1. David Hearne says

    You have to really want the money to go on TV and admit that you performed a sex act on Michael Jackson. I imagine that being somewhat like sucking a snail.

  2. says

    As someone who has followed the Jacko saga for years it has always been clear (to me at least) that he was paid to lie about his having sex with him and now that the golden goose is dead he’s telling the truth in order to get money.

  3. Marc says

    Why should we believe his testimony now? Either way, he’s a liar. It’s simply a matter of when.

  4. SFSolstice says

    Didn’t get paid enough if any to lie back then. Trying to get paid now. Which one is the truth? He saved MJ. Isn’t he due some kind of reward?

  5. H says

    This guy sounds like a text book survivor of abuse. I would personally be inclined to listen to him.

  6. H says

    This guy sounds like a text book survivor of abuse. I would personally be inclined to listen to him.

  7. JohnAGJ says

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s telling the truth…now. Ive always believed that Jackson was a pedophile. However, his previous testimony has destroyed his credibility in this matter. I trust the judge will toss out his new claim quickly.

  8. says

    Best way to find out if he was telling the truth is to have 2 independent polygraphs taken… and if he fails the results,have them published and he pays for the test. If he is not lying,then he should be allowed to make claims against the Jackson estate.

  9. angie barker says

    I am so proud of wade. The exact same thing happened to me. It took until I had my son to be able to talk about it and even want to deal with it!!! Michael Jackson was a sexual predator. He had issues!! It doesn’t take away from his talent but he was and did molest children. Keep going Wade. There are more people behind you than you know!!!

  10. says

    Good lord people, It doesn’t affect you in the slightest if this claim goes through. You just gotta not be a disgusting human every time someone is raped and is trying to explain it. Is that really so hard? And again, nothing in this story will ever effect you, do you really need to poo all over a potential rape survivor?

  11. Paul says

    I believe him but he should have come forward when it mattered in 2005. Suing the Jackson estate for money is a huge mistake as it only helps the die-hard defenders of that monstrous pedophile.

  12. David Hearne says

    Fenrox – It’s not that simple. In the first place, we have no reason to believe this person is a “rape survivor”. By his own testimony, under oath, it never happened. Moreover, as others have pointed out, the time has passed and Michael Jackson is dead and unable to defend himself. I am not a Jackson fan or defender. I think he was weird. I think he was ridiculous. I have no reason to think he was a child molester because everyone who has accused him of it was playing off his eccentricities and aiming for his wallet.

  13. Jack M says

    If he were coming out just to tell the truth and did not seek money damages, I would be more inclined to believe him. As it is, not so much.

  14. Jack says

    I support the truth.

    While I’ve never slept with MJ myself as a child, I can’t comprehend why a grown man would be surrounded by children to the extent that he was. The idea of wanting recapture a lost childhood is media feed. Something has always been off about those parents (usually less-advantaged people) would offer up their children for the perks they received. Horrible.

    If someone protests too much, or otherwise is plagued by rumors, that smoke usually leads to a fire. In this case, I’m inclined to be a roaring fire.

  15. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I don’t understand how Wade’s prior testimony was so important. Wade testified that Jackson did not molest him, but how does that mean Jackson did not molest the boy the case was about?

    And I do believe Wade’s current story.

  16. Juan Jose Lopez says

    As a survivor I too have a hard time believing Robson. If it was from 7-14 where were his parents? Why did he not say something when it was happening. Why didn’t he tell his parents or pitch a fit the way children do when they don’t want to go. I have a harder time believing “repressed memories” as well. Especially when here we are over two decades later and I can’t seem to forget what happened to me.
    If he was a victim sorry for him. But as many of you had posted had he not been looking for money as the other “victims” had done in the past. Everyone seems to forget once Jackson cut off his generosity to the kids and family that the stories would then come out in order to make money. I just feel that no money in the world can give me back what I lost nor will it help me forget. He would add credibility to his story if he wasn’t seeking financial restitution. That’s what makes him look like a liar to me.

  17. LetSodomRing says

    For many survivors of abuse at the hands of parental/guardian figures, it is entirely typical for them to vehemently and even violently defend their abuser, at least at first, and sometimes for quite a while. Mr. Robson’s changing story is not a surprise at all for a survivor.

    As for the fact that part of what he’s pursuing now is monetary restitution, how is that a point against him or any rape survivor who comes forward? That is an intrinsic part of our legal system for not just rape but many other crimes. Are victims supposed to be magnanimous towards their victimizers?

