1. Clarknt67 says

    This segment really illustrates how their crappy compromise does nothing more than basically piss both sides off, as compromising on a civil rights issue often does.

  2. Bob says


    A–Catholic, morhole, baptist, and other groups are afraid that their “possibly Gay” sons will see other boys who are Gay and not choose the closet.
    B–Those same groups are deathly afraid of “condoning a sin”, because it might lead their boys to some other kinds of sin.
    C–The catholics, and especially, the morholes, REQUIRE heterosexual marriage, or celibacy, for salvation.

  3. Marc says

    Oh… my… god….
    John Stemberger, the man on the left whose sexual fetish for dress-up is on full awkward display here, is such a disturbing closet case. I mean, seriously. It’s people like him who are so uncomfortable with their own sexuality that we need to fear being around children. Just look at the Catholic Church. Those who feel some righteous need to repress their sexuality are always found expressing it in f’ed up ways. Count down to sex scandal in 5, 4, 3, 2….

    An out-and-proud, honest gay man is someone any kid can look up to. Someone who knows who they are and has no secrets or shame like Miss Thang in full her beige get-up and patches. (Honey, PLEASE!) I swear, as soon as he started talking I thought he was FOR gay rights, because, well, HELLO. Nope. Turns out he’s another self-loathing bigot living in the 1950s. What a disgrace.

    If Scouting is about integrity, he clearly needs to take lessons from Zach.

    Zach, we adore you. Keep fighting for what’s right. And thanks for putting self-loathing bigots like this on blast.

  4. says

    John Stemberger relies 100% completely on fear mongering. The only tiny factual thing he stated in his entire argument are that Southern Baptists would leave the BSA if gay members are permitted to join. None of the other Christian denominations have made a clear cut statement.

    Zach Wahls made dirt out of this guy.

  5. Tessie Tura says

    If the Catholic Church withdraws support, sounds fine to me. I mean, they ARE the world’s largest pedophile organization. And Scouting itself was founded by a pedophile.

  6. Geoff says

    It’s always religion. The LDS, the Catholics and Baptists. No one is stopping them from forming their own, hateful little groups. Is the Boy Scouts a religious group? Crickets.

  7. woodroad34d says

    “honesty” and “trustworthiness” are powerfully magic words. They blow this guy and his ilk away as if Hermione Granger had shouted “Bombarda!”

  8. Maguitac says

    Call it whatever you want, treat it however you want, induce new rules and regulations as much as you want, JUST STOP USING TAX PAYERS’ DOLLARS for anything that remotely goes against human rights, civil rights, is not all inclusive, and most importantly, is against AMERICAN RIGHTS.

    These “organizations” would not survive if not for our tax dollars. Each and every one of us should pressure our state representatives to review decades of contributions and tax cuts improperly and freely dished to organizations that do not respect our rights as Americans.

    We can start our own Boy Scouts, homophobia-free, and more importantly, pedophile-free. And because it is all-inclusive, it would rightly deserve all those freely served tax cuts and contributions.

    We have to find ways to stop our states from giving to hate-driven organizations. Whether they be the Catholic Church, LDS, Boy Scout, or whatever sh!t-filled banner they try to hide under. Something must be done, for it has reached ridiculously outrageous levels of tax-payer exploitation.

  9. PAUL B. says

    Am I just biased or do we have the brains & the good looks on our side? I’m so proud of these two men…and to be part of the same “club” they belong to. Can you imagine being born ignorant (DNA, ya know!) …this guy Stemberger never had a chance. I must remember to thank someone when I get there.

  10. TANK says

    I know some of the bitter, middle-aged queens around here won’t like this, but Tank has to keep it real! Sure, Zach is a great guy and a worthy ally and he has as great story, but I think the main reason he gets so much positive press all the time here is because y’all want to bang the guy! I wonder how often Zach would be showered with accolades if he weren’t so cute. Just trying to stay real, bitches!

  11. Caliban says

    Oh, Tank, Tank, Tank. Sorry, but I at least have no desire to schtup Zach Wahls, his heterosexuality aside. He just doesn’t push my buttons that way, yet I remain impressed by his intelligence, how well-spoken he is, and the leadership he has taken on this issue.

    You’re barking up the wrong tree this time, bub.

    Just keepin’ it real. 😉

  12. says

    I had to laugh at the hater’s argument. Can’t have open gays in scouting leadership because the cathlick church won’t allow it…

    Cuz the cathlick church wants to keep all those ripe tender juicy young boys all to themselves?

    There’s way more pedophiles in the cathlick church than in the Castro, Fire Island, and Christopher Street combined… And you could probably throw every other gay neighborhood in the world in there and still have an accurate statement.

