1. norseman says

    The world is changing and the man is a dinosaur. He and his bigoted friends will go the way of the T-Rex. Is my count accurate that 20 percent of our United States now embrace same sex marriage ? Progress. Keep looking forward.

  2. Mike8787 says

    I don’t understand why Andy posts this guy every time he speaks. The attention only fuels his ratings (and therefore his contract), and he says nothing remotely startling or troublesome — at least coming from his mouth.

    I’d understand a Robertson post every couple months, just to remind us of his crazy, but Andy posts every single drop of drool that comes out of this windbags mouth.

  3. Mary says

    If Pat Robertson really wants to come across as a Christian (instead of the blithering idiot he usually comes across as) why doesn’t he instead talk about how gays and Christians are going to get along in the years ahead? It’s obvious that marriage equality is here to say – at least in the states that have it already.

    I agree with him that it isn’t “hate speech” to say that someone can change his sexual orientation – even if that viewpoint is wrong. But when you keep mentioning a group of people in the same paragraph as rapists and thieves they will understandably get offended.

  4. sothere says

    Pat can “change” out of his longline panty girdle, since it is obviously binding and pinching. Oh how I “hate” when that happens.

  5. sothere says

    Pat can “change” out of his longline panty girdle, since it is obviously binding and pinching. Oh how I “hate” when that happens.

  6. Matt26 says

    PR never disappoints nor fails when giving stupid statements. Every time there are news about gays, he runs to talk about it. I wonder does he ever think, why? Does he ever think -Why am I thinking of gays so much and so often?

  7. Chuck Mielke says

    Pat, Reprehensible, Robertson commits a hate crime when he compares homosexual people to rapists, robbers, murderers, etc. Even were he correct that a gay person can change their sexual orientation, the question remains: why? Why should a person who simply prefers to have sex with someone of the same genital endowment avoid doing so? Simply to keep Christians happy? To let Reprehensible Robertson continue his fantasy that only people like himself populate the globe? To help people believe in the power of their imaginary sky-fairy? “God gave you free will, but he’s forbidden you to use it in any way he disapproves.” BS

  8. Christophe says

    Exhibit 1: shoving religion down everyone’s throats. Exhibit 2: false winess and lying about minorities. Exhibit 3: getting paid for that, under the guise of “charity.”

  9. Joseph L says

    Wow, is he trying out for a part as an extra on “The Walking Dead”?

    It always amazes me that these fossils are caught up in the “is being gay a choice” question when there is no question that RELIGION is a choice. If we really could change, then he could just as easily convert to reform Judaism and support “teh gay.”

  10. Bill says

    While one can reasonably express the opinion that it is not a hate crime to suggest that one’s sexual orientation can change, that is not what the politician from Ecuador did. He called gays “immoral” and suggested they ‘suffered from “severe deviation of conduct”‘, statements made as part of a political campaign. The politician is in trouble because Ecquador’s electoral code “forbids candidates of publicly expressing any thoughts that discriminate or affect other people’s dignity or utilise symbols, expressions or allusions of a religious nature.”

    Robertson may not like that law, but it is not his country. Apparently the general opinion in Ecuador is that political campaigns should not try to use minorities as scapegoats and that religion should be kept out of politics.

  11. says

    Oh Pat Robertson, you silly billy, have you forgotten your religious studies again ?
    Murderers and rapists can change.
    But homo can’t change. They’re “intrinsically disordered”. Is says so right there in the Catholic Catechism.

    Murderers and rapists are not “intrinsically disordered” but the homos sure are.

  12. Bernie says

    and joining in on the thinking of Mr. Robertson, is it then possible for someone so stupid to change and become smart?!?!?!?!? Just look at Mr. Robertson…….maybe reparative therapy can change his stupid orientation to someone with a smart orientation…..

  13. Michael says

    Wow, now I’m really looking forward to the day he finally dies. It should honestly be made into a gay national holiday when it finally happens.

    So, let me get this right, those gay kids who kill themselves just should’ve prayed a little bit harder because we all know they were already pleading with God to make them straight. Guess hanging themselves was just the easier choice.

  14. Tom Cardellino says

    As a gay man about to turn 60-years-old, it really troubles me how an oppressed minority can so wholeheartedly buy into Madison Avenue’s hatred of all Americans who are elders. This religious buffoon has plenty of reprehensible traits, but his mere age is not one of them! For almost all of the commentary on this article to “condemn” his age so glibly is an extremely hurtful insult to those of us LGBT folks who have had to endure DECADES of baseless hatred and insults, not to mention one of humankind’s most devastating and medically elusive plagues. If not for the many 1,000’s of great once-young now deceased or elderly gay men who fought for the very lives of the LGBT community, wholeheartedly supported and led by their lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender comrades, many of you folks who spout ageism as if it’s funny would still be cowering in alleys and remote filthy men’s rooms to furtively act out clandestine sex acts, merely for sex’s sake. Gay Marriage? Don’t you know that it was elder LGBT folks who brought that up when it would cause the loss of one’s livelihood, no prospects for any further career despite one’s collegiate degrees, and an ostracism by your local community started with your name listed in so-called police blotter vice columns in your local newspapers? Age has its advantages, even though this Robertson political hack hasn’t seemed to achieve any. But I repeat: Age-related insults deeply hurt LGBT elders who’ve already taken a Hell of a lot of abuse to further LGBT rights for EVERY age group! Show some respect and common decency, please.

  15. Bill says

    @Bernie: it seems that the brain is malleable and that intelligence can be increased – kind of a “use it or lose it” thing. Alas, Robertson hasn’t used it for most of his life judging from the crazy things he says.

  16. millerbeach says

    He forgot about hypocritical bigots who cloak their hate around Jesus Christ…yeah, that’s what Jesus would have wanted…all of his teachings, all of his words, used for hatred? I don’t think so, Pat. Better re-read that Bible. Hey, I’ll make it easy on you…just go to the chapter in the Gospel (you do know where that is in the Bible, don’t you, Pat?) Turn to where Paul asks Jesus what is the most important Commandment? Jesus answers, to love God my Father with all your heart and soul. Paul then asks, what is the second most important Commandment? Jesus answers, to love one another (ALL of God’s children, Pat, not just the ones like you) to love them all as you love my Father. Got it Pat? You are not a practicing Christian, and if you don’t change your ways soon, your soul will burn for all eternity in Hell. Not a pretty prospect. Why can’t you be more like Jesus, Pat? Why all the hate? Where in the Bible does it say it is o.k. to hate? It doesn’t! At all! Under no circumstances are you allowed to hate any of God’s children. Read it for yourself.

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