Jason Collins, Michelle Obama Attend LGBT DNC Fundraiser in NYC: PHOTO

(twitter jason collins)

Out basketball player Jason Collins, who headlined a DNC LGBT fundraiser last night in New York City, tweeted this photo from the event.

ABC News reports:

Speaking at the DNC’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
Leadership gala in New York City, Collins, who publicly revealed he was
gay for the first time last month, called the first lady “a steadfast
champion for LGBT families,” who with her husband is working to convey
that “the most important thing that defines a family is love.”

Collins said he hopes his announcement provides “courage to those
still unsure about coming out and I hope it shows them the overwhelming
amount of support that is waiting for them.”

“Jason, we are so proud of you. We are proud of your talent, your
character, your courage, and we are so proud,” the first lady said. “He
has just made the difference in the lives of so many of our young
people. So let’s give one more round of applause to our friend, Jason
Collins. We love you so much, Jason.”

It's not clear how much was raised at the event ( $1,250 and up to $32,400 per person), hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, although one powerful donor spoke out yesterday, announcing he was cutting off funds to the DNC over frustration about the lack of movement on immigration and ENDA from the party and the President.