  13. EnRanc says

    John is right. If the BSA allows homosexuality in its ranks, they can kiss funding from the Catholic, Mormon and Baptist churches goodbye…and these are the most significant financial support groups the BSA has. None of the liberal kooks who are screaming to allow homosexuals in are going to pick up the slack if they withdraw, and the gay community knows this.

    This isn’t about “inclusiveness”, this is about gays — as usual — vindictively wanting to interject themselves somewhere they aren’t wanted and have been told they can’t be, simply because they know that there mere presence would destroy the organization.

    So go ahead and let gays in, and when the BSA crumbles as a result, we’ll know who to blame.

  14. Caliban says

    There are already gays IN the Boy Scouts, EnRanc you stupid f*ckwit. They started as Cub Scouts just like every other kid did. But as with the kid in CA who fulfilled all the requirements for his Eagle award then was denied it because he’s gay, they are kicked OUT of the BSA not for anything they’ve done, but for who they ARE.

    So why don’t you do us all a favor and shove a jumbo Swiss Army knife with all its blades extended straight up your @ss, hmmm? Thanks ever so.

  15. chris255 says

    I was in an actual Christian scouts called the Cadets. There was no question about it’s aims.

    If that’s what Christian backers want to manipulate scouts into a fully religious organization, then they need to make their own or be completely open about their evangelistic goals. If that is the case then the US government needs to drop it’s charter and remove the instant promotion for participation in it.

  16. Francis #1 says

    Honestly the bigoted idiot Stemberger is a little bit right (a little bit) regarding the fact there will be some reduction of members in the Scouts if the ban is repealed in any form. Nearly 2/3’s of respondents in the poll the BSA commissioned want the ban kept in it’s entirety and I’m sure many more approve of the parental ban.

    That’s not a reason to keep the ban in place, though. No, it won’t completely decimate the Scouts, it won’t destroy the organization, and, obviously, no, this isn’t about agendas. This is about allowing people to be who they are and not promoting an agenda of shame and intolerance. There are gay kids in the Scouts and will be, regardless of what happens regarding the anti-gay scout ban being outlawed or remaining in place. And none of them are in the Scouts with the intent to make their orientation an issue, same with gay parents and volunteers. The only person pushing agendas in that video above is John Stemberger.

    Zach is a great public speaker, strong but respectful. Don is a great moderator. Great job, Zach!

  17. EnRanc says

    Well, you know what…if they’re already IN scouts, then they should shut the hell up and do what’s required of them as scouts and not run off at the mouth about being homosexual. The kid who couldn’t get his Eagle badge would have gotten it had he not blabbed about being gay. If you’re going to play the “out” activist role, then accept any consequences that come with it. If you’re just wanting to be part of the organization, then keep your rainbow flags and propaganda at home.

  18. Devin says

    I’m with Marc,except that I knew what Zach looked like, so I was confused why they had TWO gay rights activists on.

    I can absolutely see this as a Saturday Night Live sketch. If someone knows anyone at SNL, please forward that idea, cause this is so tragic, it’s comedy.

  19. Caliban says

    So EnRanc, what you’re basically saying is that gay Scouts should “LIE and violate the very first part of the Scout law which is that a Scout is trustworthy.” Did you even WATCH this news piece?

    These are high school age kids, who joined the organization probably in elementary school, like I did. They’re supposed to keep their entire lives under wraps to satisfy the BSA because it claims to be a “religious organization,” even though it serves Mormons, Baptists, and Catholics among many other denominations, which don’t have a SINGLE f*cking thing in common! Episcopalians have have GAY clergy so what about THEIR religious values, or don’t they count? Huh?

    Or maybe every Scout should venerate Mary or believe in Moroni? No, because the claim that the BSA is a religious organization with one set of beliefs is PURE horsesh*t!

  20. Sean in Dallas says

    Contrary to EnRanc’s spurious prediction, I say that if the BSA becomes wholly gay inclusive, it’ll do BETTER than it’s doing now. The bigot kids’ll go away to their hometown KKK kiddie rallies, and the increasingly gay supportive corporate America will donate more than ever and make up for whatever support the Catholics, Mormons, and Baptists withdraw.

  21. sherman says

    Zach did great, but I would have liked it if he had pointed out that the Girl Scouts don’t discriminate and they are doing okay.
    Same for the Boy Scouts in Canada and the UK.

    A generation ago, some of these religious organizations would have had the vapors if a pack wanted to integrate.

  22. Dale says

    Love Zach Wahls, but I don’t think the beard suits him. He has a better TV presence and appearance without it.


