1. Adam says

    Interestingly, if this song video featured a half-naked female singer surrounded by half-naked females, it would probably be played on MTV. However, because it’s all men, it gets classified as gay and is lucky to see the light of day.

    Note, also, that there is no openly gay or bi male singer in the itunes top 100 singles chart in the US. Not one. Sad. It’s a gay-free zone when it comes to men.

  2. Rick in Cincinnati says

    I keep checking the videos out wanting to like him… but the vocals/rapping always seems to be buried under all the other sounds.

  3. graphicjack says

    Adam, stop clutching your pearls… things are getting better. We have openly gay superstars like Ricky Martin, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken who have all been in the top 10 or higher while being out. Yes, the numbers don’t reflect and represent the population as a whole, but people’s minds are changing. We can thank Boy George, Elton John, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, kd lang and others for paving the way for queer-looking and queer-acting people (gay, bi or straight, male or female) to be represented in pop music.

  4. Mikah says

    Chorus is kind of catchy.”Now what chu wanna do”,and who you wanna do it with”? Lol