1. Rick S.... says

    The ultra-narcissistic personality he puts across in this renders him ugly to me. Seriously, can you imagine dating a guy who was so hung up on how “good-looking” he is? And yes, I know that a huge number of gay men, particularly in big cities, are so hung-up, and frankly, it is pathetic.

  2. millerbeach says

    Wow…I found myself agreeing with Rick…what do I do now? LOL A bit over the top, even for me. No doubt, he is hot, but the narcissistic attitude is a total turn-off. If only I could put something in his mouth that would render him speechless….

  3. michaelofthegreen says

    Guys, I feel pretty sure he didn’t write the commercial, FGS. Seems like they were attempting an “I’m on a horse!”-style humor. (and failing, yes, but don’t shoot the model for it)


    ‘really good looking’ and ‘one of a kind’ mean absolutely NOTHING and is now on a par with TV’s
    The Bachelorette saying the word ‘amazing’ every 32 seconds

    I take that back…Dr. Pepper has now helped redefine
    ‘really good looking’ and ‘one of a kind’ as meaning
    “ordinary’ and ‘stupid’.

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