This is What a Rocket Launch Looks Like from Space: PHOTO


It was shot on March 28 by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield as the Russian Soyuz rocket launched to the ISS.

Wrote Hadfield: Just watched the Soyuz launch! The rocket's red glare, powering up away from the Earth, turning towards us in hot pursuit. Incredible to see."


  1. TampaZeke says

    It’s not being persnickety. The misplaced modifier completely changes the meaning of the headline. Unless the rocket is being launched from space I don’t think it means what it intended to mean.

  2. says

    Global conspiracy theorists may note that an American astronaut has alluded to the Star Spangled Banner (“rockets’ red glare”) while describing a Russian launch. The bicentennial of the poem which became the song’s lyrics is in 2014, so this might be a clue for the timing of the NWO takeover. Or not.

    Side note to language police: “rockets'” is possessive plural in the song, and could be in this case because the Soyuz first stage has a bagillion engines:

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