Autopsy Report Released in Murder of Gay MS Mayoral Candidate; Says Suspect Confessed

Many questions still remain in the death of Clarksdale, MS mayoral candidate Marco McMillian, whose body was found late in February near a levee after being dragged, beaten, and burned. The coroner has released an autopsy report that detailing “multiple areas of blunt trauma to the head that are consistent with a beating.”

Macmillian_ReedThe Press Register reports:

It’s a simple, apparently clear cause of death, but the report is filled with grisly details that leave more questions than answers. The report, released publicly Friday afternoon, said McMillian died from a lack of oxygen because of a conjunctuval hemorrhage in his right eye and multiple contusions of his tongue. Basically, blood vessels in one eye burst and McMillian apparently bit his tongue.

Even so, the report doesn’t indicate what might have caused the asphyxiation and the report says McMillian’s throat and neck showed no signs of bruising or trauma, although the state’s forensic pathologist, Dr. Mark LeVaughn, concludes McMillian’s asphyxiation was a homicide.

22-year-old Lawrence Reed has been charged with McMillian's murder. The police department says it has found no evidence of a hate crime, and no motive has been proposed.

The AP adds:

Without naming Reed, the autopsy report said the man who was in the wreck in McMillian’s SUV “admitted to killing Mr. McMillian and dumping his body near the levee.” Authorities have previously said that Reed was alone when he crashed McMillian’s vehicle. The report said McMillian’s body was unclothed.

The report also said there were abrasions and lacerations on McMillian’s head, back and legs and multiple “areas of second and third degree burns.”

The FBI has said it is investigating.

The family released a statement in early March: “We feel that this was not a random act of violence based on the condition of the body when it was found. Marco, nor anyone, should have their lives end in this manner.”


  1. KevinLS says

    Not only do I think it was a hate-crime, but a targeted one.

    Don’t expect the police to take hate-crimes seriously, it’s in Mississippi; and the only openly-gay person running for Mayor gets in a car-wreck and is brutally killed, if the police say there isn’t evidence of a hate-crime, they aren’t looking very hard.

    Marco was targeted.

  2. Billy Crytical says

    The hetero police got us covered because they KNOW! *roll eyes* It’s a hate crime. The killer targeted Marco McMillan because he was gay and knew the police and society would not take it too serious and possibly let him free.

  3. GCS says

    Marco McMillian. Assaulted, mutilated and then set on fire. The reaction by the media was almost non-existent and the few coverage it received labelled his murder as a “panic attack” or “mysterious and inconclusive” – never a hate crime. No one cares. Everything about his horrible and untimely death swept under the carpet.

    Marco McMillian will never be a Matthew Shepard in the gay community; he doesn’t quite fit the mainstream bill of what a “gay man” should be. He will always be remembered nonetheless.

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