Anti-Gay Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Accused of Smoking Crack in Video

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has reportedly been caught on video smoking crack cocaine, the Toronto Star reports:

FordTwo Toronto Star reporters have viewed the video three times. It appears to show Ford in a room, sitting in a chair, wearing a white shirt, top buttons open, inhaling from what appears to be a glass crack pipe. Ford is incoherent, trading jibes with an off-camera speaker who goads the clearly impaired mayor by raising topics including Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and the Don Bosco high school football team Ford coaches.

“I’m f—ing right-wing,” Ford appears to mutter at one point. “Everyone expects me to be right-wing. I’m just supposed to be this great.…” and his voice trails off. At another point he is heard calling Trudeau a “fag.” Later in the 90-second video he is asked about the football team and he appears to say (though he is mumbling), “they are just f—ing minorities.”

Gawker is raising money to purchase the video.

Ford is notoriously anti-gay. Snubbing the city's Pride parade is the least of his anti-LGBT accomplishments. The Globe and Mail listed many more of them in an article published in 2010:

Aug. 4, 2010: Mr. Ford endorses the views of a fundamentalist Christian pastor who said same-sex marriage could "dismantle" a "healthy democratic civilization." Appearing alongside Pastor Wendell Brereton, Mr. Ford says: "We're together. We have the same thoughts." He adds: "I support traditional marriage. I always have. But if people want to, to each your own. I'm not worried about what people do in their private life. I look out for taxpayers' money."

June 28, 2006: During a council debate on public-health grants for community-based AIDS-prevention programs, Mr. Ford says: "If you're not doing needles and you're not gay, you won't get AIDS, probably."

June 14, 2005: Mr. Ford questions the utility of grant programs for transgendered and transsexual people during a council debate. "I don't understand. No. 1, I don't understand a transgender, I don't understand, is it a guy dressed up like a girl or a girl dressed up like a guy? And we're funding this for, I don't know, what does it say here? We're giving them $3,210?"

June 13, 2001: Mr. Ford questions a grant for a video about homosexuality in Toronto's South Asian community, telling The National Post: "I have no problem giving money out to physically or mentally handicapped children or seniors, but spending $5,000 on this video is disgusting, it is absolutely disgusting to spend this amount of money on this, whatever it was called, video."

No doubt the city's LGBT community won't miss him.


  1. Ghislain says

    From today online edition of the National Post :
    The mayor headed immediately afterward to the roof of city hall to read a proclamation for the Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia in Toronto. He stood behind a rainbow flag as several guest speakers took the stage.

    “Toronto is a city that embraces and celebrates all of its citizens and their diversity, and welcomes and values and supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, two-spirited and LGBT community,” Mr. Ford said, noting the city remains committed to “equal treatment of all people and the right to live with dignity and respect.”

  2. Petes says

    Hold on, I thought Canada was the multi-culti land of rainbows and unicorns, the model to which all of us morally inferior Americans were supposed to be aspiring. How did this creep end up getting elected mayor of the largest city in Canada, much less end up smoking crack with Somali drug dealers?

  3. Petes says

    Hold on, I thought Canada was the multi-culti land of rainbows and unicorns, the model to which all of us morally inferior Americans were supposed to be aspiring. How did this creep end up getting elected mayor of the largest city in Canada, much less end up smoking crack with Somali drug dealers?

  4. says

    Hopefully this will be what gets this heinous man out of office.

    How did he win the election? Years ago the city’s many boroughs amalgamated – becoming one Big Megacity. It’s been awful. Nobody in the City of Toronto voted for Ford. He won the election based on votes from the suburbs. We have a mayor of a city voted in by the people who Hate the city. It’s been a NIGHTMARE.

    We saw him today, as he was there to read the city proclamation for the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia.

    Yes – he read the proclamation, as it’s his job to do so. We’re all mildly tickled that his obligations include being “forced” to read something that, well, he of course objects to. It’s kinda funny.

    The man is barely sane. Hopefully this will get the dunce out, once and for all.

  5. says

    also, in the photo and video of him smoking crack, and he is TOTALLY SMOKING CRACK, is a young man who was gunned down in the city in a gang-related attack.

    Mayor Ford – hating minorities, except for the ones he uses for his drug habit. Who end up dying because of the culture he contributes to. Word, mayor. WORD.

  6. Matthew says

    I was wondering how a homophobe like Ford could get elected in a city as progressive as Toronto. Thanks, Little Kiwi, for explaining!