  18. Mike Ryan says

    I think we all know that Jackson was a talented and unprecedented pedophile – a man who could make money and careers with the squeal of his voice. I have no doubt Jackson loved playing with the pee-pees of the little boys – seriously doubters, your refusal to accept the facts about his sexual predilection toward little boys is downright silly and sad. Jackson was a predator, a child molester and I bet, as time goes on, more and more of his victims will step forward. And Wade, being the first to be so open, deserves to cash in on the fear and abuse inflicted by “The King of Pop”.

  19. Dback says

    I read the unauthorized biography of Michael Jackson back in the 90’s after the first round of sexual abuse allegations broke. I have no doubt that he was a brilliant, brilliant artist, but a deeply disturbed and warped man. Robson’s story perfectly dovetails with that. (And the Jackson family is the most mendacious clan in America–they’ll sue anyone and everything to keep the golden goose laying eggs.)

    Dreadful people. And the Houstons, unfortunately, aren’t much better, though they at least haven’t been entangled in child molestation. (However, I have no doubt that Bobbi Kristina was abused and neglected for much of her childhood.)

  20. ratbastard says

    I agree with others that he most likely was being paid off to lie about Jackson not molesting him. That said, the man is probably telling truth this time, IMHO. I have little doubt myself that Jackson was a text book pedo. I’m sure he molested every boy he was able to get his hands on, including some well known and famous celebrities, who are probably now more embarrassed than anything about coming forward.

    And Jackson’s family are the scum of the Earth. They wouldn’t care if he had raped 1000 kids, as long as they got a piece of his $.

  21. Juan Jose Lopez says

    Anyone I know who has been a incest or rape survivor has never asked for money from their attacker. Only searched for justice. He also now changes story from repressed memories to “i remembered I just didn’t know how to face it”
    He has already lied under oath. He testified for Jackson making another “victim” look like a liar. He had the opportunity to set thing right once. Instead he lied. Isnt there a saying once a liar always a liar. I am a survivor of 10yrs of incest. If he is a victim im sorry for him. It took me years to move forward from my abuse. Going from a victim to a survivor takes some work.

  22. Juan Jose Lopez says

    Anyone I know who has been a incest or rape survivor has never asked for money from their attacker. Only searched for justice. He also now changes story from repressed memories to “i remembered I just didn’t know how to face it”
    He has already lied under oath. He testified for Jackson making another “victim” look like a liar. He had the opportunity to set thing right once. Instead he lied. Isnt there a saying once a liar always a liar. I am a survivor of 10yrs of incest. If he is a victim im sorry for him. It took me years to move forward from my abuse. Going from a victim to a survivor takes some work.

  23. andrew says

    What kind of parents allow their 7-14 year old son to share a bed with Michael Jackson

  24. Deeee! says

    What a liar! I’m sorry for anyone who feels offended by this comment, but I refuse to be one of those people who instantly believe anyone once they say they were abused. This guy testified in Michael Jackson’s favor years ago. If he HAD been molested, he wouldn’t have done so. He did it to defend his friend and benefactor. Now that MJ is dead and can’t witness his betrayal, he’s trying to lie and blackmail his family for money. This is the most disgusting, pathetic kind of person there is. A bottom-feeding parasite.

  25. Robert says

    Most of the comments here show a real lack of understanding of the complexities of child sexual abuse. I suspect that despite all the abuse he loved Michael, and combined with MJ’s power, money, fame, etc, testifying against him in such a high-profile case when Wade was still relatively young would be a very challenging thing for anyone to do. As for why he didn’t say something while it was happening? Most kids don’t. There’s shame, the feelings are confusing and overwhelming, and it is often easier to just say nothing, especially when a kid doesn’t really understand what’s happening.

    I believe Wade.

  26. says

    The people who are dismissing and deriding Wade Robson are soulless and stupid. The young man was abused as a child for a very long time by a person he loved and idolized. That is a very hard thing for any victim of abuse to do, to “betray” the person they loved and trusted.If he wasn’t ready to come clean in 2005, I don’t hold that against him. I think he is perfectly credible.

    I’ve met Wade and while I don’t know him well, he struck me as a serious and thoughtful person.

    I don’t think he is merely saying this to make money. I think very few people would do that, and I don’t think Wade Robson is one of them.

