1. ratbastard says

    I’m tired of ‘vigils’ being held after every violent crime incident. It’s become something like a scene or social event, almost attention wh*rish in nature.

    After the recent bombings in Boston, there was [and still is] a wave of people coming into the area where it happened just because I guess it’s exciting to be in a place where bombs went off and people were killed and had their legs blown off. They stand around with smiles on their faces, having their pics taken at the scene. Or they have these vigils where mostly people who had nothing to do with a particular incident, attend, and they cry and place teddy bears, candles, and cards at a ‘shrine’. I think it’s all getting kind of creepy.

  2. PE says

    Tell us more about things that you feel creepy or tired of. It soothes me to see people getting frustrated of what others do that has nothing to do with them.

  3. ratbastard says

    Mr. Ehrenstein, you are what’s known in simple English as intolerant. You are intolerant of any viewpoint that contradicts yours. Although you demand tolerance of your views.


    What did I say exactly that so offended you? Because I didn’t post the usual predictable sh*t that a lot of people post on here when sh*t like this happens?

  4. says

    My heart breaks over this. I had friends who attended last night – wish I could have been there. We’re strong when we stand together and unite in joy and grief.

    Here’s a story about a vigil being held for a young man murdered due to an ongoing culture of hatred and prejudice. And our resident troll comes in to be little bi**h.

    rat, this is why your family hates your guts. because you’re a worthless excuse for a human being, with no spine and no balls. why CAN’T you post a link that shows who you are, eh?

    your dad is apparently dead, according to this name you use, so it’s not like he’s around to be embarrassed by you anymore.

    so, why not finally one-up me like you always wished you could by Outing yourself, and showing who you are?

    what’s that? you can’t? because you’re beyond unimpressive and have no balls? well, that’s to be expected.

    we lost a young man in a violent crime. and it’s sad. if you’d been killed there wouldn’t have been a vigil, there’d have been a wave of relief that we had one less loser to deal with.

    feel free to be unpredictable and finally show yourself. or continue being exactly what everyone on here knows you to be: a loser so worthless and unloved that spewing hate anonymously online is the only distraction you have from killing yourself.

    RIP Mark Carson – and know that both LGBT people and our allies with integrity will never hide away in the shadows when faced with hatred and prejudice.

  5. leprechaunvict says

    ratbastard people all deal with grief in different ways- we all process things differently. i myself have never been to a vigil and likely never would go to one, but don’t think others should be judged for wanting to feel connected or solidarity with a larger community.

  6. BE says

    Reading the post I had a similar thought — another vigil? I have to agree with the Bostonian on this one. Of course Kiwi had friends there. He writes essays to himself, pity there is no teacher to grade them He always mentions “killing yourself.” Think he has issues with that. He speaks for “all gay people” of course. Rat has his own opinions. People from Boston have an edge and are not afraid of cutting through the bull. Token sentiment is transparent. I should know. I was raised there.

  7. PAUL B. says

    There’s good reason for us to be hurt & angry…but not at each other please. We’re starting to look just like “them”. Rat & Kiwi…just kiss & make up already!

  8. says

    Of course I had friends there, troll; my friends are not only proud to be gay, my non-gay friends stand in solidarity and support with all of us. it aint my fault not a soul in your own life cares about you.

  9. says

    well, it’s to be expected: when a cowardly internet troll sees a story about complete strangers getting together to honour and remember someone killed by senseless hateful violence, it makes them angry. why? because if they got killed, even their own close acquaintances wouldn’t shed a tear.


  10. BE says

    You’re whacked Kiwi. Time to pack up your illusions and misconceptions. You become very childlike when provoked. “No one cares?” Boo hoo. Get real. Realize that there was gay before Kiwi. You have an undeserved aura of specialness.

  11. PAUL B. says

    OK…let’s move on to the real issue here…it’s not about Rat & Kiwi…remember what this is really about. They’re killing us and we need to band together. Redirect anger. We’re brothers & sisters here…right?

  12. BE says

    You think everyone is in the closet. It’s such a cliche and amusing.
    It’s not about the victim, it’s about you isn’t it? Just yanking your chain. Do you live online Kiwi?

  13. says

    the vigil is about the victim. it’s about all of the victims of anti-gay hatred. including your closeted self. after all, it’s the hatred that killed this young man that has turned you into the coward you are right now.

    this is why whenever stories like this are posted, some anonymous loser has to come on to whine. it’s textbook.

    all you have is your anonymity. and that’s brutally sad.

    to all those who refuse to hide, you’re doing the right thing.

  14. Munro says

    Seriously though, kiwi lives to cyber bully anyone with a divergent opinion or experience than his own by calling them cowards and trolls and telling them to kill themselves. Here’s a thought, take some of your own advice. Here’s another: log off the computer and spend sometime outside of your echo chamber.

