Another Anti-Gay Assault in Manhattan’s Soho Neighborhood

Another anti-gay attack took place less early Tuesday morning in NYC's Soho neighboorhood, CBS New York reports:

PrincebroadwayThe incident happened around 5:20 a.m. Tuesday. Police said the couple, ages 41 and 42, were walking on Broadway near Prince Street when two men began yelling anti-gay slurs.

A physical altercation ensued and one of the victims suffered an eye injury, police said.

Fabian Ortiz and Pedro Jiminez were arrested and are being charged with third degree assault as a hate crime, police said.


  1. Tony Diaz says

    I am saddened and disturbed by the fact that the last three assaults including the murder has been perpetrated by Latino men. Very troubling. Clearly a lot of work needs to be done in the Latino communities especially in the churches.

  2. northalabama says

    as long as all religious leaders of all faiths remain silent in regards to the escalation of violent attacks against gays, their silence is endorsing the behavior.

    national broadcast and cable news media is just as culpable with their silence.

  3. turlie says

    I love when you google image search both those guys names, you several mugshots results of several different guys……..hmmmmm……better google my name just to see what the stars have written for me.

    this needs to stop!

  4. Francis #1 says

    Hate crimes are going up everywhere. Seattle–drop in crime around the city, except Capitol Hill. San Francisco–increase in crimes in Castro. Anti-LGBTQ hate crimes are the only form of hate assaults on the rise in the United States. All other forms of hate crime are down.

    What we’re seeing isn’t necessarily a backlash to equality and more a backlash to the extra visibility our community has. More visibility, more exposure=more risk. More attacks. And the hot days of the year are just getting started.

    Very scary times. My heart goes out to all the victims of these cowardly hate incidents. These are guys getting their faces BROKEN because of who they are. Pathetic and sad. We can’t just let the bigots win. It’s up to us to know self-defense, to have something on you such as mace to protect yourself, and to walk with confidence and be aware of your surroundings. And if you can, avoid walking about at night past 1 or 2 AM because that’s when the trash is out on the streets.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Tony Diaz,

    there are Gay bashers in every ethnic/racial group. And usually those Gays of that same racial/ethnic group are the usual targets of the hatred. Going out of your own neighborhood to bash Gay people is something rare, I feel. What’s happened in New York these last two weeks is unusual.

  6. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Anti-gay violence always peaks during periods when there is the most advance in equality. Anti-gay violence was at a high during 2010, when the repeal of DADT was being pushed through Congress. September of 2010 saw the highest number of suicides by gay students and pupils. 2013 has seen a non-stop string of victories for equal rights, and most Americans expect a reasonably favorable ruling for equal rights from the Supreme Court, so it’s no surprise that the nut jobs are freaking out. The same pattern was true in the South during the Civil Rights Era of the early 1960s.

  7. mattsy says

    cant help but notice that this and most of the other attacks have taken place on the street around 4 or 5 AM. Nothing good happens at that time, especially on the street.

  8. Chitown Kev says

    @Derrick From Philly

    “Going out of your own neighborhood to bash Gay people is something rare, I feel.”

    My point exactly, that I’ve been trying to make over at JMG…if “straight” boys want to bash gays, in my experience, they never have to travel very far (i.e. to a known gay area) to do it. There are more than enough gays that they know and see in their own ‘hood.

    This IS unusual.

  9. Francis #1 says

    It’s not as usual as “regular” incidents of this kind, where gay bashers simply go after gays in their own communities, but these incidents do occur fairly often. Bashers going into known gay areas and gawking, bashing gay/bi men. They happened more in the past and less in the last 10 or so years, but now it’s clearly making a comeback. Ultimately, gay bashing is gay bashing and they’re on the rise, countrywide, and we need to be vigil and on alert.

  10. Vincent says

    Homophobic violence is extremely common in Third World countries, and let’s face it, America is fast becoming a Third World country thanks to our government’s reckless and irresponsible Open Borders immigration policies.

  11. Chitown Kev says

    @Francis #1

    When I think of “bashers” going to gay areas, I interpret “bashers” as “trade.”

    That I can recall, bashers rarely bash away from the hood but they will do robberies (and one could say that they are going to the hood because of the perception that gay guys = money) and turn tricks. They might even murder a trick (we’ve seen plenty of THAT in the past few years) but they aren’t basing and assassinating gays on the streets; a lot of that goes on behind closed doors.

  12. M.R says

    Hispanic young men behind all the crimes.
    Acknowledging that Puerto Rican and Dominicans in the city are rather blatant about their homophobia is important to address and change. Ignoring the many cultural clashes, and working to overcome them is something we need to do. Not eb afraid of addressing.
    And before I get called a racist…I’m Latino. I’d know.
    I know the damage Catholicism and machismo combined can cause and usually it’s irrational homophobia.

  13. Chitown Kev says

    Latino Catholics (like other Catholics) are very supportive of marriage equality by all of the polls that I’ve read; in some cases, according to polls, the Latino communities are more supportive of marriage equality than white folks.

    OTOH, just because someone supports marriage equality doesn’t mean that they aren’t homophobic.

    Now before you white folks go wanting to address communities you have little or no interest in otherwise, address your own little highly homophobic folks in the Bumfuckistans where you come from.

    Those Bumfuckistans are probably more homophobic that most Latino communities.

  14. All races have homophobia says

    It has nothing to with race or religion and everything to do with home training. The problem here in the Gay Community is that folks are too concerned about race which speaks to a entire different degree of the individuals that are speaking on it.

    Fight HATE not race because whites attack and kill too. Matthew Shepard’s killers were NOT minority! Stay on focus and by all means if you feel the need to protect yourself by all means do so!