Girl Arrested and Expelled From High School Over Gay Relationship

Earlier this school year, Florida’s Sebastian River High School senior Kaitlyn Hunt began a relationship with a fellow classmate, a 15-year old girl. This past February, soon after her 18th birthday, she was arrested and charged with two felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child 12–16 years of age.

Hunt's parents claim the the family of their daughter's girlfriend has never approved of the same-sex relationship and has since made Hunt a target. According to The Examiner:

“They are out to destroy my daughter, because they feel like she ‘made’ their daughter gay. They see being gay as wrong and they blame my daughter. Of course, I see it 100% differently. I don’t see or label these girls as gay. They are teenagers in high school experimenting with their sexuality – with mutual consent. And even if their daughter is gay, who cares? She is still their daughter.”

The other girl's family has taken even more action against Hunt: "The girl’s family petitioned the school board and got Kaitilyn expelled from school, weeks before graduation. This decision was made in spite of a judge declaring she could continue to attend school as long as she didn’t have contact with the girl."

More from Opposing Views, who reports on a plea deal that Hunt has been offered:

Her mother, Kelley Hunt Smith, claims State Attorney Brian Workman offered her daughter a plea deal that she has until Friday to accept or face trial. The plea deal includes “two years house arrest and one year probation.”

Her father, Steven R. Hunt, said the school disapproved of the relationship from the beginning. Hunt reportedly had good grades and participated in cheerleading, chorus and basketball. She was voted “most school spirited.” But when she began dating another girl from the basketball team, her coach dropped her citing that the relationship would cause “drama.”

Hunt's family has started a petition on (which has so far netted over 36,000 signatures) as well as a Free Kate Facebook page


  1. Kevin says

    She broke the law and committed statutory rape, I don’t see how any of these other factors has anything to do with her prosecution. She was 18 and having sex with a 15-year-old … that is wrong. Kate should have dated girls her own ago.

  2. Steve says

    If tards like you learned to read you’d notice that she isn’t being charged with statutory rape. That’s because it doesn’t apply at all. Look up the statute.

    And who does the school board think they are to ignore two court orders? Just another board controlled by fundamentalist Christians. Like basically all of them.

  3. Stef says


    When I was a freshman in high school I dated a senior boy who was 17 going on 18. When I was 16, I started dating a boy who was 18. They were in the same school, this wasn’t like a pedophile situation, they are peers. 15 and 18 arent very different especially among girls. Want to know how many hetero marriages woudnt have existed in the last 50 years if senior BOYS couldnt date freshman or sophomore girls? Come on.

  4. Adam says

    This all sounds a bit sus. I wonder if Kaitlyn is acting at the behest of a straight guy who wanted to groom a younger girl for his own sexual perversions. Don’t laugh – I’ve seen how women – with boyfriends – befriend other women in order to help their boyfriends fantasy-wise.

    In any case, if Kaitlyn broke the law, she broke the law. This is not a gay rights issue or an issue of discrimination.

  5. Huh? says

    I thought situations like this one fell under the category of “Romeo & Juliet” relationships if the participants were within 3 years of each other in age and no force or coercion was involved. If I read the article properly the two girls were 17 and 15 when they met. So, where’s the crime?

  6. says

    Actually, Jason (aka Adam), your comments are always laughable, which may be why you troll under so many screen names.

    Anyway, the parents are right. It’s ludicrous that laws are on the books that make it a crime for consenting high school students–gay or straight–to date one another. They are, as Stef says, peers. The harm is in the law and the idiotic consequences it has brought on.

  7. Adam says

    I wonder if the people would have signed the petition had it been two boys in a relationship. Doubt it.

  8. Political Cynic says

    You know-this story is presented as “she is a victim” and yet I cannot help but think-if SHE were HE-all the feminizzzts would be screaming rape and crying for castration.

    So where are they and their so-called “love” of “equal rights” now?

  9. says

    @PoliticalCynic, not sure why you assume a feminist would view a relationship–regardless of sexes involved–between consenting teenagers as rape? You’re randomly projecting your anti-feminist views onto a situation where they don’t apply.

