1. Anon says

    Netflix isn’t really splurging on PR. This is the “it” thing right now… wonder how many of these he’s done until someone recognized him.

  2. J Y says

    This is actually funny, and people who read too much into it have far too much free time on their hands. As for the lame “she likes her parks” snipe, so does everyone else who tries to stay physically fit. There was a time when being lazy wasn’t a badge of honor, and I would hope that people in our own community would stop assuming that other gay people have to troll around in forests in parks as the only way to get someone.

  3. theo says

    Spacey obviously has a pretty great sense of humor… unlike the boring, droll trolls who comment here on rumors or criticizing his physique.

  4. Paul R says

    Spacey has done incredibly creepy things to (straight) friends of mine, playing off his celebrity. He’s also hard to work with and closeted. I don’t think he deserves much defense.

  5. ratbastard says

    I was passing that exact spot late afternoon in Feb, this year, and a young homeles schizophrenic kid was standing right where Spacey is, facing George Washington on his horse, screaming at him. F.U.! F.U.! Stop staring at me!! F.U.! I’m not your slave you mother effer!!! There was a group of middle aged tourist standing horrified nearby.

    Saw the kid again a few times, but he was either really quiet and withdrawn listening to his radio, or sleeping in the park in his sleeping bag across from the Taj Hotel.

  6. Barca says

    Wow, the trolls are out commenting on him being in the closet. I mean, this is a joke. Pretty much if any celebrity photobombed (and it’s not inappropriate for being in Boston…sigh) my photo I would laugh! It’s not like after that happened she couldn’t spend 10 more seconds taking another photo without him in it.

    The point of of Andy posting this photo was not so that everyone could make claims (I’m not saying they’re true or not) but to show the sense of humor he had to photobomb her picture.

    Don’t forget Usual Suspects, an awesome movie!

  7. MateoM says

    Weird. David Hearne makes fun of a closeted celebrity. You’d think he’d be the first to champion him, considering how much David Hearne hates open, proud gay people. What a troll.

  8. pbs:-) says

    LOL… i think it’s hilarious .. imagine getting photobombed by Kevin Spacey ..Awesome ! Some people are definitely reading too much into this .. Relax people !

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