UHD Student Targeted with Anti-Gay Flyers Printed with Medical Records and HIV Status


Some disturbing attacks on a student at the University of Houston-Downtown where Kris Sharp, a (not yet official) candidate for student government has been targeted by flyers posted around campus printed with Sharp's medical records that accuse him of promoting a "homosexual agenda".

Houston Press's Hair Balls blog reports:

"I was initially really devastated that this could happen," Sharp, who has taken a week to digest the message, told Hair Balls. "What was going through my head was, 'How quickly can I transfer?'"

Sharp, who'd recently spoken openly about both his sexuality and HIV status, had heard that the flyers were floating around. He'd heard mention that someone was handing them out to passersby, but doesn't know whether anyone's yet laid eyes on the individual, or individuals, who spread these papers through campus. He only knows that he wasn't expecting something this despicable, this horrific, when he initially announced an interest in running for student body president next month…

…"I've never seen anything like this — this is the very first time anything like this has occurred [on campus]," says Sharp. "There's a culture at UHD that is somewhat less accepting of LGBT youth, but something of this magnitude is completely mind-blowing. I knew, going into the election, that I could possibly be targeted because of my sexuality — but I had no idea that it would go to this level."

The university and its police department has begun an internal investigation, and say they believe it's an anomaly, and not indicative of the attitude on campus or the school's policies. Sharp says he believes he knows who did it and wants an apology, not criminal charges.

The Daily Cougar adds:

The clinic Sharp goes to, Thomas Street Health Center, is a few blocks away from the school, and patients will not be seen without proper documentation — even with an appointment. He doesn’t have a car, so he brought a folder of the required medical information with him. As a student senator, he shares a common office space with the other members of the Student Government Association and believes someone got the information from his briefcase when he was away.

While some students have been giving him a hard time, he has not lost the support of his running mate.

“(Isaac’s) been a trooper,” Sharp said. “If I was him, and I was straight, I’d probably drop me.”

Sharp sent an email to several news outlets and posted a response on Facebook, making it clear they would not respond to the negativity by engaging in illicit behavior.

“We will instead continue to progress in our campaign to enhance the student experience at the University of Houston-Downtown for all students — no matter their race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.”


  1. Sean in Dallas says

    Absolutely HIDEOUS.

    And yes, it’s a major HIPPA violation…especially when the medical information is used against someone. I smell prison for someone!

  2. JJ says

    The school and police should definitely pursue criminal charges, even if the victim wants to drop it. Someone who feels entitled to break the law to bring others down is a threat to everyone on the campus.

    Locate the scanner or copier that was used to copy the records. They usually leave distinctive marks, and there can’t be that many to choose from. If successful, dust the documents for prints and compare with people who had access to the copier.

    Of course, there are also occasional hoaxes aimed at getting attention and sympathy, so that’s a possibility, too.

  3. Homo Genius says

    “Sharp says he believes he knows who did it and wants an apology, not criminal charges.”

    Its nice he just wants an apology but seriously, the perp needs to be expelled. Even if you ignore the anti gay stuff, this is still wrong. Theft, defamation, invasion of privacy etc. And if they are also actually in the student government then iys even more wrong the person is in a position of responsibility.

  4. Francis says

    An atrocious, disgustingly inhumane story. The school definitely should step in and send a message here. This is a federal offense and the kid(s) involved here need to be punished. A slap on the wrist would send a bad message to the student body that anti-LGBT harassment is acceptable.

  5. Matteom says

    How is this a HIPAA violation if it wasn’t a doctor or hospital, but rather another student who got the records and copied them? I would say this is ordinary theft.

    Anyway, although the theft of these records is clearly wrong, I don’t see how this is so “devastating,” since he openly discussed his HIV status. It is like outing someone as gay who is already out.

    Lastly, I do wish I could understand how it is possible in 2013 for someone to get HIV. This guy is smart enough to go to college and run for student president, but he isn’t smart enough to avoid a virus that we have all known about for over 25 years? Stop with the hookups and Grindr and A4A. It is literally killing people.

