1. Michael Barber says

    Too bad we can’t do this to religious fanatics in our political system. Once they open their religio-fascists mouths, they’re fired. Special elections would abound.

  2. P says

    “Your lifestyle is your lifestyle.” How galling… maybe we ought to start saying that “I understand you’re a Christian, and I mean – your lifestyle is your lifestyle.” Religion is the one of the most extreme “lifestyle choices” and most incarnations of it seen hellbent on making everyone’s choices big or small for them.

  3. Greg says

    From the Scouts Law:
    TRUSTWORTHY. A Scout tells the truth. He keeps his promises. Honesty is part of his code of conduct. People can depend on him.
    BRAVE. A Scout can face danger even if he is afraid. He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at or threaten him.

    but DON’T be truthful or brave about who you are, we’ll have to kick you to the curb!

  4. MateoM says

    I had a friend who was a counselor at a Scout camp here in CA. He claimed that he was out to all of his superiors. I actually went to visit him at said camp a couple of years ago and noticed that he seemed to put on a “butch-er” demeanor than what I was used to from him. Despite being a former scout myself, I still felt extremely uncomfortable. I don’t know why anyone out-and-proud would willingly want to participate in this org knowing the anti-gay sentiments held by its leadership.

  5. Kieran says

    So the Boy Scouts will only discriminate against gay adult scoutmasters who are honest about their sexual orientation now? That’s like 1955 South Carolina “compromising” on racial segregation by letting black kids drink from Whites Only water fountains—-but not black adults. SORRY, NO COMPROMISING WITH BIGOTRY.

  6. lewlew says

    I can’t figure out why the Scouts admin can’t understand that OUT gay men would be their best ally in routing out the closet cases who are the ones that cause trouble.

    It’s so much better to know who’s gay, and I’m pretty sure our out guys would be very invested in protecting our reputation, in part by exposing the creeping ones.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  7. John B. says

    I hate when people justify their reasonings by “having been put in this position.” Such a lack of decency and honor. The idea that this person would somehow lead anyone is in itself a total disgrace. Fortunately, this young man will live to see this man go down on the wrong side of history.

    Intolerance is intolerable.

  8. Bill says

    @gregorybrown : I suspect “I wish you hadn’t done that” meant that the guy did not like finding himself in a position where the rules required him to kick someone out. Managers can really dislike having to fire someone.

    The “lifestyle” comment, regardless of what he intended, made the guy sound decades behind the times. At best he was simply repeating the terminology drilled into his head by his Calvinist preacher or whatever. At worst, it is an indication of bigotry.

  9. graphicjack says

    “I wish you hadn’t done that”. In other words, they are fine with gay counselors as long as they are closeted. But wouldn’t kids be better served by someone upholding scout laws of honesty and integrity, and if they are so worried about “predatory” gays who want to abuse or “recruit” children, isn’t it far more likely that the potential perverts are the closeted ones, not the openly gay ones?

    Never mind the fact that it’s straight-identified men who are far more proportionally likely to molest children. That’s a proven fact that’s an inconvenient truth to this bigots.

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