  7. says

    Minorities smoke crack. Tell me something i don’t know gurl!! Da mayor wuz just doin’ da outreach for da minoritee votaz!

    Srsly though, while I hate Mayor Ford, is anyone surprised that there were black people involved?

  8. says

    @Matthew, it’s been brutal. Ford’s tactics were…..ugh. We had a man that went to community to community, telling them what they wanted to hear, and in the end pleased NOBODY.

    Who likes Ford? The people who don’t live in the city, and therefore hate “the city” – it’s been a joke since day one.

    They predicted this years ago when the amalgamation happened – that folks who don’t live in the actual city will vote in their huge suburban numbers, and we’ll have do-nothing boroughs bringing down what is otherwise a world-class city.

    Ford has been homophobic, gallingly racist – and yet, that’s what got him the votes! He’s not just like those beer-guzzling rednecks who hate women, ethnic minorities, and LGBT people – he IS ONE OF THEM.

    This will no doubt be his exit, however. And the city will be glad to be rid of him.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    “Srsly though, while I hate Mayor Ford, is anyone surprised that there were black people involved?”

    Yeah, but the mayor is your kinda’ White, Rick…I mean, David Hagatha Hearne.

  10. Randy says

    Petes, as in the US, the rational and humane areas of the country are largely in the cities, and in Quebec. (Except Quebec, while liberal on many issues, has a problem with xenophobia).

  11. Gary says

    I’m glad my brother didn’t live to witness this mayor. He loved Toronto. He edited a book to prevent “Union Station” from being torn down, and worked tirelessly for “The Body Politic” gay newspaper. His obit called him ” One of the great figures in the intellectual and political history of Toronto’s gay and lesbian people.” Not to brag, but he arrived in Toronto from Massachusetts with a backpack in 1969.

  12. Munro says

    ” Srsly though, while I hate Mayor Ford, is anyone surprised that there were black people involved?”

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY? F*ck you Kiwi.

  13. says

    If you think that was Kiwi, read Derrick’s response. Derrick is never fooled.

    Rob Ford is like Chris Christie’s and Rush Limbaugh’s more disgusting more homophobic brother. At the bottom of the gene pool, there he is. And he should have lots of time to continue his crack diet plan now, possibly in prison.

  14. Castro Craig says

    When I saw his photo above, the first thing I thought was Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

  15. GB says

    “in January 1990, Mayor Marion Barry was videotaped smoking crack cocaine and arrested by FBI officials on drug charges. The arrest and subsequent trial precluded Barry seeking re-election, and Barry served six months in a federal prison. He ultimately returned to the mayoralty in 1994, serving from 1995 to 1999.” Wiki

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, Ernie.

    They don’t do parodies of Little Kiwi. They can’t–they don’t have the talent that Kiwi does for making a mockery of their right-wing, misogynist, racists beliefs. They post dishonest comments opposite to everything Little Kiwi believes. It’s such a stupid and ineffective strategy. Anyone who reads the blog regularly knows it’s not Kiwi. but….whatever.

  17. says

    Very true, Derrick. Parody is an art, one at which Kiwi-imitators, alas, don’t excel.

    Thank you, @GB, if ever I’m making a list of crack-smoking mayors, I’ll know where to turn.

  18. greenfuzz says

    This is how it’s always been from Motown to lusting after hot black females. Drop them off in the middle of the hood they would poop their drawers and the paramedics would have to be called.

  19. ratbastard says

    Parodies? Mr. Miller doesn’t do parodies, He trolls. Raymond Miller is nasty, not remotely funny or amusing, when he trolls, which is often.

    Is there absolute proof this is Ford? He was arrested in something like 2000 for smoking weed in Florida.

  20. dumbnhung says

    Please oh please let this be the straw that breaks Rob Ford’s back. This embarrassing redneck waste of space has gotta go – and his big brother too!

  21. says

    worth a read.

    the irony that this whole nonsense erupted the night before the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia is just too delicious for words.

    it was a very moving day, and we were so proud and honoured to have two exceptional members of Toronto’s transgendered community speaking with us.

    crackpot (hehe!) mayor aside, you can’t stop love.

  22. andrew says

    That boy is way too fat to be a crack addict. Thats like saying Kiwi favors freedom of speech. LOL

  23. David Hearne says

    This can’t be! Not in Toronto! The city of goodness, light, and most importantly: diversitay.