – at every opportunity !
    Now and in years to come, her centralised exercise of unchecked power, her bullying, her bigoted narrow minded focus, her insular vision of the UK outside Europe have all been harmful and regressive.
    Only the die-hard quasi-fascists supported her then and now.
    As I said last week, even the Queen despised her laced-up tight prudery.
    Americans had no appreciation whatever of the harm she was doing to society……my God, you were all still supporting the invasion of Granada, for f*uck’s sake !

  9. Niebuhr says

    And b’tch had how many years to make some sort of statement retracting what she said and meant about gay people back then, and how much suffering she created? Not a single word, ever. Not even a footnote.

    But of course (P)rick rushes in to defend the anti-gay bigot. When you disagree with him, you know you’re right.

  10. anon says

    The Tories didn’t become “pro-gay” until several gay sex scandals in the 90’s forced MPs out of the closet. It was so embarrassing that they shut up about the morality of it all. To this end they are very different from the GOP. While the GOP is associated with Southern Baptists and Mormons, the Tories are Anglican, which is like saying tea and crumpets are life’s major goal. They lack the passion which Baptists go on about. Now, a Tory PM is pushing for marriage equality in the UK.

  11. JimTH says

    This really is astoundingly ignorant and offensive, and hard to forgive. I actually don’t know much about Margaret Thatcher otherwise, or have any particular opinion about her. But god, what a horrible, horrible, horrible statement. It doesn’t matter when it happened. It doesn’t matter that Person Y may have also said something horrible in the same year. This statement is horrible and indefensible, period.

  12. mickyflip says

    I finally saw film The Iron Lady for first time last night. It was interesting. Meryl Streep definitely deserved Academy Award for her role in it. Wasn’t a great film but it wasn’t bad. I actually felt a little sad for Madame Thatcher after I realized she was suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s of some sort. Fascinating insight in to her past. I do have to admit she was one of the front runners for women. Sadly, I’m still trying to understand how she became so embittered? I was hoping the film would give some detailed insight on who Madame Thatcher actually was but it only provided bits and pieces. Nothing revealing. Hoping more will come to light in future.

  13. Icebloo says

    She was the WORST leader the UK has ever had. Huge parts of the country have still not recovered from her terrible & devastating policies even after all of these years.

    She was a vile, evil, selfish and uncaring excuse for a human being. I am glad she is dead. I wish the IRA had succeeded in killing her when they bomber her hotel in Brighton in 1984. If they had killed her millions of people in the UK would not have had to suffer her evil policies.

    Now the incompetent & corrupt right wing UK government is going to spend millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money for a state funeral ! DISGRACEFUL !

    Ding ! Dong ! The Witch is Dead !

  14. Henry Holland says

    “I wish the IRA had succeeded in killing her when they bomber her hotel in Brighton in 1984″

    Morrissey: The only sorrow of the Brighton bombing is that Thatcher escaped unscathed

  15. BobN says

    “How about being fair and showing what Democrats were saying back then too?”

    What the heck to American Dems have to do with it? Do you mean Labour?

  16. Chevytexas says

    Wow, quite a lot of insight here so far. I can’t tell if these responses are a lot of British, over-sixty, revisionists or all three. As an American over sixty, with a small professional engagement in Anglo-American affairs, I think it’s just plain hard sometimes to speak seriously about an aged aspect of any politician’s life. She will have to await the usual time it takes to scrape away the usual tarnish for historians to review her effect.
    This speech, I’m glad to say, bears out the maxim rhat parents should opinionate only about their own. She did not have very nice or successful children, and she has discovered she has some very dear gay relatives. This in no way clears her policies, underwritten by the sane family still on that throne, and a President whose awful acts, ommissions and speeches are being resurrected. Revisionism takes time.

  17. SC David says

    Even Thatcher-worshipping Sully concedes these remarks are “indefensible.”

    He then defends them by pointing out it was 1987, and she got lots better over time, and she was actually almost decent to a couple of individual gay and lesbian persons she encountered, at least according to an anecdote Sully heard.

  18. simon says

    It was 1987. What do you expect? Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1967 by an act of Parliament under a Labour government, many years after the Wolfenden Report. To be fair, she was one of the few MP’s in her party who voted for the bill. Her kind of attitude was typical of her time, quite common even among Labour party members.

  19. Betty Treacle says

    The fact it was 1987 was no excuse. People were dying and not just from AIDS but from homophobic violence and suicide. The woman could have been kind. But she had no humanity. She was our Ayn Rand. She was a divisive force who destroyed communities and increased inequality. She passed Clause28 and subjected a generation of children to ignorance and shame, needlessly, and when they needed help most. I will never forgive her for what she did to my country.

  20. Dan Cobb says

    She was nothing more than an actress… much the same way that Reagan was an actor. She was a vile piece of excrement. It’s now plain for all to see.

  21. James says


    Here you go again. This is another example of your fascination with decade-old statements that politicians made about gays or lesbians. Perhaps you do this because you think that the most astute of the Towleroad audience will post. (I doubt it.) Or maybe your motives are less sincere.

    Why not discuss a more recent example, like DOMA? This abhorrent law, which was enacted in 1996, passed by 85 votes in the Senate and 342 votes in the House. (150 yes votes were by Democrats) Why don’t you quote some of the floor debates? When you examine history, you can find truly reprehensible statements about gays and lesbians that were made by both conservatives and liberals.

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