    I wish him well, and I wish people who can brush off the many, many, many obvious clues that Michael Jackson, musical genius or not, was a molester would open their hearts and eyes. Or at least use their brains.

  27. says

    @David, I agree that all details around that case are murky and suspect. My point is that all cases need the same respect, because there will never be a proper way to deal with rape, especially when children are involved. I don’t think this guy should get anything other than some free therapy.

    Moreover I think we all need to get out of the mindset of prejudging cases with rape, prejudgement happens and in other cases can be fun, but with rape there should be a reverence for the truth. That reverence will also help keep away scam artists, as people should not tolerate someone making a mockery of this process.

    But you know, imperfect world, everyone is allowed their opinions, but some deference even in the face of bullcrap, would be really nice.

  28. says

    None of this surprises me. What does surprise me is there are still people who so furiously defend Jackson. Still.

    There’s so much smoke here, is that the reason none of you can see the fire?

  29. june says

    Isn’t this the same person who, while choreographing for Britney or Justin, slept with Britney? While she and Justin were a couple?

  30. Marc C says

    Jimmy Savile was a prolific, long, LONG term pedophile who literally never was caught while alive in spite of the numbers. For those of you arguing that MJ could not have done it and that Robson is now lying and should have come forward sooner, ask yourself why he wouldn’t have in light of Jimmy Savile.

  31. Randal Oulton says

    So this Wade guy is admitting he committed perjury the first time around; is there a Statute of Limitations on that? Judges take a real dim view of being lied to…

  32. CVP says

    Next time, Robson should wear a turtleneck. Don’t have your mouth write a check your body’s simultaneously attempting to bounce. #chestflush #autonomicnervoussystem

  33. Rick says

    I have no idea whether or not this guy is telling the truth–probably not–but I would love to bend him over the side of a bed and “abuse” the hell out of him!

  34. gayalltheway says

    A tell-all book on the way? Maybe a new reality show? Or wanting to get a slice of the eventual settlement money that the Jackson’s will get from AIG? Either way, this screams publicity all the way.

  35. Jerry says

    If I remember correctly, jurors in that trial said that they believed that Michael Jackson had abused children, just not the one who had filed the charges. Michael Jackson as pedophile is pretty much established, it’s just a matter of which kids’ parents got “enough” of a payoff to keep it quiet.

  36. Lars says

    The real criminals are Wade’s parents. And the parents of all the other kids who Michael abused…at least after it became obvious to anyone with eyes that he was a predator. Seriously, who lets their little boy have sleepovers with a middle aged stranger? Yeah, they were probably getting paid off. And that is no excuse for pimping out your kid. Just makes it worse.

    I love Michael’s music. And to be honest, my heart breaks for the impossibly difficult life he had to lead. He was robbed of a childhood, and mistreated by the people who were supposed to nurture him during those vulnerable pre-adult years. And so the abused became the abuser; that is a story as old as time. But let’s get one thing perfectly clear: abuse NEVER excuses further abuse.

  37. Bart says

    Do I believe Mr. Robson. Yes. Do I think he’s entitled to monetary compensation at this point? No and I don’t think he’ll get it.

    There’s a difference between your truth and legal truth. There was an established cut off date for legal claims against the estate. For these two reasons alone, I would imagine that a good defense attorney for Michael Jackson’s estate will be able to make Mr. Robson out to be a pathological liar and a con man. A soft sad voice, soulful eyes and graphic testimony about their sexual relationship aren’t going to be enough to convince a jury, especially when the defense attorney makes you look stupid, forgetful and/or a liar.

  38. Tom says

    I believe him. As someone who was sexually abused as a 10 year old, I didnt even begin to grapple with it till I was in my late 20’s.

  39. SayTheTruth says

    Nothing more credible that the testimony of someone who lied twice under oath. Yeap, that must gain him some sweet money. Not. That’s the paradox of the liar, even when telling the truth you can’t believe him.

  40. EchtKultig says

    Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. Michael Jackson had some serious issues and the proponderance of evidence would suggest he had inappropriate relations with children at some point. Also, the incentive to keep it quiet must have be quite powerful within the entertainment industry. Maybe since it’s been several years people like McCaulay Caulkin will finally have more to say, if they aren’t still getting hush money.

