1. Mikey says

    That was an odd video in that the song felt like it was in the background of a movie scene. We couldn’t hear it very clearly.

    Neat stuff, though. As a Catholic, nothing makes me happier than riling up Catholics.

  2. mickyflip says

    Personally, I feel there’s a deeper meaning behind all the religious symbolism. Yet it somehow alludes me. So I’ll just say one word regarding the video clip. EPIC!!!!

  3. graphicjack says

    So Bowie is copying Madonna now? I don’t personally care because anything that jabs at religion is good with me, but I just figured Bowie was more original than this.

  4. mike says


    Saying Bowie is copying Madonna is laughable… and I’m sure Madonna would agree. Neither are the first to use Catholic iconography, and the two videos (this and Like A Prayer, I’m assuming) are using it for different messages and effects.

  5. ian says

    It’s “The Next Day”, not “The New Day”. The CD is great though. His best in many a year. “We can be ‘Heros’ just for one day”. So now it’s the Next Day, where do we go, what do we do now?

  6. Icebloo says

    David Bowie is a piece of sh%t. He is a supporter of the right wing government in the UK which is attacking working people at a record rate. Bowie doesn’t care – as long as he doesn’t have to pay any tax on his millions.

    Also – Bowie was one of the first selfish idiots to use being gay to get attention and promote his career. He pretended he was gay/bisexual in the 1970’s for the free publicity then years later said he was not gay any more. That kind of stupidity damages our community. It make people think it is OK to hate and attack us because we CHOOSE to be gay. Again, Bowie didn’t care – he just wanted the free publicity to make more money.

    David Bowie is a shi$head only concerned with his own bank account.

  7. Randy says

    More incomprehensible nonsense from Bowie. What a surprise.

    But what IS surprising are the low-budget CG effects. Used to be you could at least count on him for style. Even that is gone.

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