Rally Against NYC Anti-Gay Hate Crimes Planned for Thursday Night


The activist group Queer Rising had announced a rally against the recent spate of hate crimes against gay men in New York City. It it planned for Thursday evening from 7 pm till 9:30 pm at the corner of 7th Avenue and W. 33rd street outside Madison Square Garden, near where the assaults took place.

VictimsQUEER RISING — a grassroots organization created to demand full equality for all queer people through nonviolent direct action — invites ALL members of the LGBTQ community and our allies to STAND TOGETHER in a RALLIED RESPONSE to the DUAL HATE-CRIMES that occurred in Midtown NYC on May 5 (outside Madison Square Garden) and May 10 (outside the W.34th St PATH Station).

JOIN THE RALLY: On Thursday May 16, beginning at 7:00pm, Queer Rising and members of the public will rally outside Madison Square Garden (specifically the SW-corner of 7th Avenue and W.33rd Street), demanding attention be paid to the protection of all New Yorkers on MSG vicinity during games, and to denounce any violence against the LGBTQ community. At 8:15pm, a short-list of participating community leaders with speak.

JOIN THE MARCH: After the Rally, we will march through Chelsea, going south along 8th Avenue, ending at Horatio Street/Jackson Square Park.

WHAT TO BRING: Posters declaring your position on anti-violence, safety on the streets, or the Knicks and MSG's responsibility to denounce anti-gay violence.

ATTENTION: At Madison Square Garden, we will be face-to-face with individuals who may share the same mind-set as the May 5th attackers. Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE that we DO NOT provoke anyone. We will simply be providing information (via flyers and posters) to Knicks fans, informing them of the incident and our demands for safety.


  1. MaryM says

    So this protest is to demand attention be paid to homophobic violence.

    Fair enough – but a far more effective means of raising awareness of homophobia is direct action protests inside homophobic churches and political rallies.

    We need to start taking our battle to the religious groups’ home turf.

  2. Fenrox says

    Wow, people just don’t want to let go of that racism. Black people don’t have a problem with gay people. Religious bigots and horrible people have a problem with gay people.

  3. tilltheworldends says

    There is a saying where I’m from. Monkey knows what tree to climb. I’m 6’3 250 and gay and I know martial arts. I would make an example out of one of those bashers. If a group of people are attacking you pick one of them and just whale fist at one person make him feel what you you are feeling as well.

  4. ratbastard says

    Sorry, these rallies do really nothing. They seem to exist as a way to keep frightened ‘queers’ radicalized and not questioning any of The Party line. See ‘queers’, you are oppressed and victimized. Now lets go over to the ‘undocumented’ immigrant rally, and finish up the night with the workers of the world unite protest.

    I’d suggest if possible ‘queers’ arm themselves with whatever they can get their hands on, including firearms. Better to be judged by 12 than buried by 6.

  5. ratbastard says

    I should add black people had no issue with arming themselves back in the day down south when they were where genuinely oppressed, often violently. No ‘progressives’ of their day questioned this necessity of being armed for personal safety. Eleanor Roosevelt carried her own revolver when travelling in the deep south during the 50s while she was helping the civil rights cause. Fast forward to today and ‘progressives’ want the ‘oppressed’ [‘queers’] to be disarmed, along with every other honorable, law abiding citizen. Only ‘pigs’ [police] and law breakers/criminals should have scary firearms. I don’t get it. I really don’t. They don’t call firearms the great equalizer for nothing.

  6. jamal49 says

    Ratbastard, you lousy, phony coward. STFU. I doubt if you even have the balls to attend a laundromat let alone any rally that steps into the lair of the lion to stand up for LGBTQ rights and safety..

    MaryM, I’m with you. Take this goddamn battle right to the source.

  7. ratbastard says

    What exactly did I say Jamal that offended you? I said nothing racist. I said nothing anti-gay or homophobic. Nothing. I said I approve of decent, law abiding people, whoever they are, of being able to arm and defend themselves. And I said I thought these endless vigils and rallies do next to nothing to help.Your response is way out of line.

    And you must think I’ve led some kind of sheltered life Jamal, like Little Kiwi, AKA Raymond Miller, did in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  8. greenfuzz says

    Speaking as a former member of Queer Nation I hope this group does more than we ever did. We were really good at pasting up stickers everywhere.

  9. USC Trojas Fan says

    Rallies are an incredible way of galvanizing the community and showcasing visibility. I too am happy to see this organized and a plan of action in place.

  10. Michelle C. says

    What rallies accomplish also is the media attention sends awareness to future attackers that we’re much stronger and larger than you think and you can’t terrorize our community. Try as you may, we’ll stand tall and stand together.

  11. LipstickDiva says

    My girlfriend was attacked by a group of 3 men outside a mall while she was minding her own business and walking to our car. She is more butch and they basically stalked her and called her a dy*ke and all sorts of homophobic names while punching her. They said if she’s going to look like a man, she should fight like one too. This was about 3 years ago. At the time I remember us feeling so lonely and angry and like we were all by ourselves until our local LGBT community center planned a rally where this happened. It not only made us feel like we had an entire community that had our back, but I swear it helped my girlfriends physical and emotional recovery.

    Aside from the loud message of solidarity these rallies send. They make the victims of these awful crimes and their loved ones not feel so alone, in a very vulnerable state in their life. Glad this queer rising is doing this.

  12. Alex Lyones says

    New York LGBT leaders were slow to react to the awful amount of crimes and harassment happening in the city against GLBT this past year. A sharp increase from years before. It was like, NY got marriage equality and our LGBT leaders pretended we don’t have other issues that need attending: one being public education, awareness and outreach against LGBT hate crimes! Enough is enough. Stop ignoring this mess. I’m glad our community leaders are FINALLY taking notice and doing something. What good is marriage if you can’t walk outside with the one you love without being bashed? That’s not okay. And just as every other minority group has their leaders and voices who valiantly respond to these matters, our leaders and organizations should too.
    I’ll be there on Thursday.

  13. Anila Abhay says

    Well crime and violence is all over the country and I just finished reading a book about it. White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America. http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/. It’s about hate crimes, racial crimes, mob violence, violence against gays.. etc. It’s a collection of violence mostly have videos. You might not believe it but it’s really happening. So scary. I think there’s more than 50 cities.

  14. JD says

    @AL: Who are these “LGBT leaders” you speak of? A bunch of self-appointed, self-promoting party planners and star fukcers, who design a catchy letterhead and start raising money to first pay their six-figure salaries plus benefits that come with their mostly no-show jobs. The rally on 8th St. last night was beautiful, except for the speakers. Not one said what needs to be said: that a police force dedicated to terrorizing peaceful young men of color cannot be expected to protect a peaceful young man of color. All the nonprofits in town, including LBGT nonprofits, have their collective lips sewn so tightly to the Emperor Bloomburg’s wrinkly little sphinctor that nobody dare mention the elephant in the room. Disgrace.

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