1. ratbastard says

    OK, it’s nice people get together and express their anger and sadness at these events. I do understand. But if you want to get people like Morales off the streets and not in positions where they can hurt others, they’re barking up the wrong tree. The real problem here isn’t specifically gay-centric. It has to to do with violent crime, the criminal justice system, large dysfunctional [and often violent] subcultures and demographics [and I am not just referring to ‘minorities’ here!] that are enabled and have been for a long time by official government policies, and demographic trends in general that favor more and more people raised in cultures that are very anti-gay. Of course religions included here, and for some people / demographics are as a whole, the norm is to be conservatively religious. People should realize that yes mainstream Protestantism is dying, and mainstream Catholicism is holding it’s own. But it’s also largely irrelevant to most American Catholics, except for many Hispanics and recent immigrants from places like Haiti and Africa, Asia, and it’s these folks [minus black people] who’re at the center of our population growth in this country. Evangelical extremist denominations and extremist Islam are booming. It’s the center of the road and liberal leaning Christian denominations that are dying on the branch.

  2. David Hearne says

    Fear not, New York! The Human Rights Campaign is writing a letter! So we’ve had a rally, we’re getting a letter, the only left is a candle light vigil and we’ll be exactly the whiny little weenies people expect us to be.

    Arm yourselves. Do not stand by and watch the gay community (or your parents, or friends, or the next generation, or the neighborhood you grew up in) attacked by the criminal evidence of the decay of society.

  3. Rick says

    @ratbastard Dude, gangbangers don’t go to church on Sunday and could not quote you a single verse from the Bible.

    Relgious belief is not what is driving this violence.

    It is driven by the unwillingness of gay men to fight back–which is the very reason they are targeted in the first place–which is all about masculinity, the REAL driver of vitually all anti-gay violence and homophobia in general.

    I promise you that if gay men were to decide en masse to be men and apply the same standards of masculinity to themselves that other men do, these attacks would not happen.

  4. Rick says

    What I’m angriest about is that this man’s family are there to thank the crowd and speak out against anti-gay hate. My own family would have been part of the mob cheering on the man’s killer.

    I’m not masculine, by the way. I’m just ugly. Sometimes we get those things confused. Notice how I mock and denigrate effeminate men as wimps, when I’m an even bigger wimp in that I can’t even put a face to my comments on the internet?

    That’s why I hate effeminate gay men – despite the ongoing violence in our culture, they’re not the ones who run and hide away in the darkness and hope nobody notices them. They continue to live each day, fearlessly, and refuse to hide.

    That’s why I hate them. Because they’re effeminate and yet stronger than I am. So, expect me to keep typing anonymously about how much I hate effeminate gay men, while never being man enough to show my self-styled masculine self. Because in truth, I’m the biggest wimp of all.

  5. ratbastard says


    If you just grow up AROUND such a conservative evangelical religious environment, a lot will still rub off on you and affect your thinking, even if just subconsciously. Also understand this is a generalization but Hispanic/Latino culture traditionally is very macho and hyper masculine, as is traditional black culture whether from the deep south of the U.S., the Caribbean. Any male who doesn’t act hard or masculine is politely speaking frowned upon. And popular attitudes among non-whites in the hood is whites guys are all p*ssies and ‘gay’.

  6. David Hearne says

    Hey Kiwi, Isn’t it going to ruin your bipolar fun if Towleroad gets an upgrade to a membership type forum? Then you won’t be able to post racist and stupid crap under other people’s names.

  7. MateoM says

    Ironic that David Hearne would be criticizing others for posting under other aliases. Considering he himself is an alias of our resident troll. A troll without a shred of self awareness. Pathetic and sad. GET A LIFE.

  8. MateoM says


    Oh Rat. Your lack of self-awareness would be hysterical if you weren’t so insufferable. Diverting attention away from your behavior will not make us forget that you’re a well known roll on this site. Nice try, but we know better.

  9. Jeton Ademaj says

    i was at this sad event, up front. so many shrill voices demanded non-violence…yet utterly LACKINg the power to make it happen.

    and Queer blood keeps spilling everywhere.

    ONE slaughted gaybasher > 1,000 Rallies.

  10. wh1te queens are sicknening says

    i was at this sad event, up front. so many shrill voices demanded non-violence…yet utterly LACKINg the power to make it happen.

    and Queer blood keeps spilling everywhere.

    ONE slaughted gaybasher > 1,000 Rallies.

    Posted by: Jeton Ademaj | May 22, 2013 12:19:24 AM

    Miss Jeton you want to be next?

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