    Idiot, the reason that Wahls gets attention is because he has emerged as an eloquent and effective advocate. He is almost single handedly responsible for getting the largest corporate donors, including Verizon, Intel and UPS, to pull their funding from the BSA. As usual, useless organizations like the so-called “Task Force” did nothing. So Zach Wahls stood up and worked ont he problem. It is one of the reasons the BSA felt pressure to change its policy. That is why CNN has him on and that is why he gets coverage here. So STFU Tank and stop diminishing Zach’s accomplishments and the reasons Towleroad has for recognizing them.

  23. Jim Stone says

    I know Zach.. He is more AWESOME in person!! That other guy is a closet case..bells were ringing immediately!! I am so glad as a gay man that I did not grow up in an evangelical household…. They really are to be pitied. I just hope they find their is so short….

  24. says

    So this guy’s justification for discrimination against gays is based on the fear that the Catholic, Mormons and Baptists will stop sponsoring the Scouts.
    So what ?
    Let them go.
    If the Scouts are being sponsored by bigoted homophobic institutions it is better that they do without such sponsorship and retain their integrity.
    And yes they will prosper with such renewal, the religious scouts can join a “Scouts for Jesus” troop.
    It’s time to call out integrity.

    @ Marc : I’m totally with you.
    @EnRanc : on your logic dishonesty = good;

    What a nice example to set for the scouts.

  25. says

    @ TANK :
    And your point is ?

    Can we not find a guy attractive and still agree with his views ?
    or are we confined to agreeing with the opinions of the unattractive ?
    As I say……. and your point is ?
    Get real.

  26. Merv says

    I don’t really care about forcing the scouts to accept gay people, but if they’re looking for a compromise, how about just grandfathering in the bigots? Old troops can continue to discriminate, but newly formed troops can’t.

  27. codyj says

    what an obvious self hating flamer,and an ambulance chaser to boot, he talks jus lie that ex assistant AG from up north, who had a fixation on some gay coll.dude who didn’t even know him.

  28. Brad says


    Just because a kid is out of the closet, doesn’t make him a “rainbow flag waiving activist”, not that that should matter to you. Some kids just don’t want to lie to everybody around them. Doesn’t mean they are promoting an agenda or fighting for gay rights or forcing their beliefs on others. They are just being kids. Kids who get crushes and want to talk with their friends about things that are important to kids. Kids that might have dreams of growing up and falling in love. Kids that don’t want to be taught to hate themselves. So get a grip and get the f— out of here. Your negativity isn’t welcome. It’s people like you that make gay kids hate themselves. So afraid to be who they are because they’re afraid that a– holes like you will hate them for being “activists” or shoving it in their faces just by liking who they like. F— off. Just f— off.

  29. DC Arnold says

    As a wee lad of the 60’s the Boy Scouts I joined was not a religious backed group but a school sponsored activity. That guy in the uniform looked as if he was auditioning for Scout Predator of the Year. Quite creepy. Thanks to Tweedle Dumb(W) churches were forced to take care of the poor and needy because of the state being absolved of the responsibility (Compassionate Conservatism). I really wish the Scouts would return to being a truly civic organization.

  30. John Freeman says

    Well, color me naive. I had no idea that Scouts was a religious organization. Why is that? Is it just about money and what interest do the churches have in scouting? Is it a form of recruitment into religion? If that’s the case, I’m glad I was never a scout.

  31. Chris L. says

    We’ve been hearing the same nonsense from the anti-gay crowd for generations. “If you give gays equal rights, this horrible thing is going to happen.”

    We heard it before they repealed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ The military was going to fall apart. When anti-discrimination laws were first proposed years ago, we heard it then: “Businesses are going to be required to hire homosexuals or be shut down!”

    Now, we’re hearing it about the Boy Scouts. “If we let gays in, the Scouts will be destroyed.”

    Kind of gets sickening, doesn’t it?

  32. Caliban says

    IIRC in order to defend the “gay ban” during initial legal challenges, lawyers for the BSA portrayed it as a “religious organization.” Since then religious organizations, particularly Mormons and Catholics, have taken a greater role in funding the BSA.

    Most of us here older than 30 who were Scouts probably don’t remember much religious content at all. I certainly don’t. Though my troop used a church basement for its meetings and there might have been a pro-forma prayer here or there, it was mainly civic responsibility and activities based. Religion was never really discussed, and I’d remember if it had been because my father was the Scout Master for a while and he kept his religious views very private, though he did believe. He also had no problem accepting his two gay sons at a time when far fewer parents did.

