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Charles Barkley Says He Had Three or Four Gay Teammates Over the Years: VIDEO


Charles Barkley injected some sense into the Jason Collins conversation in an interview on The Dan Patrick Show today.

Patrick asked Barkley if he's had a gay teammate:

"Of course I did. Everybody did. Everybody played with a gay teammate, Dan. And it’ s no big deal. First of all, I think it’s an insult to gay people to think that they’re trying to pick up on their teammates. But everybody has played with a gay teammate."

And if it was discussed that there was a gay person on the team:

"It’s obviously discussed, privately, because the problem is, Dan, unless somebody tell you they’re gay, you can’t say a thing about them being gay. You know, until somebody has the courage, and I think it takes great courage to come out, it’s kind of an unspoken word to be honest with you."

Patrick asked if Barkley had a teammate who discussed his sexuality with him:

“I had several teammates, I probably had three or four guys I played with in my 16 years. But like I say, think about Jason Collins, he played on six teams, so six teams played with a gay guy. And so, everybody has played with a gay guy, you just didn’t know he was a gay guy. Cause until a gay guy comes out, it’s none of your business.”


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Listen LIVE: Delaware Senate's Final Vote on Marriage Equality

(image equality delaware)

Delaware's Senate is set to convene at 2 pm and will be voting on HB75, the marriage equality bill. If it passes, Delaware will become the 11th state to give all its citizens the freedom to marry.

You can listen LIVE HERE (opens webcast in new window).

You can also follow @eqde on Twitter.

UPDATE: The bill is passed and will be signed into law today.

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Westboro Baptist Church Defector Libby Phelps Alvarez Talks to Anderson Cooper: VIDEO


On his daytime show, Anderson Cooper welcomed Libby Phelps Alvarez, who defected from the Westboro Baptist Church, to talk about why they do what they do, how they treat her now that she is gone.

Phelps Alvarez also tearfully apologized to a soldier's mother whose son's funeral was picketed by the WBC.


Note: The interview was previewed back in February, and we ran a shorter clip then, but apparently it aired in full today.


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DJ Peter Rauhofer Dies After Battle with Brain Tumor


DJ Peter Rauhofer, whom we reported recently was battling a brain tumor, has died, according to a message posted on his official Facebook page by his manager, Angelo Russo:

Today the music industry has lost one of it's true heroes.

With a heavy heart I must now report that Peter Rauhofer has lost his battle with brain cancer.

He passed quietly today and is survived by his mother, Helga, who resides in Austria.

She will transport Peter back home to his final resting place there, but to all that knew Peter, his heart will always be in New York City.

It makes me sad, not only that I have lost a friend, but that the world has lost an amazing talent and that future generations will never get to understand the magic that Peter created night after night all over the world.

He is gone too soon but we will always have the vast body of music that Peter left for us.

Through his music, Peter will live forever. The brightest stars always burn out too soon. Peter, you were loved and you will be terribly missed. Goodbye my friend. Please rest in peace knowing that you have brought so much joy to so many of us. I ask that his true fans keep his legacy alive by sharing his music with anyone who may not have had the opportunity to experience it for themselves.

Rauhofer was 48.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

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Jon Stewart Blasts CPAC II, Also Known as the NRA Convention: VIDEO


Jon Stewart looks at all the nuts (Santorum, Perry, Palin, LaPierre) at the NRA Convention, noting that it's not much different than CPAC, just with better introductions, and eventually they got around to talking about guns.



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Police Release Photo of Suspect in Attack on Gay Couple Outside Knicks Game in NYC: VIDEO


Last night I reported on an attack on a gay couple that took place on Sunday afternoon near Madison Square Garden. The attackers were wearing NY Knicks gear (a game was happening at the time) and a bystander provided police with some cell phone images of one of the attackers.

Nick Porto and his partner Kevin Atkins were assaulted by a group of men using homophobic slurs as they walked arm-in-arm on Eighth Avenue at 34th street after having brunch.

Watch FOX NY's report and see the photos, AFTER THE JUMP... New York News | NYC Breaking News

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