  6. says

    It’s still absolutely astounding to read day after day the level of vitriolic hatred of gays in the USA. I have never seen or heard it like this in other western countries.
    Perhaps we are not that far from Uganda and Guinea after all.
    I hope they get the perpetrator of this outrage……and Matteom, you are a fool.

  7. Franklin Black says

    You might not like what Matteom has written, but he’s made all good points.

    And unlike you, he did it without being insulting, hypocritical, and hysterical.

    You can have empathy for someone without being hypocrites yourselves.

    This isn’t a federal crime. His HIV status was not a secret. He had no expectation of privacy there at all.

    Cut the knee-jerk hysterics and act like adults for a change.

  8. blf49 says

    So much to think about. Let’s start with the item hat seems to be giving the greatest challenge to civility: How you get infected in 2013. There are lots of possible answers – he was in love, the guy lied (about the condom, not his sero status), the condom broke. We don’t know if he did something stupid. And if he did, young people do, you know. There are lots of things I can think of in my life.
    The tone of the first matteom was accusatory. And that is unnecessary. Whatever the root cause, the guy does not deserve additional blame. That has been proven to drive epidemics underground, where they flourish.
    And if you take a more Calvinist approach on his infection, does that mean he has no right to sympathy for this awful action? I think not.
    The HIPPA connection should certainly be investigated, although neither story raises my greatest fear: that the leak is based at the clinic. What clinical documentation would one need to bring to a clinic visit as an established patient? And why would the clinic not get the records from the earlier provider? It does not add up. But there is probably more and I hope the clinic is in the clear.
    Finally, I’m surprised no one has brought up the homosexual agenda. I wasn’t at that meeting, so I have no idea what the agenda is. The use of that term tells me something about the knee jerk reaction of the person who made the sign.
    And what’s with the headline? Want AIDS Voting for him will bring AIDS? He will spread AIDS in his role in student government?
    I am old enough to remember the way things went in Ed Koch’s first run for Mayor: Don’t vote for the homo; vote for Cuomo. Anyway, that’s my (more than) two cents.

  9. Matteom says

    That has been proven to drive epidemics underground, where they flourish.”

    No, coercive measures may, in some instances, drive an epidemic underground. But creating standards of conduct and insisting that people consider their own health and health of others does not drive epidemics underground. No one is suggesting that this man be arrested, but why shouldn’t he be questioned? To catch HIV in 2013, when everyone knows exactly how it is transmitted, raises a question of character. He should be questioned about it. And everyone else should take note that acquiring HIV is not the mark of a hero; it is an indication of failure of some kind.

  10. Fred says

    Not a popular view to express, Matteorm ! LOL

    But, come on people… He’s got a point.

    You don’t like it, I’m sure, because it makes HIV prevention YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY.

    Which it is. You don’t HAVE to get HIV. It’s a choice. You are not a helpless victim. Unless you CHOOSE to be one.

    Yeah, condoms break, but really, how often does someone get HIV from a single exposure ? Let’s hear all the contradictory information from “the experts” that say yes, no, maybe.

    I think that if more people asked questions, more people would conclude that HIV is something it’s time we decided we don’t need, and grew out of it. A lot of us have grown up, maybe it’s time the rest of you join us !

    And for the what 3rd time, this isn’t an example of a HIPPA violation, you freakin’ retards.

  11. Jose says

    I’m so sick of hearing how homophobia is getting eliminated in society and the tides are completely turning. Most people who say this are either living in Manhatten or Los Angeles. YOU HAVE NO CLUE THE LEVEL OF HOMOPHOBIA THE REST OF US FACE…especially those of us not living in NYC. This past month, my neighbors have been targeting our home with anti gay graffiti and people drive by our home yelling f-gs at my boyfriend and I. We’ve reported it, and authorities couldn’t care less. In many parts of the country, homophobia has been escalating recently far more so than before, and it’s so frustrating for those of us experiencing it to have LGBT living in big cities pretend like we’re living in a post homophobic society when they are totally detached to what LGBT in many parts of the country face on a daily basis.

