1. Mike Ryan says

    Not only is this outcome appalling but it is disgusting. They’ve been in the building since 1928 rent free, have discriminated against gays since that time, and the City is going to pay them nearly $900,000 to move? That’s Philadelphia tax payer money. If I was a taxpayer in that City I would be OUTRAGED! Just because the payout comes out of the “diversity” fund account still means the funds were put there by taxpayers. I’m disgusted with Philadelphia but more so with the Boys Scouts.

  2. bentley1530 says

    The City of Philadelphia lost in court, so it was either pay the legal fees, keep fighting and possibly lose again or settle and move on. I am glad they are ending this and getting the building back which is in a wonderful location and has to be worth millions. Also I want to note that the Philadelphia Boy Scouts wanted to include gays but the national organization stopped them.

  3. jdogg says

    Isn’t it ironic that the constitution was written in Philadelphia, and now Philadelphia is wiping its butt with it? “In the name of diversity, get out of our city because we don’t like what you have to say!”. Only a liberal can’t see the blatant, unabashed hypocrisy of this.

  4. Bryan says

    It’s unfortunate the city lost in court, but this is still good news.

    And as for jdogg, being socially destructive and inimical to the greater good, bigotry fails the “fire in a crowded theater” test and is therefore not protected as freedom of expression.

    Would you side with the Boy Scouts if they discriminated against non-whites? The organization allowed Scout troops free reign to brutally discriminate again African Americans until 1974. Scout officials in Richomnd, VA once threatened to stage a public burning of Scout uniforms if black boys were permitted to wear them.

    How is this any different?

  5. mic says

    Oh poor JDogg…

    Cannot understand prejudice from correcting prejudice.

    Pretty typical for a tea-bagging republican troll.

    Carry on, mo-ron.

  6. mic says

    Oh, and JDogg, don’t forget to say “hi” to those loser Koch bros when you pick up your blood money troll check next week, M’Kay?

  7. David Hearne says

    “The Historic Landmark building laden with Scouting symbols was built and paid for by the Scouts on city land at the city’s request in 1929 and the cost of maintenance and renovation has been borne by the Boy Scout council ever since.” wiki

  8. Tom Cardellino says

    Might put things in perspective to remember that Great Britain used gunboat diplomacy to “rent” Hong Kong from the Chinese for a 99-year lease, which the Brits had to vacate once the Chinese had nuclear bombs and the Brits had, well, the Argentine Malvinas (a/k/a the Falkland Islands.) The Brits got zero pounds sterling to compensate them for the building of one of the world’s greatest cities. In 1929, the City Fathers of Philadelphia only cared about “gay rights” when they paid off the City’s vice squad to release their down-low boyfriends from gay bar raids. It amazes me that a trial court judge could force the hand of a major American city with an equal rights amendment to find in favor of a decades-long abuser of LGBT civil rights. Have they suspended access to appeals courts in the Commonwealth of my birth? I don’t care how many “fixtures” the discriminatory Boy Scouts installed on the City’s property since 1929, any owner of land should be able to assume the ownership of any such improvements when the lessee’s lease ends. The Philadelphia City Solicitor’s Office is weak as water on this one, and it only emboldens the homophobes nationwide who make up the Boy Scout management.

  9. Nick says

    Brian, you don’t know what your talking about. Even in Mississippi the Boy Scouts were integrated before 74. Amoung non profit youth serving organizations, the BSA was one of the first to allow black participants and actually have a better record in that regard than most similar organizations.

    More over the scouts in Philadephia have supported policy change in the BSA. Maybe if they could have been fighting for gays rights instead of to stay in a building they built and have kept up with their own money, things could have changed. Doubt it, but we need to quite fighting the idea of scouting and fight the people that keeping us out of it. We should support those fighting for us.

    As an eagle scout I want to fight to once again be a part of the organization, not tear it down for some type of retribution.

  10. ratbastard says

    Philadelphia has much bigger problems than this,unfortunately. A great city, but the violent street crime is out of control, getting to be as bad as Baltimore or DC [or Richmond for that matter.] It’s a d*mn shame.

  11. Fahd says

    Mission accomplished. The Boy Scouts are out of the building. The wrong of them continuing to occupy city property without paying rent has been corrected.

  12. Jerry6 says

    What needs to be remembered is that the discrimination against Gays did not become a factor in the occupentsy until the MORON CHURCH and other Churches started to take over the Boy Scouts Nation wide a few years ago. Before that, Gays were even Scout Masters, and some troops even had Gay Patrols as well as ones for “Straits”. I know, because I was in such a Patrol when I was a Scout in the late 1930’s.

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