  10. Mike Ryan says

    Please sign the petition. It is at 41,000 and needs a total of 50,000 before action can be taken.

  11. says

    I still don’t understand why this is a felony charge. If the crime is just dating, which doesn’t mean there was any sexual intercourse, it shouldn’t be a felony. Now if it were a 30+ year old woman and a 15 year old girl I wouldn’t dispute that but these are two teenagers, both still in high school.

  12. MateoM says

    Adam can’t even troll well. How pathetic. Rick/Jason/Ratbastard/David Hearne/Adam/Uffda is really quite terrible at this.

  13. Mary says

    We can argue about the legality of an 18 year old dating someone 3 years younger, but there is no doubt that homophobia was the motive for trying to get Kaitlyn in trouble. The 15 year old girl’s parents are being foolish because all this is doing is publicizing their daughter’s sexuality further. And in today’s cultural climate, parents can’t stop a 15 year old girl from experimenting sexually by suing her lesbian girlfriend. Their daughter is going to do what she wants – if anything, she’ll probably be more proudly lesbian now (maybe she’ll even become a regular reader of Towleroad, if she isn’t one already!) And it is totally wrong to keep a girl off the basketball team because the coach disapproves of her sexuality. What a witch hunt!

    This is probably a first. I’m going to agree with Towleroaders that Kaitlyn’s civil rights are being violated and that someone should help her counter-sue.

    Ernie, I guess this time we’ll have to bypass our usual exchange of posts where I advocate caution for the sake of not causing backlash in the future and you advocate a “give-em hell” policy saying that this is the only way progress is achieved!

  14. Adam says

    As a gay guy, I won’t be signing this petition and I urge others not to. It appears to be a fake gay rights story that is using gay rights to push an agenda that has nothing to do with gay rights.

    Don’t get sucked in by fake gay rights stories.

  15. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Maybe it’s legal where you live, but here ANY sexual contact between a 15-yo and an 18-yo is illegal. And it would have been illegal when she was still 17-yo.

    Legally, no child under the age of 16 can give consent to anyone of any age of any gender-combination. The only exception is if BOTH are 16-yo or 17-yo…and even that is dicey. Once one of partners turns 18, it’s illegal again until BOTH are 18 or older.

    And it’s best to wait ’til both are 21-yo before dabbling in anything kinky or outre’.

  16. anon says

    A great example of how age of consent laws are hard to get right. My suspicion is that the age of consent in FLA is 16. However, the judge should through this out on sparse enforcement grounds and perhaps “shock to the conscience”.

  17. says

    @Mary, I can say with pleasure that you are right on target. I only disagree with you when I disagree with you. :-) And while the law would also apply (absurdly) to a straight consensual relationship between teens, the motivations of the parents of the younger girl were likely about sexuality rather than age. (Some parents might be upset about the age difference; others could use that as an excuse to try punish the person who, in their minds, made their child go gay.) In any case, if the authorities went after all teenagers who were breaking this law, the jails would be full of horny young people.

    @Ted B.: I’m not sure what kinky or outre has to do with anything? Are there special laws against “kinky” sex? What qualifies as “outre” sex? (Who do you think is going to wait to 21 if they can get laid earlier?) There are places where the age of consent is different for straight kids and gay kids, and that is clearly wrong.

  18. Mike says

    @Huh? – They should, however, the “Romeo and Juliet” laws, (Where they exist.) are treated vastly different depending on what state you are in. Take Kansas for for a noteworthy if troubling example. According to one website: “In 2001, Matthew R. Limon was sentenced to more than 17 years in prison for having consensual oral sex with another boy – Limon had just turned 18 while the other boy was a month away from this 15th birthday. Had the second boy been female, Limon would have received at most 15 months of prison under the state’s “Romeo and Juliet” law. The United States Supreme Court ordered the Kansas Court of Appeals to review the sentence after it ruled in Lawrence v. Texas that the sexual conduct between gays shouldn’t be treated differently than that of heterosexuals. The court decided, however, that differential treatment is justified.
    Christopher Curtis writes for Gay. com:

    “Kansas Judge Henry W. Green Jr. justified his ruling by saying legislators could claim homosexual acts entail health risks. Green also wrote that heterosexual offenses are less objectionable because they could lead to babies being born, and “same-sex relationships do not generally lead to unwanted pregnancies.” “It’s insane! It’s insane!” reacted Chris Hampton, a spokeswoman for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Lesbian and Gay Rights Projects. “The state is basically encouraging teen pregnancy.”
    “All people should be equal in the eyes of the law, yet this decision upholds penalties that are designed to target gay and lesbian people simply to show disapproval,” [Human Rights Campaign (HRC) President Cheryl Jacques] said in a prepared statement. “As the Supreme Court beautifully articulated in Lawrence v. Texas, mere disapproval is never sufficient reason to treat people differently simply for being gay,” she added. “We are hopeful that this case will be correctly decided by the higher courts.”
    Green’s decision is, quite frankly, ludicrous. Heterosexual sex between minors is “less objectionable” because it could lead to teenage pregnancy and an unwanted birth? Assuming that pregnancy was even relevant, it’s much more logical to argue that homosexual sex between minors is “less objectionable” because it won’t lead to an unwanted pregnancy! The ACLU intends to appeal to the Kansas Supreme Court – hopefully, that court has more rational and sensible judges on it.”

  19. Mary says

    “(Who do you think is going to wait to 21 if they can get laid earlier?)”

    Actually, Ernie, there are people who wait until 21 or older for non-religious reasons. One young man, I think it was Michael Post, husband of Warhol superstar Edie Sedgwick, waited until 21 because he thought that was a good age to first have sex and because he wanted to lose his virginity on top of a mountain. And he did. I don’t know exactly what his motive was, though.

    I personally waited for sex until I married (and I was 34, so this was no small achievement.) I always thought it made sense that sex belonged in marriage, although I naturally had some lusty desires. Also, I hated the sexual revolution even as a young child and resented being told that “young people” were responsible for it. What I was rebelling against was the 1960’s belief that sexual fulfillment outranked every other concern in life. The sexual revolution shook us by the lapels and wouldn’t let go – I thought it was excessive.

    Sorry to go off topic. In general though, I agree. Most people won’t wait till 21, and it is hard to define “kinky” or “outre.”

  20. melvin says

    Thank you Mike. Great job explicating at least a little of this mess. It is obvious that the only way is to draw an arbitrary line somewhere and stick with it. And equally obvious that there needs to be a Romeo and Juliet exception if the age difference is smaller than some other, equally arbitrary period. Say five years. And it should go without saying that there should be no difference on account of gender.

  21. says

    @Mary, I, obviously, have no objection to people waiting till any age before having sex for religious or any other reason–whenever they feel ready and able and have a willing partner. But horny teens who feel ready to have sex (whether they really are or not) aren’t about to study age of consent laws and wait till they’re 21, as Ted B. implied they should if they’re into that “kinky” sex. Reality check.

    And thank you, Mike, for refreshing my memory of the despicable Kansas case.

  22. AmazingRace says

    Expect this times 1000. Welcome to the results of gay overexposure. It used to be that bar with the entrance in the back, much more fun and just as efficient.

  23. says

    Yeah, @AmazingRace, those good old days of shame and secrecy, nothing went wrong back then with the law and gay people.

  24. Adam says

    Why should Kaitlyn get special treatment just because she claims to be gay? The law does not discriminate against her here.

  25. DC Arnold says

    I am not exactly uber liberal when cases such as this comes up but the parents in this situation really should have researched Age of Consent laws. Notwithstanding this is a repug stonghold, I cannot support either parents for not sitting down and discussing this rationally. I don’t begrudge the girls involved but it smacks of idiocy to have the law brought in because you can’t stop love. I truly wish my homestate could join the 21st century.

  26. jamal49 says

    Actually, Mary, Michael Post did not make his “no sex before my 21st birthday” vow because La Sedgwick gave him an order: “either sex with me now or we are done”. Mr. Post complied.