    If an organization is so interdenominational that it accepts Mormons, Catholics, Baptists, Episcopalians, etc. etc. etc. then WHICH set of beliefs and values can it truly be said to hold? That you shouldn’t drink caffeine and Jesus came to America long after the New Testament? That Saints should be venerated and the Pope is infallible? That Baptism doesn’t count unless it’s done by choice later? There are MANY areas of conflict between those faiths and for several of them the only thing they agree on is bigotry toward gays.

    But what of the religions which, for sound theological and/or social reasons, have become more accepting of gays either in their congregations or clergy? Why is it only the bigots’ views which must be respected and adhered to?

  33. Burt says

    IF the BSA in fact does relax its ban on gay scouts but does not relax its ban on gay scout leaders, it will be very disappointing. However, last I checked there are no Sex Merit Badges, and although I’m sure sex experimentation happens ALL THE TIME on scouting excursions, Scouting isn’t about Sex or Sex Ed. If those principles are adhered to who cares if Johnny or Johnny’s scoutmaster is gay or not? The only thing relaxing the ban will do is keep troop leaders from asking inappropriate questions in the first place.

  34. ben says

    caliban, i don’t know what you look like, or where you live. but the second marriage equality comes to australia, there’s a one way ticket to sydney and a wedding band with your name on it.

  35. Jerry6 says

    The fundamental problem here is that Scouting got along for almost 100 years with some Gay members and some Gay Scout Masters because they were NOT sponsored by Religious organizations, but by private local groups that were only interested in the Scouting experience for their own children. However, since post Worldwar2, when the Churches saw their membership declining, they decided that Scouting would be an excellent place to get their hands on to our young to brain wash with Religion so that they would start to be active in Churches and to fund them when they become old enough to work; Marry; and raise children; to be brought up in the Religion so they can put money in the collection plates every week.

    Basically, it all comes down to how Churches can hope to survive with more and more adults waking up to the fact that Religion is the root evil in every day life.

  36. Bot says

    Father Benedict Groeschel of Larchmont, New York, the Catholic Church’s expert on abuse by priests, says that 90 percent of the abuse of children by priests was done by the 10 percent of Catholic priests that are homosexual. That means that homosexual priests abused children 81 times as frequently as heterosexual priests and are responsible for 90 percent of the loss of endowments for Catholic hospitals, schools and orphanages.

    The Boy Scouts do not want to expose their organization to the same fate.

  37. Bot says

    There has been a concerted 25 year effort to “brainwash” the American people to portray homosexuals as “victims” and to treat opponents of “Gay Rights” as Nazi/KKK-like “bigots”. An entire book (After the Ball: How Americans will Conquer their Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 1990’s) was written by an advertising man and a media psychologist to concoct a propaganda campaign only Josef Goebbels could admire. You can read an abbreviated version of the strategy written in 1987 called “The Overhauling of Straight America”. Among other things, the authors said that Sodomites must be constantly and persistently portrayed as “victims” to elicit Americans’ natural tendencies to protect the oppressed.

    For that reason, the pedophiles in the “Gay Rights” movement must stand down from visible participation in the movement — at least until low-hanging fruit like “marriage” and military service were achieved — because nobody would consider a pedophile to be a “victim”..

  38. Caliban says

    You’re less a Bot than a Bot-Fly, a parasitic organism that bores into healthy flesh until it springs forth in full-born ugliness.

    A Catholic leader blamed ALL the churches problems on gays? Well now THERE’S a shocker! /sarcasm I’ve read extensively about the Catholic Priest child sexual abuse scandal and there are many factors at work. First off, not all the victims have been male. Priests used Catholic orphanages and other institutions as their own private brothels for boys AND girls.

    Sexual repression played its ugly role in it as well. On top of that it became well known in pedophile circles that the Catholic Church was a “good gig” for those of that ilk because it not only offered plenty of opportunity but, even better, the church would cover up your crimes AND pay for your legal defense should you get caught and it wasn’t swept under the rug!

    And study after study has shown that openly gay men molest children at a FAR lower rate than straight men. There’s a very good and logical reason for this. Gay men have already told you what they’re sexually interested in, other adult men. Pedophiles are interested in children and in order to get closer to their prey they present the most benign front possible. Thanks to erroneous stereotypes parents tend to watch the interaction between gay men and their children more closely, so that it’s not a good hunting tactic for pedophiles.

    Most child sexual abuse is perpetrated by family members and close family friends, people both the parents and child trust. Parents have FAR more to fear from people who present themselves as “so good with kids” and who go out of their way to spend time with them, particularly time alone. (Like Sandusky for instance.) They are often married and have kids of their own since that’s a perfect cover for their real interests.

    So in other words, you’re talking out your @ss!

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