  15. Frank says

    Ugh, Jesus ratbastard. Do care about anyone or anything gay? Name one single thing you’ve done to advance the cause of gay rights, other then criticize others behind a computer screen.

  16. Kieran says

    I think it is offensive to use a gay man’s lynching to score some cheap points on so-called “gun control”. We all know these criminal thugs have no respect for laws in general and definitely not for “gun laws” in particular. Would it have made the rally speaker feel better if instead of a gun the homophobe had used a knife or baseball bat to murder someone he perceived as gay? The ironic part is the speaker would condemn the NYPD as “racist” if they stopped and frisked Elliot Morales for weapons before this tragedy happened.

  17. Kieran says

    I think it is offensive to use a gay man’s lynching to score some cheap points on so-called “gun control”. We all know these criminal thugs have no respect for laws in general and definitely not for “gun laws” in particular. Would it have made the rally speaker feel better if instead of a gun the homophobe had used a knife or baseball bat to murder someone he perceived as gay? The ironic part is the speaker would condemn the NYPD as “racist” if they stopped and frisked Elliot Morales for weapons before this tragedy happened.

  18. says

    and i think it’s typical of the cowardly-right to continue to ignore america’s epidemic of not only gun violence, but anti-gay prejudice.

    but as long as your right-sucking gun-lovers don’t have the orbs to state your cases from a place of visibility, i’ll happily take solace knowing your stupidity exists in a vacuum.

  19. Jeton Ademaj says

    Gays must arm themselves, and we must legally defeat the parts of our government that prevent us from doing so. vigils can be lovely things and useful for building solidarity among VICTIMS…but vigils will do NOTHING to stop the beating and killing of queer people.

    it is a disgraceful scandal that anyone dares to argue for “gun control” when we see it killing gay men by leaving us unarmed when confronting homophobic murderers.

    when you fight to keep queers unarmed, you are an ally of the most murderous homophobes…look in the mirror and despair.

  20. says


    the issue isn’t about “gays needing guns”, and only the stupidest gay men would suggest so.

    what’s needed is comprehensive inclusivity education starting in elementary school.

    this man isnt’ dead because “not enough gay people have guns” – this man is dead because too many politicians, religious leaders, and pathetic excuses for parents have taught their children to hate gay people.


  21. Kev C says

    As this incident shows, guns in the hands of bad people – kill good people. And the converse is also true; guns in the hands of good people – kill bad people.

    You wouldn’t be trying to protect bad people, would you, Little Kiwi?

  22. Jeton Ademaj says

    stop dancing on gay corpses, “inclusivity education” will take DECADES to bear fruit…until then some of us need to bare arms.

    your stupidity is equivalent to the fools who reflexively presume any major problem can be solved with ONE solution. at least most of those fools try to address immediate circumstances. meanwhile, trolls like “little kiwi” bray about online anonymity while they anonymously push their useless agendas.

    news of a murderous gaybasher getting his heart and lungs blasted out will do far more in the short term to deter gaybashers than all the vigils and “awareness” on Earth.

  23. says

    the solution is not for more people to become armed. the solution is for more people to become educated.

    and from the sounds of you dunces, getting educated is gonna be an uphill battle, indeed.

  24. martin says

    Definitely attending the vigil. This murder has awakened something g
    in me. I am so saddened by the death of Mr. Carson. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. (

  25. says

    i suppose what the wimpy idiot trolls are suggesting is that every time a gay person leaves the house, they should have a loaded gun on them.

    get dressed, make sure you have your phone, your wallet, make sure your outfit looks good, OH, and don’t forget your gun!

    because nothing says “fun night out!” than carrying a gun on your person.

    more guns is not the solution. more education and the systematic removal of institutionalized anti-gay prejudice is the solution. as openly-gay people with spines and balls well know.

  26. Jeton Ademaj says

    little kiwi is just one more troll. we queers face an enemy that thinks we are subhuman and put on Earth for their malice. they think we are human bubble-wrap, to pop at will.

    no internet trolling, no candlelight vigil and no classroom lecture will stop them.

    if you choose to let yourself or your loved ones die at the hands of bigots, that is your choice…but you will not make that choice for me or for America.

    condescension is a worthless defense.

  27. Jeton Ademaj says

    HAHHAHAHHAAAhahaha. my name is Jeton Ademaj.

    “Little Kiwi”, what is your real and actual name? “Anonymous Troll”, perhaps?

  28. says

    we go to classrooms talking to children about diversity, among many other things. what do you do?

    come online to a gay website and choose various screen names to tell people they need guns?


  29. says

    your efforts with Pink Pistols to get more gays to arm themselves is eye-rollingly stupid.

    the solution to violence is not for more people to become cowards who only feel safe when they walk around with a gun.

    a culture where everyone is armed is a culture that has failed.

  30. Jeton Ademaj says

    you still couldn’t just call yourself “Raymond Miller”, lol. well, RAYMOND, you still have no right whatsoever to force others queers to face death without the means to defend ourselves. no matter how many hits your youtubes get.

    you go on lecturing the children of homophobes, i’ll simply confront them directly as i have for my entire adult life.