    The 18-year old is being prosecuted simply for being gay by the 15-year old’s evangelical parents. In other words, we do not know if the two young ladies’ relationship was, shall we say, consummated. If not, then where is the “delinquency”?

    A good lawyer for the young woman should be able to to their school and find any number of friendships or relationships between couples of the same age to question whether or not this couple is being prosecuted simply for being lesbian.

  27. Jonathan says

    The romeo and Juliet law may apply here in Florida, however in Florida, like several other states it does NOT legalize sex between an 18 year old and a 15 year old. What it DOES do is allow the 18 year old to apply to have the sex offender label removed at the end of their sentence.
    In this case the girl is lucky. There are many states she could be charged with statutory rape, or even child molestation and the Romeo and Juliet laws do not even kick in till the younger party is at least 16 or 17.
    In Ohio there is a saying 15 gets you 20. There were plenty of 18 year olds in my high school that dated freshmen, but if any of them had sex with that 15 year old they managed to keep it a secret because everyone knew that in our county if you messed with a 15 year old and an adult found out you were going to prison.
    Also people are ripping on the school and the coach for their looking down on the relationship, but they are right. After years of looking away from athletes, Prosecutors and parents are coming down on schools that allow any sort of sexual impropriety between athletes and other students even if those other students happen to be on the same team. The coach and school knew this was going to be an issue and wisely cautioned the girl against the relationship and kicked her off the team. And while the judge said the girl could remain in the school as long as she avoided contact, he did not require the school to let her and clearly the school board and the victims parents saw separating the 18 year old from the victim was a smarter idea.
    Furthermore, from the various news articles, the behavior of the school administration, and the cops, I strongly suspect that the fifteen year old was not as happy with the sexual side of things as people seem to think. I also find it abhorrent and suspect others do too that the 18 year olds parents obviously not only fail to see anything wrong with an 18 year old having sex with a 15 year old but according to the mother were actively encouraging it. If I ever have a 15 year old and i find out that an 18 year old is having sex with them, you better believe that I would not be encouraging it, and that the 18 year old better hope the cops found them first.

  28. says

    Of course one wonders would there be so much hysteria had Kaitlyn Hunt being an 18 year old boy who would nonetheless be subjected to the same charges as well. Then again one wonders if any charges would have been brought in the first place had Kaitlyn’s 15 year old friend had been dating an 18 year old boy instead. Something that goes on without a second batting of the eyelid at most schools.

  29. MIkey says

    Why don’t they just stone Hunt? If the Xtians had their way, they’d be happy to pick up a rock. I see this as a fundamentalist issue, but even assuming their reasoning is that their little daughter was duped, seduced, or taken advantage of, I’ll bet if it was a boy they’d just ground the kid. Now the “victim” is going to be typed forever as a lesbian, whethr or not she is. And I’ll bet that the other kids in her sophomore class are laughing up their sleeves at her–but perhaps that’s the way the parents think they can control her sexuality. If she can find a l5 or (under 18) boy, it won’t be long before she surrenders her hetero virginity. Just look at the statistics.

  30. chaz says

    I’m so tired of people using homosexuality as the source of the problem. I’m glad she was in love with someone. I can care less whether it be same sex or not. It is no ones businesses if she is gay or not, but if she broke the law, then she should be convicted rightfully so as anyone else would for breaking the law. The law is the law.

  31. David says

    I agree that horny teens will not look into any kind of laws if they are wanting to explore the feelings they have for one another. At 18 years old, I do believe there is some kind of knowledge that the young girl has as far as right or wrong. Does not mean she knows the laws, but as far as right and wrong, I do believe that there was some knowledge. I agree with Chaz 100%. I can care less if she is gay or not. It is no one’s businesses if she is gay or not, or if she is in love or not. This has nothing to do with any of that, but it has everything to do with the LAW. She is old enough to make the choices that she made, she broke the law and should be convicted as any other individual would be convicted for breaking the law.