    This guy is being an opportunist, but I can believe he was either afraid to tell the truth years ago or was paid off. The bigger story here of course is how stupid parents or guardians were willing to let their kids be taken advantage of to have a celebrity connection in their life, and/or were economically exploiting their children. And how the culture of shame around child abuse keeps kids from feeling empowered to bring it to the attention of an authority figure, even if it has to be someone other than the parents. (Not to forget MJ’s greedy handlers and sycophants who undoubtedly knew what was going on.)

    Why can’t society understand proximate versus ultimate responsibility? It’s like the issue of Bradley Manning. He was a stupid, insecure kid who got in way over his head in the military and in unhealthy relationships, and he broke the law. I don’t hold him up as a hero, but he should never have been given a clearance and the SCIF where he stole information should never have been run so laxly.

  41. ratbastard says

    Speaking of Jimmy Savile, that lawyer @ 45 sec looks just like him.

    And why was that security guard in front of the window behind Lauer wearing a trooper hat in May?

  42. Jay says

    The fact that he is late to the deadline tells me he struggled with his decision to revive all of this.

  43. brandon h says

    Sad part is his claim is probably legit. Legally and in the court of public opinion he doesn’t have a leg to stand on though.

  44. Bob says


    Everybody KNEW that MJ’s “sleeping with boys out of love” was sexual molestation and cruel manipulation.
    People excused it because of his talent and because they liked him.

  45. alex says

    The timing of his announcement does not help in his credibility. A multi-million dollar Cirque du Soleil show based on Michael Jackson (called “One”) opens in Las Vegas next week.

    If I remember correctly, Robson was initially hired to choreograph “One” but was eventually replaced. Regardless of the veracity of this statements, it seems clear his announcement is a retaliatory attack for being fired.

  46. bambinoitaliano says

    It’s really sad regardless. I like Wade, he is a brilliant choreographer and showcase some really good dances on So You Think You Can Dance. With this speaking out, he definitely severe ties with any mainstream entertainment business.

  47. Bob says


    –If this guy had testified to the abuse we ALL knew had taken place, he, at 22, would have been a “bad guy” to the entire world. We all know that sexually abused people tend to remain at the emotional age of the abuse
    — How can Gay people, fighting so many misunderstandings about themselves, not see the totally obvious fact that a man who “likes to sleep with boys, but no sex” is a MANIPULATIVE LIAR?
    — If you love Michael, blame his sad inclinations and his death on his monster of a father. Don’t blame Michael’s victims

  48. Bill says

    @H: I would be more inclined to listen to him if he didn’t ask to be a creditor of an estate based on a claim about someone now dead and thus unable to offer any defense (a credible one might be having witnesses who saw Jackson in another state when the alleged abuse took place).

    Whether he’s telling the truth or not, he probably has quite a few million reasons to lie – that is, if a few million dollars is what he is trying to get.

  49. says

    I am NOT buying this even for a moment … even if it were true the whole “ruined for life because of gay sex ” gets old quickly

  50. rjp3 says

    The lack of support for someone abused here is sickening and why many victims never speak up…..shameful

  51. rjp3 says

    It is common for abuse victims to defend and protect their abuser… people not take intro psych anymore?

  52. millerbeach says

    I believe it is called “Stockholm Syndrome”, where the victim sympathizes with the perp, rjp3. He had to of known of the deadlines, and this really is a fishy filing. No doubt he was abused, but at age 22, well into adulthood, should have been able to pull it together in time for the cut-off. No doubt he was abused, and I must agree with a previous poster laying the blame with the PARENTS, not the kids, not MJ. What kind of parent in their right mind would let their little boy sleep with any grown man, let alone MJ, who was always considered a bit “off”, even before the pedophile allegations. Something else leads me to believe MJ did molest the boys…there was an interview in either The New Yorker or The New York Times a few years ago, of a man who would turn the tables on someone trying to bribe or blackmail a celebrity…he is paying for his crimes by doing hard time in prison. He listed quite a few celebrities he helped clean up their reputation by discrediting the accusers. He bribed people within the phone company to tap phone lines at the junction box, not the telephone line itself, so it would be undetected. He would then confront the blackmailer with dirty laundry of his own, and the blackmailer went away. He got busted doing this, and the interviewer asked if he ever refused service or quit on any celebrity…only one, in his entire career: Michael Jackson. He would not go into detail, but said it was sick beyond belief, and he could no longer do what he did, considering the crime MJ was trying to cover up, but one could easily surmise what that “issue” might be. Sad all the way around.