  31. Jeton Ademaj says

    you can redefine basic English words all you like, Raymond…but for most people YOU are the coward who advises gay people to turn the other cheek even as our faces are blown off by the guns of our murderers.

    it takes a special kind of shallow, supercilious airhead to call such suicidal ideation “courage”…and active self-defense “cowardice”.

  32. says

    how is my focus on educating people so that they’re not raised to hate gay people robbing you of your second amendment rights?


    i’ve never advocated turning the other cheek.

    but, as i was raised by northeastern liberals and thus don’t need to adopt some b.s. “libertarian” attitude in order for my family to tolerate me, i was always taught that real men don’t need to carry guns.

    so, Jeton, whenever you leave the house you’re armed?

    dinner? movies? clubs? bars? you’re always carrying, eh?

    but your strawman argument was pretty gosh-darn funny.

    yes, i’m FORCING gays to not be armed. right? because me not being armed forces other gay men not to be. 😉 right.

    are you just one more racist gay dude whose piece of s**t parents have convinced you that President Obama is gonna show up and take your guns away? sounds like it 😉

  33. Kev C says

    Kiwi, if you don’t like the constitutional rights of my country, can you please leave and return to whatever socialist monarchy serfdom you came from? Please. We’re kind of sick of you anti-americans.

  34. says

    strawman – where did i ever say i was actively working to deny you your “constitutional rights?”


    what are you doing to change the cultural anti-gay bigotry, at its root?

    telling gay people to carry guns doesn’t address the fact that children are being taught to hate gay people.

  35. Jeton Ademaj says

    lets see if this gets posted, bcuz my last reply to Raykiwi is not visible.

    kiwi, inventing complete lies about my family life will not diminish your responsibility for contributing to a culture that disenfranchises our right to realistic self-defense. guys like you are why guys like Elliot Morales feel no danger in stalking gay men for murder. what exactly do you think your doing to stop THEM?

  36. says

    openly gay men like me who, with our families, go out into the world to give a face to our community, UNAFRAID, and actively work to educate people at a young age about the important of celebrating diversity…..are responsible for whatnow?

    or are you saying that since i don’t carry a gun, Elliot Morales isn’t afraid to stalk gay men?

    yes. i contribute to a culture that values education over mindlessly carrying a gun.

    oh i’m SOOOO ruining everything for guys like you! oh darn. 😀

    i will never own nor carry a gun. and yet i live each day as a strong and empowered openly-gay man.

    it’s not my fault that other gay men like myself don’t want to carry guns, nor that our particular work in LGBT Advocacy is addressing bigotry at its root.

  37. Kev C says

    Listen Kiwi, maybe you don’t want to defend yourself and just party all day, but I do want to defend myself! And I resent having to be forcibly disarmed and easily victimized while police and politicians sneer and mock me for being vulnerable. I resent anyone who wants me to be disarmed and victimized.

  38. says

    who’s forcbly disarming you? specifically?

    not me.

    i go out into the real world, educating young people so they un-learn societal prejudices. what do you do? come online to ….uh… blame me for your fear that your guns are going to be taken away?


    so, when you go out to the pub, you bring an assault rifle with you? is that what you’re saying?

  39. Bob says


    Be Glad to see Gay folks coming together and standing up with straight friends against the hate.

    And consider a vigil outside your local catholic church until the bishops back off on anti-freedom causes.

  40. Kev C says

    Specifically, the law and the police. I can get arrested and tried and jailed in NYC just for defending myself. Just for exercising my constitutional rights. And so can you and everyone in NYC who isn’t a cop or a rich politician.

  41. Kev C says

    You’re walking down a NYC street alone and are accosted by a group of men calling you names, threatening your or even assaulting you with fists and feet. And you pull out a knife or a screwdriver to defend yourself.

    Guess who’s going to jail? The police will forcibly disarm you, and if you happen to have a gun, you’re going to jail for a year, automatically, no questions asked.

  42. says

    Ehrenstein – do you think these idiots were forced to listen to right-wing talk radio while their mothers breast-fed them (until age 12, from the sounds of their idiocy) or is this just what happens to racist white men when a Black President wins office, and they just start thinking “they’re gonna haves them guns takens!!”?

    either way, i don’t get it, and from the sounds of it neither do they.

  43. JZ says

    I’m too good looking to enlighten your world. Being gay and attractive has made my life a different experience. Don’t forget your meds tonight.

  44. andrew says

    If one lives in an area where thugs/mutants may confront you, carry some kind of equalizer. I live in a big city and when I go out at night to visit friends or go to clubs, I carry either pepper spray or my little, easily concealable 25 caliber Beretta. I haven’t had to use either YET, but if someone is going to fu@k with me they won’t get away unharmed.

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