  12. Conrad says

    LOL at the anti gay trolls who latch on to the HIV rants. Dude, you guys aren’t even GOOD at trolling. Your HIV hissy fits directed at people who contract it are a sure bet sign of homophobia that we’ve hard from HOMOPHOBES for years. If you’re gonna come on our site and troll, why not be more vague about it?

  13. Duration & Convexity says

    @ Mateom and your other two screenames
    You’re an idiot, and I would wager have a huge disdain for the gay community, gay clubs, gay culture, gay pride events, gay rainbow flag. I’ve met your type. You resent anything to do with gay, and jump on any store in regard to AIDS/HIV as a platform to make sweeping generalizations about gay people. You’re only making yourself look bad. Notice how you’re actually getting more of us to unite with our community. Here’s a hint for you: when we gays feel someone in our community is being targeted for who they are (be it gay or HIV positive) we have a tendency to galvanize an support each other. Keep on writing rants. Won’t change how proud many of us are to be gay.

  14. Klien says

    Guys, ignore the troll. There’s a conservative troll lurking these comments with homophobic statements in every thread. No matter what alias handle they use, we all know the troll goes from post to post discrediting our community and the members in it.

    Ignore their ignorance.

    This is a crime and whoever is responsible for these flyers should be charged.

  15. DatDude says

    lol at the HATERsexuals who pollute our board bashing our hiv positive gay brothers and sisters. Unlike you hatersexuals who are a community filled with straight divorce, straight domestic violence, straight militant religion…the gay community supports our own, and promotes acceptance of each other, including those infected with HIV. because there are a number of ways one can become HIV positive in society today. You hatersexuals need to do something with your disgusting divorce rates though. What are y’all at 60% now? The fact that heteros get to even vote on gay marriage is what is vile about society today. Heteros are deceitful, lying, and immoral with their terrible divorce rates.

  16. Mouse says

    Disgusting that this level of homophobia exists in school campuses. Here’s hoping authorities and school officials actually find the person responsible for these actions.

  17. Lazerlight says

    This crime goes beyond hate, it’s calculating and cryptic. For someone to go out of their way to do this; there is no telling what other irrational behavior they could do to other students on campus in the future.

  18. Wittyscreenname says

    This sounds fishy but if it is true it’s really despicable. Also, who’s to say he contracted HIV in 2013? Perhaps he got it awhile ago or was born with it? Unless I missed something in the article, that is awfully presumptuous to automatically assume he got it the first two months of this year. And while I’m on my soapbox, not all gay people support their own. Look at any dating site and see all the UB2’s in the profiles. Sometimes our community is its own worst enemy. It’s sad but true, either way, I hope the truth comes out on this one. The whole thing is just terrible.

  19. Robert M. says

    I would hope that Justice Roberts takes not of this example when he says that Gay are politically powerful and not deserving of protection as a special class. Look at the disgusting lengths people will still go to ruin the life of a good person simply due to their ignorant prejudices…

  20. Hero 505 says

    Folks, if you see some lazy troll attempt to shame our community by shaming us in our sexuality with sweeping generalizations about gay sex and HIV rates; please know you are in the presence of a cancerous troll. One who will in all likelihood get cancer, terminal cancer, from all their trolling and frustrations they harbor in their miserable life. Ignore said obvious trolls. They’ll be gone from this planet soon enough.

  21. Leo says

    A prominent gay student body president in Michigan was relentlessly attacked, stalked, had his life threatened all over campus STRICTLY because of his sexuality. He had an anti gay man who worked for the governor stalk him and attack him on campus with homophobic messages, and ads, and flyers much like this.

    Never EVER underestimate the lengths homophobic heterosexuals go through to show their hate. No wonder 51% of their marriages end in divorce. A lot of the terrible things many heterosexuals accuse our community of being is truly things they see in themselves and are projecting.

