1. Jeff says

    Ryan. Ryan. Ryan. Why do you have to be soooo sexy AND so funny AND so talented AND so charming..AND so down-to-earth..You make everyone else seem so ordinary.

  2. Rick says

    “Why do you have to be soooo sexy AND so funny AND so talented AND so charming..AND so down-to-earth”

    And supposedly ridiculously hung, to boot.

    While I share these sentiments, I have to make note here of the odd love-hate relationship gay men have with straight men.
    I just wonder–if Ryan Gosling were actually gay, would we see the same kind of slobbering over him in these comments that we do here? My gut tells me that we would not… the very least, the positive comments would be muffled and more nuanced….and they might even be negative.

    No question that many gay men still regard straight men as sexier than even the most masculine and attractive gay men, presumably because they have internalized the idea that “straight” is inherently masculine and “gay” is inherently unmasculine (no matter how apparently masculine a gay guy is)…..Because they, themselves, are lacking in masculinity and they equate that lack of masculinity with homosexuality, they simply cannot believe that another gay man could possibly not have at least a little “sissy” in him…..(and many think that any gay man who is masculine is just “faking it” and is really a sissy just like them under the faux exterior)….and if he does have a little “sissy” in him, he cannot possibly ever be as sexy as a straight man–who presumably is devoid of any “sissy” component

    It would also be interesting to see how the adoration of Gosling would change is it turned out he was a homophobe or even ambivalent about gays. I am not saying he is–I have no idea–but he was raised a Mormon and I have never heard him express any support for gay rights, so who knows? Would he suddenly cease to be so sexy?

    Anyway, yes, he is extraordinarily hot…..

  3. Brian says

    I have so many Thai friends in this movie, and I’ve heard so many stories from them about working with Ryan, it was the main topic for the three months he was in bangkok. And every single one of the stories is boring, nothing scandalous etc, just a regular nice guy.

    And Rick, try not to make everything so complicated to fit your weird little theories. Personally I’d take Matt Bomer over Ryan, but that’s partly influenced by an intense desire to shut you up.

  4. nefter says

    OMG Rick!! STFU! Stop trying to project your BS on everyone! Ryan is adorable that does not make me any less attracted or accepting of GAY men just as they are, however they are!! BTW, is your intention to gay bash every time you post? or are you just SOOOOOOOO self absorbed that you don’t realize or care how hurtful the things you post can be? your relentless never ending tirade of masc vs femm is borderline abusive. Maybe you could step off your manly gay soapbox for a little while and let the men who ARE comfortable in their own skin enjoy the conversation with out being bullied by your narrow point of view? I look forward to your condescending response.

  5. scott says

    Thank you @nefter and @Brian!!!

    Not everything or everyone fits into a lil black and white box of femme, butch, whatever. My bf is very straight-acting, but when his fav diva comes on- he starts jumoing around and yelling- so adorable.

    I think the same thing can be true in sex- in gay or straight…. the bottom can be very butch and domineering while obv. also assuming the receptive role- so in that situation, whose masculine and whose femme?

    Life isn’t split always split into dichotomies.

  6. says

    I’ve just read Rick.

    WTF is he on about ?

    The whole top/bottom paradigm is hetro based and although the roles are entertaining I don’t regard them as compulsory.
    @ Scott ; I totally agree; guys, no matter how straight acting or not, will adopt whatever character they can have fun with, such as acting-out when a favourite singer/actor comes on.
    I think they call it ‘fun’.

  7. SC David says

    I had to watch that twice. Once for the arms, and then a second time for the arms. ­čśë

  8. jaragon says

    Now what director does not want the Gosling as his muse? Just go watch “The Place Beyond the Pines”.

  9. Niebuhr says

    Yes, the director (Nicolas Winding Refn) is indeed pretentious, but he’s a Danish National treasure none the less. Same could be said about Lars Von Trier. But I think most directors are pretentious, right? America certainly has a few pretentious directors as well! ­čśë But as long as they can back it up with great movies that entertain the masses, who cares? Nothing wrong with being a little eccentric.

    As for Ryan Gosling… Well… WOOF! Easily one of the most sexy men. Ever!

  10. Mastik8 says

    He is cute. I’d like to spank him. But dear god that director is tedious.

  11. andrew says

    No doubt it, Ryan is a good looking guy with a great body. However, there are dozens of guys at Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher and Bel Ami Studios who are better looking with much better bodies. Just sayin!

  12. Chris says

    RE: Rick and finding str8 men attractive:
    When your chance of getting something that you like is reduced, it makes it more attractive. This works with all people and all the things they want. Forbidden foods for people on diets, for example. It even works with monkeys.
    A hot guy being str8 makes him technically unobtainable, thus, makes him hotter. No need to read self-hatred into it or whip up a bunch of ex-gayesque psychobabble.

  13. Bill says

    Oh Ryan, you make gay men of all ages go completely nuts. Just remember to be nice and kind and know that we all have huge crushes on you. We love you.

  14. Iban4yesu says

    My goodness , he’s adorable, just too bad that he chooses to work again with that scumbag with the penchant with the excessive violence. Putting that inane Dane with von trier in the same category? No way!

  15. Supes81 says

    @Rick I have to agree with Brian. Matt Bomer all the way. He is sexy, and comes across as nice and sweet, he is masculine (who cares about that if he has the other qualities), has a sense of humour etc.. While Ryan has that too, I would prefer him as a good close friend, while Matt would be a great boyfriend/husband. Cause he is actually gay. I love gay men. Straight guys are good as friends.

    Rick I think you need to get out more and meet real people and not judge your opinion on your extensive time on the net, real life just isn’t the same. Plenty of gay men have no interest in straight guys in real life and the net isn’t real life.

  16. Seattle Mike says

    Cheyenne Jackson is at least as hot as Ryan Gosling to me. And he’s 100% gay. Same with Matt Bomer and Ricky Martin, as pointed out.

  17. Tre says

    I just don’t get it… he’s no cuter than the average guy at my gym. Have at him fellas – he’s all yours.