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Losing Dallas City Council Candidate Unleashes on Reporter in Homophobic, Profanity-Laced Voicemail: AUDIO


Richard P. Sheridan (Above), a losing candidate in Dallas' recent City Council elections, is making headlines now over a voicemail he left reporter Dan Koller at D Magazine, excoriating Koller over an election preview article he wrote, accusing Koller of failing to inform his readers that his opponent Leland Burk, is gay.

Said Sheridan: "You sir are a cunt, bitch,'re a propagandist for the sodomite. When I see you, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do, but minimally your eardrums will hurt you motherf**ker."

Writes Koller:

"You can’t try to apply logic to the raving lunatic who left me a voicemail at 9:24 on Saturday night in which he called me a coward six times, a “[see you next Tuesday]” five times, a “mother[lover]” four times, a bitch twice, “a disgrace to our city” once, and “a sorry ass” once. In the middle of all that, he also said, “I don’t think you have one testicle, sir.” (He’s wrong about that last point, but I appreciate him calling me “sir.”)

Listen to the voicemail, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Pine in Talks to Star in 'Into the Woods'

Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Pine are in negotiations to join Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep in the big screen adaptation of the Broadway musical Into the Woods, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

Bearded_gyllenhaalDeal-making hasn’t quite begun but the two actors met and even sang for director Rob Marshall for their respective parts and are expected to receive offers to join the star-studded cast. If deals close, Gyllenhaal and Pine would play their first on-screen singing roles.

Streep will play the plum role of the vain and charismatic Witch while Depp will play a hungry and sexy variation of a fairy tale wolf. Sources say that Gyllenhaal and Pine would play the musical’s two princes, Cinderella’s Prince and Rapunzel’s Prince, brothers who are pompous and self-absorbed.

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Gay South Korean Filmmaker to Marry Long-Term Partner

South Korean filmmaker Kim Jho Gwang-soo, the second person in the entertainment industry to come out (in 2010), announced plans to marry his partner of nine years on Wednesday, Reuters reports:

Kim"We wanted to convey the message that all sexual minorities should be given rights equally in a beautiful way," the 49-year-old Kim told a news conference in the South Korean capital of Seoul as he sat next to his partner, Kim Seung-hwan.

The two then kissed in an unprecedented display of affection for a same-sex couple in Korea, where traditional Confucian and Christian values remain strong...

...The two will marry on Sept 7, a symbolic move since Korea remains far from legalizing same-sex unions despite a wave of such approval in Europe and the United States...Homosexuality is not illegal in Korea, but like elsewhere in Asia the pressure to marry someone of the opposite sex to continue the family blood line is strong and leads many to hide their homosexuality.

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At Least One Member of 'The Wanted' Says He'd 'Probably Have a Dabble' with a Man: VIDEO


In an Australian radio interview, UK boyband The Wanted was asked about recent remarks by Lance Bass that "in every boyband there is at least one gay one."

Jay McGuinness (far right) answered both the interviewer's and Bass's question, responding, "I think most of us would probably have a dabble."

Followed quickly by his bandmate Tom Parker (far left): "Speak for yourself."

Listen below.

The Wanted performed on last night's Dancing with the Stars. Watch, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Lawrence O'Donnell Interviews Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton About Marriage Equality: VIDEO


Lawrence O'Donnell last night welcomed Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton on The Last Word to talk about Minnesota's historic passage of marriage equality, the challenges in passing the bill, how it happened, what it means for the region, and why Minnesota is such a unique state.


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Isabella Rossellini Gives Birth to 10 Hamsters, Eats Two of Them: VIDEO


Isabella Rosselini is continuing with her series of "Green Porno" shorts for the Sundance channel in which she has demonstrated how cuttlefish mate, and how earthworms copulate.

She has moved on to mammals in the latest of the adorably nutty clips, and demonstrates here how "mamma" hamster deals with too many babies.


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