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Wade Robson Says Michael Jackson Sexually Abused Him for Seven Years: VIDEO


Choreographer Wade Robson on the Today show this morning:

Back in 2005, Wade Robson was the first defense witness at Michael Jackson's trial, where the singer was accused of molesting a 13-year-old cancer survivor. At the time, Robson was unequivocal: He was not sexually abused by the man known as the King of Pop. But he has changed his tune.

On TODAY Thursday, the 30-year-old choreographer told Matt Lauer that Jackson, who died in 2009, was "a pedophile and a child sexual abuser."

From ages 7 to around 14, Robson said, he was abused by Jackson, who he said "performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him."

Robson is currently asking a probate court to allow him to file a late creditor's claim against the Jackson estate, now that the deadline has passed for creditors to file such claims...

...Howard Weitzman, a lawyer for Jackson's estate, said in a statement: "Mr. Robson's claim is outrageous and pathetic. This is a young man who has testified at least twice under oath over the past 20 years and said in numerous interviews that Michael Jackson never did anything inappropriate to him or with him. Now, nearly four years after Michael has passed, this sad and less-than-credible claim has been made."


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  1. There must be money somewhere.

    Posted by: JR | May 16, 2013 9:15:07 AM

  2. It's true! he's buying property in Hawaii, and the properties he's interested in aren't cheap... shameful...

    Posted by: Alan Brickman | May 16, 2013 9:17:43 AM

  3. You have to really want the money to go on TV and admit that you performed a sex act on Michael Jackson. I imagine that being somewhat like sucking a snail.

    Posted by: David Hearne | May 16, 2013 9:18:21 AM

  4. As someone who has followed the Jacko saga for years it has always been clear (to me at least) that he was paid to lie about his having sex with him and now that the golden goose is dead he's telling the truth in order to get money.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | May 16, 2013 9:28:04 AM

  5. This man has zero credibility. This will not end well for him.

    Posted by: Brian in Texas | May 16, 2013 9:28:38 AM

  6. Will Jordie Chandler speak up next?

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | May 16, 2013 9:31:26 AM

  7. Why should we believe his testimony now? Either way, he's a liar. It's simply a matter of when.

    Posted by: Marc | May 16, 2013 9:37:18 AM

  8. Didn't get paid enough if any to lie back then. Trying to get paid now. Which one is the truth? He saved MJ. Isn't he due some kind of reward?

    Posted by: SFSolstice | May 16, 2013 9:37:40 AM

  9. So how much money is he asking for...?

    Posted by: S. | May 16, 2013 9:42:24 AM

  10. This guy sounds like a text book survivor of abuse. I would personally be inclined to listen to him.

    Posted by: H | May 16, 2013 9:43:57 AM

  11. This guy sounds like a text book survivor of abuse. I would personally be inclined to listen to him.

    Posted by: H | May 16, 2013 9:43:58 AM

  12. So when are the authorities going to put him in jail for perjury?

    Posted by: Michael Barber | May 16, 2013 9:45:04 AM

  13. It wouldn't surprise me if he's telling the truth...now. Ive always believed that Jackson was a pedophile. However, his previous testimony has destroyed his credibility in this matter. I trust the judge will toss out his new claim quickly.

    Posted by: JohnAGJ | May 16, 2013 9:45:33 AM

  14. Best way to find out if he was telling the truth is to have 2 independent polygraphs taken... and if he fails the results,have them published and he pays for the test. If he is not lying,then he should be allowed to make claims against the Jackson estate.

    Posted by: Jerry Pritikin the bleacher Preacher | May 16, 2013 9:46:12 AM

  15. I am so proud of wade. The exact same thing happened to me. It took until I had my son to be able to talk about it and even want to deal with it!!! Michael Jackson was a sexual predator. He had issues!! It doesn't take away from his talent but he was and did molest children. Keep going Wade. There are more people behind you than you know!!!

    Posted by: angie barker | May 16, 2013 9:46:17 AM

  16. He certainly had nothing but praise for Jackson here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqubEuZmLfM

    Sexual abuse of children is a horrendous and heinous thing. As a survivor of sexual abuse I speak from experience. This is just my opinion but I don't believe Robson.

    Posted by: Gigi | May 16, 2013 9:47:06 AM

  17. Good lord people, It doesn't affect you in the slightest if this claim goes through. You just gotta not be a disgusting human every time someone is raped and is trying to explain it. Is that really so hard? And again, nothing in this story will ever effect you, do you really need to poo all over a potential rape survivor?

    Posted by: Fenrox | May 16, 2013 9:48:52 AM

  18. I believe him but he should have come forward when it mattered in 2005. Suing the Jackson estate for money is a huge mistake as it only helps the die-hard defenders of that monstrous pedophile.

    Posted by: Paul | May 16, 2013 9:51:23 AM

  19. This guy is an opportunist. Follow the money.

    Posted by: NYC212 | May 16, 2013 9:53:13 AM

  20. This guy is an opportunist. Follow the money.

    Posted by: NYC212 | May 16, 2013 9:53:14 AM

  21. Fenrox - It's not that simple. In the first place, we have no reason to believe this person is a "rape survivor". By his own testimony, under oath, it never happened. Moreover, as others have pointed out, the time has passed and Michael Jackson is dead and unable to defend himself. I am not a Jackson fan or defender. I think he was weird. I think he was ridiculous. I have no reason to think he was a child molester because everyone who has accused him of it was playing off his eccentricities and aiming for his wallet.

    Posted by: David Hearne | May 16, 2013 9:54:35 AM

  22. If he were coming out just to tell the truth and did not seek money damages, I would be more inclined to believe him. As it is, not so much.

    Posted by: Jack M | May 16, 2013 10:11:17 AM

  23. I support the truth.

    While I've never slept with MJ myself as a child, I can't comprehend why a grown man would be surrounded by children to the extent that he was. The idea of wanting recapture a lost childhood is media feed. Something has always been off about those parents (usually less-advantaged people) would offer up their children for the perks they received. Horrible.

    If someone protests too much, or otherwise is plagued by rumors, that smoke usually leads to a fire. In this case, I'm inclined to be a roaring fire.

    Posted by: Jack | May 16, 2013 10:14:49 AM

  24. I don't understand how Wade's prior testimony was so important. Wade testified that Jackson did not molest him, but how does that mean Jackson did not molest the boy the case was about?

    And I do believe Wade's current story.

    Posted by: Dastius Krazitauc | May 16, 2013 10:17:25 AM

  25. He makes it sound like there's something wrong with it.

    Posted by: David Hearne | May 16, 2013 10:18:51 AM

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