  22. TX Brian says

    Are we surprised by the level of homophobia in our society? including school campuses? Uhm, READ THE TEXAS A&M STORY! Read what the student body planned to do, basically threatening the LGBT center and attacking LGBT students at that college. Homophobia is very much so alive.

  23. ratbastard says

    I’d suggest people wait and see. There is unfortunately a LONG history of fake ‘hate’ crimes committed by ‘advocates’ in both inside the LGBT community and outside.

    Here’s the latest fake ‘hate’ crime:

    Morgan Triplett, student University of California-Santa Barbara

    She placed an add on Craigslist for a guy to rape and beat her up @ UC-Santa Cruz where she was going to the schools LGBT center. She apparently did it to bring attention to .. well, you get the picture. Yes, the ‘rape, and her being beaten up did in fact occur, as planned.


  24. ratbastard says

    According to the local Patch, Triplett posted two ads to Craigslist on February 15, the day prior to attending the UCSC conference.
    The first ad called for someone to shoot her in the shoulder with a small caliber gun. The second wanted someone to punch, kick and bruise her.
    Both situations would be done in exchange for sex, and she wrote ‘no charges would be filed’ against anyone who responded.
    ‘The second ad, which ultimately was the one responded to, was seeking someone with a strong hand to inflict punches, bruises and kicks and compensation was to be provided with sex,’ Ms Schonfeld said outside court.
    ‘Several people responded to the ad.’

    Triplett, a UC-Santa Barbara student who was visiting UC-Santa Cruz for a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender conference at the time of the incident on February 17, had bruises on her head and torso when she reported the alleged rape to campus police.


  25. Derrick says

    Two different issues here. The first is the homophobia directed at this student. That is never acceptable. We all stand against that. I hope they find the guy who stole his medical records and prosecute.

    The second issue is HIV transmission in 2013. It is not homophobia to discuss this. It is homophobia to NOT discuss it or to make excuses for it. The latest CDC stats show that gay men (or MSMs as they call us) now make up 80% of new cases. In the last 2 years, there has been an actual INCREASE in infection rates, mostly among young (under 30) men. This is completely unacceptable and it is nothing less than vile for commenters here to suggest that we can’t discuss why we continue to see new HIV transmission 3 decades after everyone learned how it was transmitted. It is even worse to see some commenters concoct whatever lie they can come up with to make it a non-issue, like suggesting that this student was born with it.

    We have to start creating social disincentives for HIV transmission. If someone catches it today, he should not be held up as any kind of a hero or role model. He has hurt himself and may well have hurt others by proliferating a virus that has killed several hundred thousand gay people. Some things in life warrant shame, and giving or getting HIV in 2013 is one of them.

  26. Derrick says


    I am hesitant to even acknowledge your existence, but I wanted to point out that the story you linked to makes clear that this was not a faked “LGBT” hate crime. According to the story, a woman – whose sexual orientation is unknown – is charged with making a false claim of sexual assault, not an anti-LGBT hate crime.

    Between trolls like you and the other troll, who is almost certainly Raymond Miller posting under 5 different names to defend HIV transmission, it is no wonder this site has a toxic reputation.

  27. ratbastard says


    She was attending an event at UCSantaCruz LGTB center. It can be presumed she identifies as lesbian or bisexual. The odds are excellent that she is. She also did it to attract attention to the cause of sexual assault against women, [and attract attention for herself?] all of which ties in perfectly with the ‘progressive’ LGBT narrative – talking points:

    Evil misogynist heteronormative male sexually assaults and beats lesbian / bisexual student. It’s obvious what was going on here. Now, whenever I hear of an alleged hate crime, I have my immediate doubts, especially if it involves a young woman. There have been WAY TOO MANY fake hate crimes.

  28. ratbastard says

    And Derrick, I am not a ‘troll’. My posts are rational and well thought out. I don’t deliberately ‘troll’ [with the exception of some posts I directed at Raymond Miller of Toronto/NYC.]

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