Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1373


DANCING QUEEN: The Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus, from its 'Extrabbaganza7'.

INTO THE HOLE: A man crashes into several cars at an intersection before ending up in a very large hole.

COVERGIRL: Every look RuPaul has worked from every season on Drag Race.

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  1. Terry says

    Erm…is this THE Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus? Or just a gay man’s chorus in Philly? The vocals and dancing leave a lot to be desired…

  2. charlie says

    I saw the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus’ “Extrabbaganza” show and it was amazing. They sounded GREAT and got a standing ovation and the crowd was on our feet even before they stopped singing. The dancing, the singing, the FUN. Brava to PGMC. They did a smashing job. Can’t wait until their next concert. BTW, to Terry, when you get your ugly ass on stage and work as hard as those guys did, then you can criticize. Until then BUTTON-IT!!!

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